Around the joint-stock company "Management of Experimental Development of Microdistricts", established by the Government of Moscow, thunders a lot of scandals. And all because the general director of JSC Albert Suniev is called the protege of the deputy mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, on urban policy and construction of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin.


Marat Khusnullin


Albert Suniev led his team from Tatarstan to the "EEZ", and the activities of the JSC turned to its fullest. From the Civil Construction Administration and the Moscow Construction Department, the "UEZ" received contracts for 6.7 billion rubles for the year.


The holding united the largest SUEs and joint-stock companies: OJSC Mosproject-4, OJSC Mosprojectstroyindustry Institute, Center-Invest, GUP StroyInvest, OJSC Mosrealstroy, SUE DEZ, ISK, GUP Garage Construction Directorate ", State Unitary Enterprise" MCTORT ", State Unitary Enterprise" Trust "Mosotdelstroy №1". As reported by the media, in all joint-stock companies the directors were replaced by managing directors, and the functions of the sole executive body were assumed by JSC "UEZ" as a management company, and for the current management of the companies, managing directors acting on the basis of a power of attorney were supplied. With GUPA, JSC "UEZ" concluded contracts for the provision of consulting services. So one company has accumulated in itself organizations that perform a full cycle of construction, from project to sale. The organizations controlled by the "EEZ" often receive orders distributed by the company. The very "EEZ" is in the advantageous position, when one enterprise receives and gives state contracts.


Until 2014, "EEZ" was one of the city structures that build housing, but the scale of its activities were not particularly large: the company's revenue last year was 421 million rubles. But since 2014 the situation has changed dramatically.


Near the "EEZ" portfolio of projects in the field of residential and retail real estate exceeds 500 thousand square meters. The largest project of the company is housing on Michurinsky Prospekt with a total area of ​​480 thousand square meters. M. The main orders "EEZ" receives from the state enterprise of Moscow "Office of Civil Engineering" (CP "UGS"), headed by Damir Gazizov, another member of the team of the head of the Moscow construction complex Marat Khusnullin. According to Philip Tretyakov, managing partner of the Association of Real Estate Market Professionals REPA, we can talk about the construction of approximately 134,000 sq. M. M, if you count without the cost of land.


Albert Suniev


Although the managing structure of the new holding is the "UEZ", its core is Center-Invest, which has the largest portfolio of development projects with a volume of 1 million square meters. The company was established in 2010 on the basis of SUE "Moscow City Real Estate Sales Center", founded in 1998 for the implementation of development projects commissioned by the Moscow government. By today, Center-Invest has reconstructed two micro-districts of the city: md. 4-5 of Izmailovo (HLW) and Lomonosovsky District (South-West Administrative District). Part of the apartments went to the waiting list and to resettlement from the center of Moscow. In 2014, the revenue of this company grew more than 100 times - from 23.4 million rubles to 2.5 billion rubles. The 100-fold growth is explained by the fact that Center-Invest was assigned a number of projects with a total area of ​​about 1 million square meters. M, started, but not completed by various investors in the 2000s. The largest of them, with a total area of ​​490 thousand square meters. M - the neighborhoods of the 1 st and 2 nd district Levoberezhny in the north of the capital on the site of demolished five-story buildings. In a number of cases, investors were forced to abandon the implementation of projects, because they did not have land plots in Rosreestr (this happened, for example, with the MFC project on Kursk Square), or the plots were not formed. According to the head of Moskomstroiinvest, Konstantin Timofeev, as a result of this transfer, the judicial claims of investors to the city for the amount of 39 billion rubles were lifted.


After receiving such a large portfolio of projects, the financial position of Center-Invest changed a lot. If in 2013 the company had a loss of 203 million rubles, then in 2015 the company expects profits of 4.58 billion rubles. And in just three years (from 2015 to 2017), the joint-stock company plans to receive about 22 billion rubles in profit.


However, the distribution of orders is not always without violations. If you track who gets the orders from the "EEZ" in the main, you can even draw up a diagram of how the affiliated companies win state contracts.






Let's give an example, on August 4, 2015, "UEZ" orders works on the design of facilities. As a result of the purchase from a single supplier, OAO Mosproekt-4 receives an order for 129.4 million rubles.


Two months earlier, the same Mosproject-4 OJSC became a developer of design and estimate documentation for 13.2 million rubles. The initial price of the contract was 15 million, and the second participant offered 11 million, but the contest did not win.


On the same day, another purchase was made for the amount of 70 million. The only participant (obviously, few people need 70 million) and, accordingly, the winner was LLC "Korsar", established by Logisticplus LLC, and 99% of this company belongs to the International Commercial company "Laurage Group Corp.", located in Seychelles. Apparently, 70 million received from the joint-stock company with state participation went to the offshore as a result.


"The Office of Experimental Development of Microdistricts" is also the governing body in the constructed houses. As a managing organization in multi-apartment residential buildings, a certain LLC Orion MC is appointed in which one of the founders Vera Astafieva is simultaneously the director and one of the participants of the LLC "Legal Center" Assistance ".


30% LLC Legal Center "Sodeystvie", according to an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, holds the deputy head of JSC "UEZ" Ruslan Kashayev (at the same time on the site "EEA" it is indicated that Kashaev was the director of "Assistance" from 2006 to 2011), who Is the chairman of the purchasing commission of JSC "EEZ". Is there a conflict of interest in this situation? And the fact that Ruslan Kashaev is a business partner of Alfat Suniev, apparently, the father of his leader? Alfat Suniev and Ruslan Kashaev are co-founders of Stroyholding LLC, located in Tatarstan. PASMI sends a request to the Department of Construction Policy of the city of Moscow, the subordinate organization of which is the JSC "Management of Experimental Development of Microdistricts".


This is only part of the examples of how organizations connected with each other are receiving money from the JSC "Management of Experimental Development of Microdistricts". All these companies eventually end up in one system, the key places in which are the deputies of Albert Suniev. Is there a conflict of interest in the situation with the share of Ruslan Kashaev, will be answered in the Government of Moscow. PASMI will continue to cover the details of the above diagram. Unlike officials, employees of state-owned JSCs (with state participation) are not required to report revenues and expenses, create anti-corruption commissions, there is not even a section on "anti-corruption" on the company's website.


In the field of view of journalists, Albert Suniev came across more than once. In Kazan, he owns a large automobile business MB-Irbis. The company not only sells cars, but also receives state contracts for their maintenance. For 2.5 years the car dealer received state contracts for 1.3 million rubles. Under these contracts, MB-Irbis carries out maintenance and repair of Mercedes cars MBU "Khudozhestvenno-transportnaya upravlenie" (HTU) of Kazan and the car base of the government of Mari El, that is, the company Sounieva serves cars that are used by the leadership of the two republics.


Mercedes-Benz_CLS_350_BlueEFFICIENCY_Edition_1_ (C_218) _-_ Frontansicht_ (2), _ 16._April_2011, _DüsseldorfThe family of Marat Khusnullin is not indifferent to this luxury car, on which Tatarstan ministers drive: his Mercedes-Benz CLS 350, and he appeared at her In 2013, when the salon "MB-Irbis" Albert Suniev opened.


Another company Albert Suniev "Gazspetsproekt" was able to receive state orders for a total of 132.3 million rubles, with the main customer being "Capital Construction of Utility Networks and Development of Energy-saving Technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan" (JSC "UKS"). "Gazspetsproekt" builds sewerage systems, treatment facilities, gas pipelines and other engineering infrastructure facilities commissioned by the UKS. It is interesting that the partners of Marat Husnullin's wife in business also have an interest in the water supply and water treatment system, they received the assets of the liquidated Kazan Vodokanalservis. And Khusnullina's hunting farm "Kamsky Bereg" (Lily Khusnullina - 50% of Kamsky Bereg, according to the Kontur Focus service) has been managed by CJSC Economic and Consulting Group since June, which owns 25% in enterprises The former Kazan Vodokanalservis (JSC "ZVKS", JSC "VKST" and JSC "VCS-Service").


Today, the "UEZ" controls four more significant participants of the construction market as a management company. However, it appears that the emerging group of companies, headed by the "EEZ" itself, will become part of the Moscow super-holding company headed by OAO Mosinzhproekt, which is being formed by the Moscow government.


"Mosinzhproekt" (revenue in 2014 - 84.4 billion rubles) two years ago from a municipal design institute, specializing mainly in the design of engineering networks, has become a corporation with a huge budget. The Institute received 500 billion rubles for the design and construction of metro and roads. Another long-time acquaintance of Marat Khusnullin Konstantin Matveev, the former head of Neftegazinzhiniring, a company established to build the TANECO refinery in Nizhnekamsk, was appointed director general of Mosinzhproekt. At the same time, Mosinzhproject itself does not build a subway and roads, its role is reduced to designing, technical order and distribution of money for the construction of these facilities. With their own forces, construction work was performed only 3.51% of the total workload. And in 2015, "Mosinzhproekt" gets the ownership of the Center-invest OJSC also. Moreover, the FAS has agreed to contribute to the capital of "Mosinzhproekt" and "EEZ" Albert Suniev, and all companies assigned to him, and "Mosproject-3", and OJSC "MNIITEP".


Tatstroy It should be noted that the development holding company under the management of the "EEZ" is similar to the construction giant "Tatstroy", which, when Marat Khusnullin was Minister of Construction and Housing of the Republic of Tatarstan, built 200 thousand square meters. M of housing per year and occupied 10% of the construction market in Kazan. It seems that all of its resources and commitments - sites, money, building permits, etc. - are provided by the state, and control is in the hands of people from the circle of the ex-minister. But "Tatstroy" was bankrupt, as soon as Khusnullin left for Moscow to head the Moscow construction complex. And the assets left after the bankruptcy of "Tatstroy", were partners of the wife of Marat Khusnullin Lilia Khusnullina on business.


The company's revenue in 2010 was 3.5 billion rubles., In 2011, it fell to 0.8 billion rubles. The holding had a state order (apartments for the Ministry of Defense, the Burevestnik swimming pool for the Universiade 2013 in Kazan, etc.), and Khusnullin himself was a member of the board of directors of Tatstroi. In 2010, Marat Khusnullin left to work as vice-mayor for construction in Moscow, and OAO Tatstroy was on the verge of bankruptcy. In May 2013 the company ceased its work. In place of JSC "Tatstroy" in 2013 appeared JSC "TST-Rent" and JSC "TST-Prom". Both these companies control the Cyprus offshore Wetanix Enterprises Ltd. (About 70%), and the remaining almost 30% from ZAO RKS (more than 20%) and LLC Management Company Rost (about 7%).


OJSC "TST-Prom" has already been liquidated. The remaining OJSC "TST-Lease" is registered at the same address as the firms of Lilia Khusnullina. Who is behind the offshore Wetanix Enterprises Ltd., is unknown.


99% of LLC "MC Rost" - Alfia Shakaeva, which together with "Invest Plus" Lilia Khusnullina is a co-investor of OJSC "Business Medical Center" in Kazan, LLC "Averdix" (owns 50% in OAO Tatstroi), OJSC " Vodokonalservis »(controlled by the same offshore Wetanix Enterprises ltd. And Ministry of Property of Tatarstan). More than 1% of shares in LLC "Management Company" Rost "from Sofia Puhacheva, today the leading hunting enterprise of Liliya Khusnullina - LLC" Kamsky Bereg ".


20% of "TST-Rent" from CJSC "RKS", or from Kamalova Elvira Niyazovna, the general director of "TST-Rent". Ms. Kamalova is a member of the Boards of Directors of Chistopol Heat Network Company and Chistopol Elevator. The shareholder of OJSC "Chistopol elevator" was the AIC "Clean Field", which rented land from Lilia Khusnullina. Kamalova is also a co-investor of the Ilmar Hotel with a medical center. Thus, about 30% of OJSC "TST-Rent", which appeared after the liquidation of "Tatstroi", from the direct partners of the business of the wife of ex-minister of construction and housing of Tatarstan Marat Khusnullin.


Marat Khusnullin's wife - Liliya Naumyevna Khusnullina, after moving to Moscow, continues to own lands, a hunting farm and a company engaged in cargo transportation in the Republic of Tatarstan. Only in early 2012 she sold a quarry that supplied clay for one of the largest and most modern brick factories in Tatarstan. But in the declarations of Marat Khusnullin, available on the website of the Moscow government, this information is not reflected.


Andrey Ryazanov