As it became known to and the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, a big scandal threatens to break out in the UFSSP in Moscow. During official and pre-investigation checks, a real organized criminal community was revealed in the ranks of one of the units, as a result of which several dozen metropolitan transport companies were left without their vehicles, and the budget missed tens of millions of rubles.

Bailiffs identified small companies providing transport services (taxi rental, cargo transportation, etc.) with debts on administrative fines. After the initiation of enforcement proceedings, using the gaps in the current legislation, each fine not paid within the time limits established by law was subject to a performance fee of 10,000 rubles. At the same time, the bailiffs did not combine all proceedings into one (then the amount of the enforcement fee would be 7%), separating each fine into a separate proceeding. Thus, if 2000 fines have accumulated, even if all of them are minimal, 500 rubles each. (a common occurrence for a company that rents a taxi) the amount of the performance fee is 20 million rubles.

The law is harsh, but it is the law, even if it contradicts common sense and the adequacy of the punishment for the violation. But for the purpose of personal enrichment, bailiffs directly (just imagine the scale of permissiveness and a sense of impunity) go to the owners of the debtor company. After that, they offer to “close the issue” for 50% of the amount of the performance fee. Moreover, the bailiffs are ready to bargain: if the size is unbearable, then they can ask for 30%. In case of refusal to pay, the bailiffs put the debtor's vehicles into the Potok system. Moreover, one or two cars.

Traffic police officers, of course, stop cars and deliver them to special parking lots. At the same time, if the debtor has 50-100 cars, the bailiffs can allow him to remove the cars from the wanted list: the cost is 50 thousand rubles. for each car for a period of 2 weeks. At the same time, employees of a single MOSP VASH violate the very procedure for collecting debts. According to the current legislation, first, FSSP employees should try to contact the debtor, then, in case of failure, write off debts from his accounts, and only if there is no money on the accounts, proceed to the seizure of property.

With particularly stubborn companies that go to court with statements about the incompetence of their actions and violation of existing recovery procedures, the bailiffs are merciless. All vehicles on which debts once hung (paid long ago) are subject to arrest, and then a certain Ges LLC (average headcount of 3 people), registered in Troitsk and acting as an “independent” appraiser of the value of arrested vehicles, comes into play . Even people who are very far from the car market may doubt the adequacy of the company's experts. With a market price of a car (for example, Kia Optima) of 1.5 million rubles. it is estimated at 250 thousand rubles. With a market price of 700 thousand rubles (for example, Peugeot Partner), it is estimated at 80 thousand rubles. A car pawnshop controlled by one of the members of the organized crime group buys cars for a pittance, and the state misses colossal sums.

The situation got so out of control of the leadership of the FSSP in Moscow that a criminal case was initiated against several current and former employees of the FSSP in Moscow at once. The materials were handed over to the investigative department of the Closed Joint-Stock Company of the Russian Investigative Committee for Moscow. According to the source of and the Cheka-OGPU, one of the main actors of the OPS has already been dismissed from the FSSP of his own free will.

However, the investigative department does not show any desire to deal with the case, which was brought to the investigator on a silver platter almost completely open: the initiated case has been gathering dust on the shelf for several months. Not only interrogations, not even interrogations of the victims, not to mention the suspects, have not been carried out.

At this time, irreparable damage is caused to small and medium-sized businesses that have been building their business for years, creating hundreds of jobs. This is not to mention the damage that is inflicted on the budget: after all, instead of it, the funds from the arrested and seized cars sold at the market price end up in the pockets of criminals. How here once again not to exclaim "Alexander Ivanovich, help!". After all, apparently without the personal intervention of the leadership of the Investigative Committee of Russia and the personal control of Alexander Bastrykin, criminals in the uniform of bailiffs will continue their criminal activities.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued