Source: continues to talk about the story when Russians receive fines for traffic violations, which in reality did not exist. Thank you, they should say to the devices that recorded the "fake" violation. However, who is behind such examples and earns billions from motorists is usually not visible. These are Lev Gurevich, Vyacheslav Smirnov and Alexander Shayud, the owners of the Skolkovo residents Digital Vision Laboratory and Road Monitoring Systems. Within the framework of more than 150 state contracts, these firms supply more than 50 subjects of Russia with low-quality equipment "Lobachevsky", "PTOLEMEY-V", "PTOLEMEY-S" and "Ptolemy-SM".

And now a new scandal is shaking the Volgograd region. Regarding incorrectly functioning automatic weight and size control points in 2021.

Volgograd residents massively complain about hundreds of thousands of fines due to malfunction of weight and size control points

They still do not work, but they spent 200 million rubles from the budget of the Volgograd region. Who did they go to? Criminal friends Bakhin V.V. - Smirnov, Gurevich, and, of course, Bakhin himself.

In the continuation of this story, Bakhin V. does not stop and continues to profit from government contracts, disguising his personal needs as concern for the region.

In 2017 - 2021 Bakhin V.V. gave Smirnov V. and his companies Digital Vision Laboratory LLC and Paravan-2000 LLC contracts worth 3 billion rubles. They supplied cheap and low-quality equipment to Volgograd, but the subordinates of Bahin Valera were able to turn a blind eye to numerous violations committed during the execution of state contracts, five-year state contracts came to an end in 2022. We need more money.

According to the source of, in 2022, through the efforts of Bakhin V., in the interests of his comrade Vyacheslav Smirnov, a tender was prepared for the implementation of work on the creation and development of intelligent transport systems on the territory of the Volgograd and Volga agglomerations in 2022. The customer is the State Public Institution of the Volgograd Region “Safe Region”, the acting head of which, Rozdrogin, is on the salary of the Digital Vision Laboratory LLC, signs acts for them, without looking at the result.

Вячеслав Смирнов

At present, at the direction of V. Bakhin, in the Volgograd region they are preparing to transfer new billions to V. Smirnov, and even the rationale for this is already ready. The Volgograd Region is preparing to lease up to 1,000 photo and video recording systems from a single supplier, Digital Vision Laboratory LLC, i.e. directly, without a competitive procedure, the budget of the Volgograd region will lose three to four billion. At the same time, old and non-working equipment, which costs almost nothing and does not meet modern requirements for a long time, will be leased to the Volgograd Region for the second time.

Here are the facts of how Bakhin prepared the rationale for the corrupt procedure.

On April 6, 2022, the Committee for the Regulation of the Contract System in the Field of Procurement, at the direction of Bakhin V., issues order No. 18/01 in which they approve the form of appeals to the AVO for procurement from a single supplier.

On April 22, 2022, V. Bakhin prepares and signs a decision on behalf of Governor A. Bocharov to increase traffic cameras in the Volgograd Region to 1,000 pieces. Now there are about 300, of which 100 are working.

Under the terms of the expired state contracts of Smirnov and Gurevich, the old equipment that has been hanging since 2017 must be disposed of. But the craftsmen decided to take more money from the budget and hand over the same equipment a second time, without any risks to themselves. Indeed, why spend money on dismantling, recycling?

On May 04, 2022, the head of the Information Technology Committee A. Kidalov, previously appointed by Bakhin V. instead of the dismissed Torbin S., sends a letter (out. No. 22-01-10 / 1866) with an appeal about the need to rent traffic cameras from the sole supplier LLC "Laboratory of digital vision". At the same time, the former director and founder of this company, L. Gurevich, has not appeared in Russia for several years, he is an Israeli citizen.

As a justification for the purchase from a single supplier, a document signed by acting. Director of the State Public Institution "Safe Region" A. Razdrogin. The said document says that: "KFVF must function uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, have secure software." The level of hypocrisy is striking, Rozdrogin A. knows perfectly well that the equipment supplied to the Volgograd region by Smirnov V. and Gurevich L. has not been working for months. The justification also provides an argument that due to the violation of supply chains, the manufacturers Digital Vision Laboratory, Recognition Technology, Simicon, Olvia are unable to supply new equipment. The question arises that they deliver all over the country, but they can’t go to Volgograd ?! But what about other manufacturers? For example, the manufacturers of Strelka, Owl, Azimuth, Atom, Pulsar? Rozdrogin did not send letters to them, because then you can fail the task was to extend the ending contracts with Digital Vision Laboratory LLC.

Bakhin V., also insured himself and on May 20, 2022 organized a meeting of the operational headquarters to strengthen the sustainability of the development of the Volgograd region under sanctions restrictions chaired by A. Dorzhdeev, at which they decided to rent photo and video recording equipment from a single supplier.

The Volgograd region continues to pay Bakhin Valera and his friends, law enforcement officers of the Volgograd region were asked to turn away and not pay attention to Bakhin for now.

Bakhin Valera, you, as a former military man, are expelling you from the office of the military commissar, stealing money from the budget. Have you forgotten that you gave the oath to Russia? Or are your interests not at home for a long time? This money could be spent on the development of the region, and not in the wallet of Smirnov and Gurevich.

Mikhail Ermakov

To be continued