The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and told that a criminal case could be initiated against the director of the Zaryadye park and the Manezh complex, a prominent United Russia party Ivan Demidov. A pre-investigation check is underway on the forgery of a document on attestation in industrial safety, which is necessary for working at such facilities.

This time we will talk about the work in the field of growing flowers in the Zaryadye park, which has the unofficial status of the flagship for growing flowers among Moscow parks. It's time for what flowers now? Of course snowdrops. There are also in the Zaryadye park.

We have already talked about one of them - Ms. Yudintsova, who has been fictitiously employed part-time in Zaryadye Park since 2017 (by an incredible coincidence, E.Yu. Yudintsova is an employee of the Moscow Department of Culture, to whom Zaryadye Park is subordinate) and who the leadership of the Zaryadye park amusingly disguises as supposedly really working by means of an emergency (immediately after the publication of the Cheka-OGPU) a table set for her with a computer in office 5-6203 (for the first time in 5 years a workplace was created for her, and then formally, to divert eye) and images of violent activity by 1-2 times a week she came to the workplace for an hour and a half instead of the daily 4 hours that she put in the time sheet.

In the spring, another snowdrop became visible. Vakhitova Olga Andreevna, Leading Manager of the Department of Special Projects of the Zaryadye Park. Surprisingly, he heads the organization (GBUK Mosrazvitie) to which the Zaryadye park is directly subordinate Vakhitov Timur - General Director of the GBUK Mosrazvitie. Coincidence? No doubt. formally in office 5-6209 of the administrative building of Zaryadye Park. De jure, of course, at a remote job. An ideal scheme for growing snowdrops. The results of the work of Vakhitova O. A. If it were possible to attach to this publication, there would be no questions. But for the estate of the results of the work, we will show a photograph of Mr. T. Vakhitov, otherwise it would be inconvenient to leave a publication about snowdrops completely without illustrations.

As you can see, Demidov's real greenhouse of snowdrops is blooming this spring. And perennial. E.Yu. Yudintsova, O.A. Vakhitov. Let's wait for more of them to show up in the spring. Come and see them in Zaryadye Park. And let's all together, dear subscribers, give a spring bouquet of snowdrops .... to the Tver inter-district prosecutor's office of the city of Moscow.

Previously, VChK-OGPU and, in Zaryadye Park there is an extract from the protocol of certification of the director of the Zaryadye Park in Moscow, Ivan Demidov, for industrial safety, allegedly passed by him in the commission of Rostekhnadzor.

Interregional Technological Department of Rostekhnadzor, represented by acting head M.A. Cheuzov, having learned about its existence and having checked it, found that such certification was not carried out and the corresponding document was not issued.

Rostechnadzor filed an application with the Department of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow about a crime under Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (forgery of documents).

This statement by Rostekhnadzor eventually got to the Police Department for the Kitai-Gorod District of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the City of Moscow (hereinafter referred to as the OP Kitai-Gorod), where they issued a refusal decision.

However, the Tver inter-district prosecutor ruled to cancel the decision of the Kitai-Gorod OP to refuse to initiate a criminal case on this fact due to the incomplete scope of verification activities.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued