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The closer the presidential election, the more on the sidelines of the Kremlin and the White House discuss those officials who already in 2018 may lose their posts. One of the first on the list of "Shootout", according to, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. To boast of serious successes (except for artificial PR) he has nothing special. It is enough to look at the state of affairs in the Roscosmos supervised by Rogozmin or the aviation structure. And most importantly, constant scandals. It turns out that the family Rogozin, including his son Alexei, carefully conceal possession of as much as 10-room apartment on the street Starovolynskaya, worth 500 million rubles. That dog almost drowned, that would boast before a guest from Serbia. Moreover, in recent years there has been a frank kumovstvo-promotion of his son Alexei on the career ladder.


Friend of Dmitry Gudkov

His career Rogozin, Jr. began in his father's political projects. Before the elections of 2003, he began to conduct Internet projects of the "Motherland", then joined the political council of the party. In 2005, he was even elected to the parliament of the Tver region.

In 2006, he went into business, mainly engaged in construction and development, but did not reach high altitudes. Then Rogozin-Younger becomes a member of the Youth Public Chamber and, according to, the best friend of prominent oppositionist Dmitry Gudkov.

 In the beginning of 2010 changed the scope of activities, took part in the creation of the Russian factory for the production of sports, hunting and tactical rifles ORSIS, was deputy general director of the group of companies "Promtehnologii", which produces weapons and ammunition.

In 2011, as a representative of the ONF, runs for the lists of United Russia at the elections to Mosobldumu. Despite the fact that his regional group did not gain the necessary interest, he got into parliament as a result of the self-refusal of some candidates.

In 2012, in addition, he became the general director of the Aleksinsky Chemical Combine, one of the largest powder plants in the country. Member of the Council for special chemistry and new materials of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of Russia. Actually, Rogozin Jr.'s work as director of the powder factory attracted the most attention of journalists: before that he did not occupy such important posts and, in fact, did not work anywhere independently.


Before leaving for Moscow, Alexei Rogozin had a farewell meeting with the chemical combine. According to her participant, she noted that during the four years of the new team's work, many problems have become a thing of the past, but the turnover of the plant has increased almost five-fold.

As found, it is impossible to find any confirmation of Rogozin Jr.'s words in open sources - the military enterprise is reluctant to share information.

But the serious problems of the enterprise during the leadership of Alexei Rogozin still known. At the very end of 2015, Rostekhnadzor suspended for nine months the work of nine important plant nodes. According to the information of the department, during the planned inspection "43 violations of industrial safety requirements were revealed. In particular: the lack of instructions for the safe conduct of work at the GRO; there is no safe operation of technical devices; Maintenance of the equipment is not carried out in accordance with the established requirements; the safety of technological and repair personnel is not ensured during the work; Dangerous production facilities are not equipped with gas control devices; violations of the technical condition of railways not common use. " Also, four administrative fines were imposed on officials.



Has covered offshore

In 2016, the son of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Alexei moves to work in the Ministry of Defense as deputy director of the property department. There he supervised the work of large subordinate enterprises, in particular, "Aviemont", "Spetsremonta", "Oboronlogistiki", 224th flight detachment and others. Also, Rogozin was animated by the holding company Garrison, formerly known as Oboronservice. Pope Dmitry Rogozin, after the appointment of Lieutenant Alexei Rogozin at least a Lieutenant-General in the Defense Ministry on his Facebook page, wrote that his family - a real military dynasty.

However, why did Rogozin Jr. put in the DIO was found out quite quickly. The company was discovered by JSC "Intertest" - the state contractor, already receiving major state contracts on defense industry since 2013, practically without competition. According to, the company is registered at the mass registration address, and the only owner of it is an offshore company from the British Virgin Islands. In 2015, the company "virtually without competition received state contracts for the amount of 950 million rubles." The total amount of contracts since 2013 amounted to 2.1 billion rubles. At the same time, the largest orders were for the "defense industry". In 2014, JSC "Intertest" received a state contract for construction and installation works on the object "Reconstruction of production of mixed solid fuel" for the Perm Powder Plant for 1 107 973 569 rubles. In 2015, the company entered into a state contract for the construction of a special purpose facility (arsenals / storage of missiles, artillery ammunition, explosives) of the Russian Defense Ministry "Mogzon" for the object: "Storage Zone No. 3 of Military Unit 71179" in Mogzon in 2015 for 552 542 473 rubles. The founder of the company JSC "Intertest" is hidden because of the registration of the company in the Virgin Islands.

Nevertheless, the director of the enterprise is known - Artem Serebrennikov - a person directly connected with Alexei Rogozin. According to, Artem Serebrennikov is a member of the leadership of the Federation of Practical Shooting of the Moscow Region, led by Alexei Rogozin. Of course, when you are the deputy head of the DIO to help your friends (or firms that are made up for friends) is much easier.


Paper plane

"Ottrubiv" year in the Ministry of Defense, Alexei Rogozin again went to increase. In March 2017, he was appointed to the post of vice president of the UAC for transport aviation, in April approved by the general director of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex. According to, Aleksei Dmitrievich's appointment to these two key positions was perceived in the professional community with caution - in his previous career, there is no interest in aircraft construction. Evidently Dmitry Rogozin has promoted his son in order for the UAC to more actively portray the stormy activities on a number of projects in military transport aviation, and in aviation in general. It seems that my father is tired of looking like a redoubtable in the public eye.

Back in 2016, Dmitry Rogozin announced to the whole country that work began on launching the production of a short-haul passenger Il-114-300 passenger plane and its special versions. Russian President Vladimir Putin on the "straight lines" to citizens' questions about the development of regional air traffic answers that it is for this purpose that we are doing the Il-114. And in fact? The UAC continues to "move furniture", optimize the structure, drive money allocated for this aircraft and prepare production for bank accounts. Instead of urgently preparing the aircraft in a "new look", significantly modernized in comparison with the version that was produced in Tashkent, and begin its certification. Okay would be in the UAC and "Ilyushin" would be one such Alexei Rogozin - he has a leadership position, we can say representative. Surround yourself with professionals, rely on their knowledge and experience, do not destroy the existing production chains and relationships. But the trend is that the management who has come about Aleksey Rogozhin is already beginning to crush real aircraft builders, transforming and restructuring the industry to their own interests and views "as it should". And instead of the result in "pieces", the state receives "optimized", voracious and incompetent structures.

Source: Rucriminal