The arrest of the FSB officer for the Krasnodar Territory, Alexander Kubrak, who was in charge of operational work in the fuel and energy complex and ensuring the energy security of the Krasnodar Territory, can very painfully hit the energy "king" of the Kuban, Alexander Gavrilov. A source said that Gavilov and Kubrak have been linked by many years of friendship and close mutually beneficial cooperation. The peculiarities of this cooperation were not ignored by the special services. Gavrilov is a man with a very controversial reputation, who has been under criminal cases more than once and even spent time in a pre-trial detention center. Gavrilov also became famous for singing together with "Ivanushki-International" an offensive song about the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs under the President of Russia Boris Titov.

According to the investigation, Alexander Kubrak imposed a tribute on businessman Alexei Miroshnikov. Fearing that criminal proceedings would be instituted against him, the victim paid the Chekist from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles a month, provided his family with three foreign cars and two apartments; transferred part of his business to the trusted representatives of the extortionist and even issued a sewer system for them.

The reason for the start of the check was not even a written, but an oral message from Miroshnikov to the own security department of the FSB Directorate for the Krasnodar Territory. After checking the message and filling it out, the security officers escorted the victim to the senior investigator for especially important cases of the military investigative department of the TFR for the Krasnodar garrison, who opened a criminal case on accepting bribes on an especially large scale and exceeding official powers (Articles 290 and 286 of the Criminal Code) ...

According to the investigation, the duties of Lieutenant Colonel Kubrak included carrying out operational-search measures in the fuel and energy complex. During them, the Chekist contacted Alexey Miroshnikov, the beneficial owner of Aksoy, Acton, Forest and SeteEnergo, which, among other things, sell electricity, distribute it, and also ensure the operation of electrical networks.


At the end of 2013, having met with Mr. Miroshnikov, the officer, as follows from the case file, demanded to pay him 500 thousand rubles. monthly, guaranteeing for this that the entrepreneur will not become involved in criminal cases, but, on the contrary, will receive certain preferences from OJSC Kuban-Energo, which he takes care of on duty. Kuban-Energo was managed by Kubrak's friend Alexander Gavrilov.

The last person involved in many criminal stories, including stories with a bribe for the investigator of the TFR Ruslan Miniakhmetov. The bribe was in the following circumstances. Alexander Gavrilov has a brother, Valery Semenduev, who, together with Andrey Matus, were engaged in resolvers in the Kuban. Both got into the development of the 6th Internal Security Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation, which at that time was headed by Ivan Tkachev, a case was initiated, which fell into the proceedings of the investigator of the TFR Ruslan Miniakhmetov. Semenduev managed to escape to Austria, Matus was detained. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, however, he immediately found a common language with Tkachev, his right hand FSB operative Dmitry Ulyanov and Miniakhmetov (the latter two received expensive foreign cars from Matus). As a result, Matus did not end up in jail.

 Upon learning of this, Gavrilov asked him to intercede for his brother Valery so that he would not be prosecuted. Ulyanov and Miniakhmetov designated a “price” for such a service of 5 million euros for themselves and Tkachev. Soon, $ 600,000 was transferred to Miniakhmetov. And then the current chairman of the Krasnodar Regional Court, Alexander Chernov, who is friends with Alexander Gavrilov, learned about what was happening at that time. Chernov began to convince Gavrilov not to pay, believing that Matus would cheat. As a result, Chernov went to Tkachev with a question about 5 million euros, he said that he knew nothing about the bribe. Matus began to understand that he could be done to the extreme in this story and writes down his conversations with Miniakhmetov. On one of the recordings (it is present in the "Miniakhmetov case"), the investigator and the accused Matus are just discussing the current situation, the intervention of Ded (as they call Chernov), the reaction of Ivanich (Tkachev). In conversation, “Dima” is still often heard - this is an employee of the 6th Service Dmitry Ulyanov. So that the clients do not get nervous, Matus tries to convince Miniakhmetov to allow Semenduev to return and not be detained in the Russian Federation. He resists. Then Matus gives the following argument: “Weaving is somewhere around 1.5 million, 600 thousand are already in your possession. Roughly speaking, the kopeck piece will already be closed, ”says Matus. And Miniakhmetov agrees and repeats all the time: "Uh-huh." Matus in the conditions that 2 million euros out of 5 million euros will go to investigator Miniakhmetov and the opera Ulyanov asks to make Semenduev return to Russia. With this recording, Matus goes to Ivan Tkachev and explains the situation: there is no scam, the money (600 thousand dollars) was paid to Miniakhmetov. Tkachev asks to erase the record, promises that the money to Matus will be returned to the Miniakhmetovs. March 6, 2017 Miniakhmetov really invites Matus to his office and there he hands Matus a portfolio containing $ 600,000 and 8.5 million rubles (he also gave Matus to Miniakhmetov at one time). At this moment, the doors of the office open and Matus is detained by officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation, including the same Ulyanov. In the colony, Matus testifies about a bribe to Miniakhmetov. During the check, a lot of evidence was collected. And most importantly, the bribe itself remained in the TFR, because it was seized during the arrest of Matus. True, the bribe "lost weight". 250 thousand dollars and 8 million rubles were paid to the victims in the case in which Matus was initially detained. There were 450 thousand dollars left, but they were returned to Matus.

According to, Alexander Gavrilov does not secretly live a very rich life, changing Maybachs one after another, buying up cottages in the Moscow region and apartments in Moscow, building the most luxurious palaces on the coast. The artistic retinue of Gavrilov includes the soloists of the Ivanushki International group, Valery Meladze, Soso Pavliashvili. The "King" could easily not connect to the electricity the hotel from the "Hayat" network in Sochi, waiting for him to receive 70 million rubles for the service. And only after the personal intervention of Dmitry Kozak, Gavrilov, gritting his teeth, allocated half of the required capacity to the hotel.


The energy industry in Kuban is all mired in corruption, headed by Gavrilov. Everyone knows about it, sometimes big cases are born. In 2013, Gavrilov was even detained in a case initiated by the FSB. But this time, like all others, he retained his post and did not go to the colony. In particular, in 2017, a pre-investigation check was carried out on signs of commercial bribery by Gavrilov (Article 204 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). It was established that Gavrilov was paid gigantic sums to connect the constructed residential buildings to electricity. The "king" has a clear rate - 15 thousand rubles per kilowatt. For the light in a not very large house, Gavrilov needs to unfasten 45 million rubles. In SIZO-5, face-to-face confrontations were even held with the participation of Gavrilov. But the necessary connections led to the fact that the case never came to light. And further, to this day, all the materials in which Gavrilov appeared in any law enforcement agencies are sent to the trash can.


How does Gavrilov manage this? He knows how to be a very generous friend. For a long time, the most needed friend for Gavrilov was the chairman of the Krasnodar Regional Court, Alexander Chernov, a man with many regional and federal connections. According to a source, Gavrilov sometimes, like a nanny, did not leave his friend, in particular, during the annual trips of Chernov and his retinue paid by Gavrilov to the UAE. And what kind of rest Gavrilov arranged in Krasnaya Polyana for Chernov ... In turn, Chernov carefully guarded Gavrilov's freedom and well-being. Other guardian angels of Gavrilov were officers of the FSB Department for KK Alexander Kubrak and Alexander Mychlivtsev.

Thanks to this, every year the scope of corruption of the energy king of the Kuban, Alexander Gavrilov, became more and more. He was already afraid of nothing and no one.

The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel once told an interesting story about Gavrilov. "Poplar fluff, Titov-rooster" - "Ivanushki International" perform their main hit with new words. The song is dedicated to the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs Boris Titov. And the pop singers decided to sing about Titov in order to please their friend - the energy king of the Kuban Alexander Gavrilov. On this day, Gavrilov flew to Moscow on purpose to resolve the issue of one personnel appointment and learned that Boris Titov had crossed the road. The appointment will not take place. To allay his sadness, Gavrilov organized a party at the Troubadour karaoke located in the Ukraine Hotel, where Ivanushki arrived. They participate in most of Gavrilov's parties.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued