The Just Russia party and personally Sergei Mironov are stepping on the same rake (or, in the current fashion, a hammer), picking up “worthy” State Duma deputies.

As it became known to, to replace the corrupt deputy Belousov, convicted of a bribe of 3 billion rubles, the party leadership plans to drag Olesya Redkina, the head physician of the Kirov Infectious Diseases Hospital, into the deputy chair, who plans to break the above record by applying the schemes worked out in the region on federal level.

Олеся Редькина

Despite the status of helping people, Redkina is known for embezzling payments to doctors for working with “covid” patients, boorish attitude towards medical staff and fraud with the state budget.

Back in 2020, Redkina, using her official position under contracts overpriced by 2 times, purchased medical suits for a covid hospital in the village of Ganino, Kirov Region.

During the pandemic, she entered into fictitious contracts with her friends from Lacerta LLC for the supply of ventilators in the amount of more than 10 million rubles, despite the fact that the region allocated funds and all medical institutions were equipped with ventilators.

However, Redkina was only brought to administrative responsibility by the Ministry of Health of the Kirov Region. She was saved from criminal liability by friendly relations with the head of the Ministry of Health of the region.

“Now the payment to party leader Sergei Mironov for Redkin (100,000,000 rubles) comes from a major Kirov businessman close to the fugitive Belousov, ex-deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation from the Just Russia party, member of the regional council of the party Sergei Doronin,” the source said.

Сергей Доронин

Realizing her impunity, Redkina illegally employed workers from the construction companies Uyut Stroy LLC and Novovyatsky Stroitor LLC at the Kirov Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital to carry out repairs to the medical institution, which caused damage to the regional budget in the amount of 5 million rubles.

In 2021, Redkina “threw” the Reserve Fund of the Government of the Kirov Region for 103 million rubles, signing a contract with friends from Lacerta LLC to prepare the Kirov City Hospital for a “high alert mode”.

Now Redkina is a defendant in a criminal case in the Kirov region and plans to receive the status of a State Duma deputy, which will make it much more difficult to bring her to justice.

But given the conditions, there will be another criminal deputy in A Just Russia, who will most likely not have time to escape abroad like Belousov.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov