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The chairman of the board of the bank "Russian Capital" Mikhail Kuzovlev has applied to purchase from Sovcombank a 25% stake in the bank "Let's go!". Sovcombank bought shares of Bank "Come!" From DIA in November 2016 for 382 million rubles. First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sovcombank Sergei Khotimsky called the deal a financial investment, refuting the possibility of a merger. In January, Sovcombank announced the sale of 100% of the shares of the bank "Let's go!" To representatives of its management and private investors. At in connection with the proposed deal, the question arose: how much money will be spent on Ukraine? It was there that Pavel Fuchs, the partner of Khotimsky and Sovcombank, settled and develops business. In more detail about these heroes in the investigation of

Both of our heroes have a dubious past and are junior partners of senators from the Kostroma region. Pavel Fuchs is a long-time junior partner of Alexander Ter-Avanesov. And Sergey Khotimsky is a junior partner of Nikolai Zhuravlev.

Pavel Fuchs was born in 1971 in Kharkov. According to the source of - a former employee of the capital's RUBOP, at a young age he got along with Kharkov bandits. Together with him, the current owner of the CSKA football club Yevgeny Giner started his own way in the same way. Then in Kharkov several "authorities" ruled the ball, among which Gennady Kernes (nicknamed Gepa, later became the mayor of Kharkov) and VasiliySalygin (later became the chairman of the Kharkov regional council) were distinguished. Fuchs was a member of the Kernes team, and Giner - Salygina. In principle, at that time it was two gangs not at war.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the Kharkov bandits along with the Lipetsk criminal group got control over the Moscow market of Luzhniki (Kharkov went to him through numerous teams of lohotrons who occupied the market and were residents of the Kharkov region). Two OPG united in one powerful team. In Ukraine, its members were nicknamed "Luzhnekovskie", and in the capital's RUBOP - "Lipetsk khokhly". "Kharkov" sent to monitor the observance of their interests in Luzhniki sensible local guys. In particular, Salygin sent Giner, and Kernes - our hero Fuchs. Then in Luzhniki, a member of the Lipetsk OPG and future senator Alexander Ter-Avanesov was also operating. The RUBOP even detained him in the Luzhniki with weapons.

In general, an extremely powerful team was formed there: Giner, the current senator Alexander Babakov, Fuchs, Ter-Avanesov, Maxim Kurochkin (Max the madman). Fuchs became friends with Ter-Avanesov and since then they are inseparable. In 1992, 21-year-old Fuchs became the younger partner of the 23-year-old Ter-Avanesov in the JV "Intrada" Trading House (later renamed "Treidinvest"). The founders of this structure are some "left" Russian and American firms: the real owners of the Lipetsk and Kharkov "authorities." Ter-Avanesov was a deputy director in it, and Fuchs was an advisor to the general director. The general director is the chairman-chairman, a certain Alexei Nosov. In 1994, Fuchs, together with several residents of Vidnoye and Kharkiv, established the construction firm AOZT "InterSal", but this project did not roll. In 1995, Fuchs became an adviser to the head of the board of the Ukrainian "Prominvestbank". As it turned out in 2011, just in 1995 the block of shares of this bank was bought by Viktor Yanukovich, with whom Fuchs is familiar. It is worth noting that Fuchs did not lose ties with Ukraine and Kernes. Kernes is still the criminal "father" of Fuchs; they constantly arrange private parties with stars, "authorities" and "thieves-in-law" in Kharkov, together they are engaged in hotel and construction business in Ukraine, their daughter's daughters, etc.

In 1999, Fuchs became vice president of CJSC Foreign Economic Corporation. Its owner was Sergei Dzeban at that time a close business partner of Alexander Ter-Avanesov. In particular, at that time, Dzaban, Ter-Avanesov and Vadim Aminov (the brother of ex-adviser Alexander Voloshin, VyacheslavAminov) owned a scandalous bank - the Interregional Postal Bank. At one time, Dzuban was a confidant of Dmitry Medvedev and his friend Mikhail Prokhorov.

In the 90s and early 2000s Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov established many companies together, in particular, Injtechtrans, Capital-Stroy, Inter-Standard, Spetsstroitechno, etc. Mostly they were engaged in construction, mainly cottage settlements. In particular, Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov together built the settlements "Chegasovo-2" and "Rublevsky" on ruble.

According to's interlocutor in the construction market, in conjunction with Fuchs Ter-Avanes, Ter-Avanesov was the senior partner, he was responsible for most of the relations with officials, both federal and regional. Ter-Avanesov, as market participants say, in good relations with Igor Sechin. Ter-Avanesov also built large objects in the Kostroma region, where he closely matched the entire Kostroma bureaucratic elite.

In 1998, during one of the construction projects, Fuchs met with the owner of the company Ingeokom Mikhail Rudyak. He, incidentally, then brought him with the vice-mayor of Moscow, Joseph Ordzhonikidze, who at one time actively helped Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov. In 2002, Rudyak and Fuchs together created the "daughter" of Ingeokom - Ingeokom-Invest, which was supposed to build shopping centers on Paveletskaya and Bolotnaya squares. In 2004, Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov bought from Rudyak his share in these projects, simultaneously they built a shopping center "Kaluga", took part in the construction of the shopping center "Atrium" (together with IngeokomRudyak). In the same period Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov got into the projects of "City" and MIBC, this process was accompanied by criminal events. 60% of one site (under the water park) in the City, they bought from scandalous businessman SavoKuyundzhich. This process was accompanied by numerous disassemblies. The remaining 40% of shares were initially from SPI Yuri Shefler, then from the group "Guta". As a result of the action, they bought from "Guta", while in the market there was talk that Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov took part in the criminal events that took place at that time in the group "Guta".

At the same time, Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov had a dubious but extremely rich partner - Mukhtar Ablyazov (now a figment of a heap of criminal cases, is on the international wanted list). Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov sold him an unfinished complex on Paveletskaya Square, a stake in the shopping center "Kaluzhsky", a number of projects in the Moscow region. It was Ablyazov who undertook to finance the construction of Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov facilities on the "City" and MIBC. For this purpose, the three of them created the firm "Tehinvest"

Not surprisingly, in the midst of such business events, Fuchs was interested in law enforcement agencies. In December 2004, the CORI KM GUVD of Moscow received a request to Fuchs, where he was listed, as a person "checked for involvement in the crime." At the same time, the phone of his apartment in Odessa Street was put to audition.

In 2006 Ter-Avanesov became a senator from the Kostroma region and officially withdrew from all joint projects with Fuchs. However, a source in the construction market, says that Ter-Avanesov continued to be Fuchs's senior partner.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal