Source: Rucriminal continues the publication of an investigation into the cases of Pavle Fuchs and Sergey Khotimsky. In the first part, we talked about the appearance of Fuchs in Russia, his connections with criminals and becoming in Russia, as a big shadow business. In the second part, will describe how Fuchs developed his business in the Russian Federation, and then began buying up assets in Ukraine with Russian money.

"Fuchs Basket": Bank "Pushkino", projects Polonsky, "Teremok"

In the 2006 volume, Fuchs created the "MosCityGroup", where all the joint assets of Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov were transferred.

When Ter-Avanesov went into the "shadow", Fuchs had a new partner. They became Aleksey Alyakin, who calls himself an investor. In fact, in the banking market he has a reputation for "big Urin". Through his hands in different years passed dozens of banks (Ekonatsbank, Kedr, Mast-Bank, AB Finance, Pushkino, Intercapital Bank, Oks Bank, etc.) and almost always in the financial institutions there was a withdrawal of assets, bankruptcy, blown up capital and t . However, Alyakin is especially not afraid of anything, because his brother Andrei Alyakin for a long time was the top manager (now former) of the Central Bank of Russia. Brought money from the banking business, Alyakin invested in construction projects, primarily in the projects of Sergei Polonsky. In particular, he was an investor of the complex built in Polonsky in Montenegro. All this ended with the fact that money from real estate buyers in this newly constructed complex was plundered through Mastbank, and the complex itself was not built. Alyakin also invested in the construction project Polonsky in the same city. On this basis, he and met with Fuchs.

Alyakin even bought a stake in the Fuchs structure of SovCo Capital Partners B. V. (the main beneficiaries are Pavel Fuchs, the co-founders of Sovcombank Sergey and Dmitry Khotimsky, and Mikhail Klyukin and Mikhail Kuchment). Together, Alyakin and Fuchs owned shares in the bank "Pushkino". Officially, they left it in the summer of 2012, but market participants said that Fuchs and Alyakin continue to own this bank. In 2015, the bank "Pushkino" collapsed, a case was brought against theft of the owners of the credit institution 10 billion rubles. Fuchs, thanks to his connections, got out of this story. (For example, Vedomosti reported that Pavel Fuchs is a business partner of Valentin Yumashev and Tatiana Dyachenko for the Imperia Tower project in Moscow City). Alyakin was declared an international wanted list.

In 2012, Alyakin announced that he was buying from Polonsky his company Potok (formerly Mirax), he headed the company's divisions. However, there are opinions that these are the next maneuvers of Polonsky: Alekin is his longtime friend.

It is worth noting that Fuchs and Ter-Avanesov have brothers - Roman Fuchs and Vladimir Ter-Avanesov. They participate in some non-core projects of partners. In particular, Roman Fuchs and Vladimir Ter-Avanesov co-owners of the fast food chain Teremok.

In 2011, to the structures of Fuchs, a lot of banks, including Alfa Bank, filed claims for hundreds of millions. These funds received loans for construction projects, including in the City, and were not returned. The position of Fuchs was shaken. For some time he went into the shadows, and then "surfaced" in the Ukraine.


Yanukovych's team escaped, but her case lives

In Ukraine, Fuchs acquired several toxic enterprises on the Ukrainian gas market, including the share in the developer of the Sakhalin field - Ukrnefteburenie. He also became the owner of Golden Derrick LLC. This company received a scandalous image during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, at which it began to grow indecently at special rates for the use of subsoil resources. For a couple of years in its portfolio there were about fifty licensed gas areas, but to benefit from this "here and now" then the curator of the Golden Derrick, Eduard Stavitsky could not because the lion's share of the company's fields was not prepared for production. Solve this problem in the team of the ex-Minister of Energy expected in the old fashion: by creating on the basis of LLC "Golden Derrick" joint venture, part of which would be sold to a real foreign investor.

In fact, in this way, Stavitsky's team wanted to repeat the experience of Victor Pinchuk, whose company from the orbit during the presidency of Leonid Kuchma consolidated the gas fields under the roof of the Geo Alliance group, and later part of this group was sold to the Swiss-Netherlands Vitol Group, due to Which is their development.

In the case of Golden Derrick, this plan was not brought to an end: the revolutionary events in Kiev in 2014 led to the collapse of the Party of Regions, and together with it destroyed the business of its leaders. But even to this force majeure, Eduard Stavitsky's camp came prepared: it turned out that before the flight of Viktor Yanukovych to Russia, Golden Derrick managed to acquire a share in the project to extract gas and oil in the Sakhalin field. This project brought the company good dividends, however, their recipient was no longer Eduard Stavitsky, and Russian businessman Pavel Fuchs, who bought this company.

Pavel Fuchs also "laid eyes" on Prominvestbank. He appealed to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine with a request to approve the purchase of shares of this financial institution. Fuchs pointed out that he is a citizen of Ukraine, and his passport is dated December 21, 2016. The place of his permanent residence in Ukraine Fuchs indicated the apartment building on Obolon (Avenue of Heroes of Stalingrad) in Kiev.

The fact that the Russian Vnesheconombank (the state corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs") put Prominvestbank for sale, was known last year. Then VEB indicated that it is claimed by the "two finalists". One of them sources of "OLIGARCH" called Sergei Tigipko, who after the change of power began to actively buy up "badly lying" banks and insurance companies in Ukraine. The second applicant was not disclosed, however, as it turned out right now, he is Pavel Fuchs, and in person. According to rumors, the parameters of the deal provide for the sale of a stake in PIB with a significant discount. This is quite in his style - the lion's share of the transactions in which Fuchs participated in the last couple of years in Ukraine, was held just in the context of significant concessions in the price of the sellers. This also applies to the purchase of OOO DV Oil and Gas Production Company (it was believed that this company enters the orbit of Yuri Boyko and Yulia Ioffe) and a share in Golden Derrick LLC and PJSC "Mining Company Ukrnefteburenie", which were considered the property of the "Family" Victor Yanukovych.

The discount on all these enterprises was distributed in connection with their "toxicity". Thus, in the "Far East oil and gas producing company" in the zone of the ATU, the Dolzhanskaya-Kapital mine was stuck. And "Golden Derrick" is known for its lengthy litigation with the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources, which deprived this company of almost fifty special permits for the use of subsoil, issued on an out-of-competition basis during the reign of Viktor Yanukovich.

Solving the problems of these enterprises without the assistance of high-level officials is impossible, so many participants of the energy market began to perceive Paul Fuchs as the "purse" of the new leadership of Ukraine. And Fuchs's claim against Prominvestbank confirms this even more, especially considering that the Ukrainian legal entity owed this bank almost 44 billion hryvnia as of April 2017. Of these, about a quarter are in the mining and metallurgical complex, 20% in the agro-industrial complex, and 13% in the energy sector.

Among the largest debtors of the bank are the road company "Altcom" Alexander Tislenko, Ostchem Dmitry Firtash, "AVK" Vladimir Avramenko, Vertex United Boris Kaufman, "Wind Farms of Ukraine" Oleg Mkrtchan.

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal