In the light of recent news about the possible nationalization of the country's largest pasta producer, JSC Makfa, one can't help but wonder about the fate of another food industry giant, the ABI group of companies. If macaroni will go into the hands of the State, then sausage should go there as well.

The histories of creation and development of the companies are very similar. The success of development of both players is conditioned solely by the power of their owners and corruption schemes successfully realized by them.

The beneficiary of the group of companies "ABI", familiar to the Russian consumer by the brands "Vyazanka" and "Goryachaya shtuchka", is Grigory Anikeev, the richest deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, who got rich on the production of sausages.

At the moment, information about the owners of the ABI group of companies has been carefully removed from all open sources. They forgot to "clean up" only a couple of articles that refer to publicly available data at the time of their writing.

Thus, in 2013, a famous Russian magazine "Kommersant" refers to the data of SPARK-Interfax, where Anikeev is listed as the owner of ABI Product. By that time, he had already been a State Duma deputy from "Edinaya Rossiya" ("United Russia") for five years.

This is not the only mention in the media of Anikeev's direct connection to Russia's largest sausage producer. An article by the TASS news agency, which states that Grigory Viktorovich himself was General Director of ABI Group from 2005 to 2007, was also left on the Web. By this time, he had long held political positions in his native city Vladimir.

Knowing the complete absence of any morality of Anikeev in business, and taking into account his deputy immunity (read "impunity"), it is easy to guess by what ways "ABI Group" came to success.

We also remember that Anikeyev's sausage profits do not stay in Russia, but "leak" to unfriendly countries by quite illegal means.

So we ask the question: "When will Anikeyev's sausage pass to the Russian people?".