Source: continues to publish the confession-testimony of the former Moscow policeman Ruslan Yurtov, who was the killers in the "authority" group Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). In previous publications, we described in detail how Dzhako and his militants dealt with members of the Family - a former close associate of Gagiev, Sergei Beglaryan (Armenians), and an employee of the Moscow Region Central Internal Affairs Directorate, Maxim Nikolaev, who was a full-time killer of an organized criminal group. They decided to break away from the Family (as Gagiev called the OPG) and Dzhako did not forgive this. Next came the turn of the group leader Marat Pliev (Pollen), who was suspected of wanting to deal with Dzhako and take his place. Gagiev did not show that he had learned about the "conspiracy". He contacted Pliev, told him that he was leaving and left Pollen in charge of the Family in Russia. He also asked him to stop by the cottage to pick up a plastic card there, which is tied to an account with $ 1 billion. In the cottage, members of the organized crime group beat Pliev, handcuffed him and locked him up until the boss arrived. Dzhako was in Ossetia at that time, he returned to the Moscow region a week later. He arranged a feast, to which Pliev was invited. There, Jaco directly accused him of betrayal. Pollen was forced under a video camera to confess to three murders to them and preparing several more. After that, he spent several more days in captivity, until he was taken to a swimming pool covered in plastic. There they put a bag on Pliev's head and wrapped it in tape. When he died, the body was dismembered. Some parts were burned, others were scattered across the Moscow region.

“Around January 2013, at the direction of AB Dzhioev. he arrived at one of the country dachas located on the Novorizhskoe highway in the Moscow region. The cottage is two-storey, everything is fully glazed, the glass is not tinted, the windows of the house are equipped with shutters from the inside. The house has an underground garage located under the house itself, as if on the basement floor. Kudziev T.M. were almost constantly at this dacha. nicknamed "Temo", GG Slonov, II Zasseev, RA Bagaev nicknamed "Robson", DO Kodoev came to them. When Gagiev A.M. came to this dacha, a lot of people came there, sometimes up to 30 people. When he arrived at the dacha, there were I.I. Zasseev, R.A. Bagaev, G.Z. Dzugutov, A.B.Dzhioev, T.M.Kudziev, G.G. Slonov, U.Kh. Gutiev. According to I.I. Zasseev. and Bagaeva R.A. he learned that Dzugutov G.Z., brought Pliev M.D. to the dacha. When he entered the house, one of the guys there told him to go down to the garage located on the basement floor and go there into the utility room, located next to the garage, measuring about 7x10 m. He went down to the basement and in the room indicated by him I saw Pliev M.D. handcuffed. The handcuffs were put on Pliev M.D. on the hands in front. On the face under one of the eyes of Pliev M.D. he noticed a "bruise," that is, a hematoma. In this room were I.I. Zasseev, R.A. Bagaev, G.Z. Dzugutov, A.B.Dzhioev, T.M.Kudziev, G.G. Slonov, U.Kh. Gutiev. For the first time, he saw Pliev M.D. in the summer of 2012, at one of the meetings held by A.M. Gagiev, when he came to Moscow. He did not ask what exactly the matter was, as he understood that Pliev M.D. either he was preparing another "coup" in the "Family", or this is the assumption of someone close to A.M. Gagiev. As far as he remembers, Pliev M.D. stayed at the indicated dacha for about 1 week. About a day later, perhaps the next day, A.M. Gagiev came to the dacha. He flew to the Domodedovo airport, where he was met by GZ Dzugutov. and Dzhioev A.B., he and Gutiev U.Kh. were escorted in a Volkswagen minibus driven by the latter. Yashkina E.I. by that time it was gone, according to Dzhioev A.B. he was sent to Georgia, where he became mentally ill. When they arrived, Pliev M.D. was in the same utility room. Gagiev A.M. for some time he communicated with Pliev M.D., but he was not present during this conversation. The day after the arrival of A.M. Gagiev, at the dacha, there again gathered the guys, of whom he remembers: men aged 45 to 50, V.Yu. Gamosova. nicknamed "Gamos", M.S. Gobozova nicknamed "Mels", Omarova A.S. nicknamed "Rahim", Dzutseva V.P. nicknamed "Hohag", Kulumbegova D.G. nicknamed "Pesso", Sekinaeva BA nicknamed "Baron", Gutieva U.Kh., Bagaeva R.A., Zasseeva I.I., Slonova G.G., Kudzieva T.M., Kodoeva D.O. All these persons sat down at a common table, where they invited Marat Pliev. Gagiev A.M. pointed out to all those present at Pliev M.D. and said: "Admire who I took into the family, turned out to be a traitor, says that two bears in one den will not get along, imagines himself that he is smarter than" Big Brother! ". Pliev M.D. to the words of A.M. Gagiev did not answer, then everyone began to eat, laughed, said toasts, Pliev M.D. he ate practically nothing.

Basically, the guys spoke the Ossetian language, since everyone is practically surrounded by A.M. Gagiev. there were Ossetians and he did not understand part of their conversations, since he does not speak Ossetian. One day Dzugutov G.Z. asked him to take a digital video camera of the Sony brand and go with him to the back room where Pliev M.D. was kept. When they went down to Pliev M.D., Dzugutov G.Z. sat down next to Pliev M.D. and began to explain that he needed to say on a video camera under recording that he had killed several people, also Dzugutov G.Z. told Pliev M.D. that he needed to be told why he killed them, but at the present time he does not remember how Dzugutov G.Z. argued for the murders. It was also necessary to say that supposedly Pliev M.D. planning to kill someone. Dzugutov G.Z. explained that he needed to wear a trowel with a hood and a baseball cap to look more neat, in addition, he and Dzugutov G. smeared the “bruise” under the eye of Pliev M.D. with foundation. He filmed everything on a video camera, and Dzugutov G.Z. asked Pliev M.D. questions, and he answered them, while Dzugutov G.Z. suggested what to say. In the frame there was only Pliev M.D., the voice of Dzugutov G.Z. should be heard behind the scenes. Pliev M.D. at the direction of Dzugutov G.Z. said that he had killed 3 people, possibly Pliev M.D. talked about 4 persons, he does not remember exactly. In addition, Pliev M.D. at the direction of Dzugutov G.Z. he also threatened someone for some deed committed by a person, whom he threatened for sure, he does not remember, but the threat was of such a plan that that person could no longer be saved, Pliev M.D. promised to kill him. They made two videos with explanations of Pliev M.D., one when Pliev M.D. on his head was wearing a baseball cap, and the second, the same one with a baseball cap and wearing a hood. He is sure that the task of filming Pliev M.D. Dzugutov G.Z. gave Gagiev A.M., for what purposes this video was needed, he does not know. During the video recording, Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A., Gutiev U.Kh., possibly Gamosov V.Yu., Gobozov M.S., Omarov A.S., Dzutsev V.P. entered and left the room. nicknamed "Hohag", maybe there was someone else. Everyone knew about this video, including B.A. Sekinaev. The video camera on which he filmed Plieva M.D. was supposed to be in the house where they were detained by the law enforcement officers, the recording was made on a flashcard, which should remain in the video camera itself or be somewhere in the house in which they were detained ... After Pliev M.D. spent about a week in the house indicated by him, he once again came there, and perhaps already spent the night there for the day. On the day of the murder of Pliev M.D., from Gutiev U.Kh., Bagaeva R.A. and Zasseva I.I. he learned that Plieva M.D. today they will kill. According to them, Pliev M.D. I wanted to go to the enemies of the "Family", with their help to kill AM Gagiev, to take his place. He informed B.A. Sekinaev about this, who, in turn, told G.Z. Dzugutov. or Dzhioevu A.B., from whom Gagiev A.M. learned about it. To Pliev M.D. suspected nothing, Gagiev A.M. I called him and said that he was leaving him in Russia as a senior, that he would give him a bank card with a billion dollars to resolve various issues. Approximately after lunch, he saw that Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A., Kudziev T.M., Slonov G.G., began to glue the locker room with transparent film, which was located in the indoor pool located on the territory of the dacha. He himself did not take part in the pasting, but he saw the dressing room already pasted over. We pasted over all the walls and laid the floor, fastened the oilcloth to the tape. Approximately 5-10 minutes before the murder of Pliev M.D., when it was already evening on the street and it got dark, at about 18-19 o'clock, all the guys went to the pool, he does not know who told them this, but assumes that Gagiev A.M., possibly in the Ossetian language, so he did not understand, Pliev M.D. walked with everyone, perhaps someone was leading him, he did not see it, there were a lot of people. Everyone passed in the room of the pool itself, where the font was located, everyone stood in front of it. Dzugutov G.Z. told him that it was necessary to write down Pliev M.D. to the recorder. For this, he, Dzugutov G.Z., Kudziev T.M., Pliev M.D. went into the locker room, which was already pasted over, it was located right outside the door by the pool. Pliev's hands M.D. were handcuffed in frontal position. He was dressed in sweatpants and a gray T-shirt, and had slippers on his feet. There was no headdress. Kudziev T.M. closed the door so that the noise of the crowd in the pool was not heard. Dzugutov G.Z. told Pliev M.D. that he would need to say on a black digital dictaphone, a few phrases, such a plan: "I am leaving, do not worry, I will contact you." As he understood, Pliev M.D. already understood that they would kill him and resigned himself to this, since he had no questions to Dzugutov G.Z. did not ask. Pliev M.D. said on the recorder what was required of him. Gutiev U.Kh., Dzhioev A.B., Kudziev T.M., Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A., Slonov G.G., nicknamed "Hohag", Kokoev D. V., nicknamed "Monk", Kusov G.S., Kodoev D.O., possibly Gamosov V.Yu., Gobozov M.S., Omarov A.S.,

After they recorded Plieva M.D. on a dictaphone, he, Kudziev T.M., Dzugutov G.Z. and Pliev M.D. went to the pool room where all the other guys were. By body movements Zasseev I.I., Bagaeva R.A., Slonova G.G., Gutieva U.Kh. and Kudzieva T.M., who went to Pliev M.D., he realized that Plieva M.D. now they will kill. However, Dzugutov G.Z. told him to first go to A.M. Gagiev. and gave the voice recorder to listen to. He left the pool room, entered the house, went down to the basement, where the kitchen was located, and there he found A.M. Gagiev at the table. Gagiev A.M. listened to the recording of M.D. Pliev, said that he would go, he moved away from A.M. Gagiev. and went to the exit, Gagiev A.M. asked him why he was going there, supposedly there was nothing to look at, to which he replied that he had to tell Dzugutov G.Z. that everything was fine by appointment and went to the pool. Going into the pool, he told Dzugutov GZ that Gagiev A.M. entry approved. After that, Dzugutov G.Z. said: "Come on." As he understood, he said that Plieva M.D. kill. To Pliev M.D. Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A., Slonov G.G., Gutiev U.Kh. and Kudziev T.M. They took him by the hands and laid him on his stomach, one of them put on Plieva M.D. a light-colored plastic bag over his head, and someone tied tape around his neck, fixing the bag on his head. Pliev M.D. did not resist, as he understood, he began to twitch, when he began to choke, he was held by Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A., Slonov G.G., Gutiev U.Kh. and Kudziev T.M. He felt unpleasant and he went to the exit from the pool. Then he again drew attention to Pliev M.D., he practically ceased to resist and one of those who held him turned him over on his back, he saw that some parts of Pliev M.D. still moving convulsively, he was only held back a little. He left the pool room, the others stayed there, and remained there for about 5-10 minutes. After Pliev M.D. died, Zasseev I.I., Bagaev R.A. and Slonov G.G., Kudziev T.M., in the locker room, which was covered with oilcloth, they dismembered the corpse of Pliev M.D. into parts by cutting with an ax, a wooden bar was placed under the corpse, he saw him in the locker room, when Pliev M.D. was recorded there. on a dictaphone, but the ax was not there yet. How many pieces did the corpse of Pliev M.D. he doesn't know. Further, the parts of the corpse were folded into plastic garbage bags, and two guys with the appearance of Ossetians put them, he saw them a few days before the murder of Pliev M.D. at the same dacha, as he understood he was a former boxer, because he later trained A.V. Dzitiev. boxing, the second looks like a drinker, since he is very thin and with a sunken, swollen face. Bags with fragments of the corpse of Pliev M.D. loaded into a blue Volkswagen minibus with heavily tinted windows. In addition, several axes and knives were loaded into the interior of the minibus in a basin, apparently with which they butchered Marat Pliev's corpse. Knives and axes were outwardly clean, apparently the blood was washed off them. Further Gutiev U.Kh. told him to go with him to the house where D.O. Kodoev is, to help unload the bags. On the way Gutiev U.Kh. worried all the time about the smell that came from the bags. Gutiev U.Kh. he was driving, he was sitting in front, the bags were loaded into the salon. They drove for about 30-35 minutes, and arrived at the dacha, where they were detained by law enforcement officers. We drove into the territory of the dacha. Kodoev DO was at the dacha, who did not ask any questions. They unloaded bags with parts of M.D. Pliev's corpse, a basin with axes and knives from the car and transferred them to the gatehouse located on the territory of the house, D.O. Kodoev. explained that he would get rid of them later. About two days later he learned that parts of M.D. Pliev's corpse were D.O. Kodoev burned in the country. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov