The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and became aware of a secret criminal case 10 years ago on the fact of the murder, where the main defendants are ex-senator Vitaly Malkin.

The then member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from Buryatia and banker Vitaly Malkin (he was banned from entering Canada due to ties with organized crime, and he was forced to resign a couple of years after the events described because of the public attention of Navalny, Khinshtein and MK to dual citizenship and undeclared real estate abroad) established with his wife Natalya Bondarenko and former Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo DNP Arkhangelskoye in the eponymous health complex of the Presidential Administration in the village of Voskresenskoye. Directly at the registration address in house 54, the billionaire with his neighbors (Vladimir Rushailo, Mikhail Fradkov, and later Alexei Kudrin and others) organized a private spa, where they regularly spent evenings in the company of easy-going ladies.

Алексей Кудрин

In the same protected areas, VIPs continuously mastered state dachas: in 2011, Vitaly Malkin started repairs in his house. Igor Bychkov, assistant senator from Buryatia, was appointed to lead the process. He worked for Vitaly Malkin since the time of the seven-bankers - he worked both at the Russian Credit Bank and at Impexbank. He was a completely unremarkable person, and when he disappeared, no one in Arkhangelsk noticed this, if not for the family of the superintendent himself.

At the end of 2011, Igor Bychkov's wife turned to the police, reporting her husband's disappearance. A man walked his son to school in the morning and walked back home past school 119 (SWAO). Around the same time, eyewitnesses contacted the local department, who reported that they observed a strange picture on his way (right near the school): several men approached a passerby, introduced themselves as employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and forcibly pushed him into a Zhiguli. The “detainee” unsuccessfully shouted and struggled, while the “capture group” was in civilian life and did not present any documents to anyone.

Игорь Бычков

In the police, it became clear that the "lost" did not go on a spree. The wife was immediately interrogated, who said that her husband does not work for ordinary people, but for Senator Vitaly Malkin. According to her, shortly before the incident, Igor Bychkov broke up with employers due to some kind of conflict situation, and the other day some unfamiliar muzzle-makers tried to “call him into a conversation”.

Hot on the heels of cars with replacement numbers could not be tracked, traffic cameras were allegedly powerless. At some point, hope appeared - Igor Bychkov's phone "beat" in Moscow. Soon the phone was found at the guest worker, but by. The visitor explained that he had found the device on the road along the highway.

A criminal case was initiated under article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Murder”, and the materials were sent upstairs to the 1st Department of Internal Affairs of the UK. Where the case, under the pressure of the resource defendants, was safely drowned out.

The investigators who conducted the case worked to the fullest: Vitaly Malkin himself was interrogated several times, who denied everything and pretended that he was not indifferent to the course of the investigation, they say, his employee disappeared.

But, objectively, there is still only one single version: Igor Bychkov was punished by his own masters.

The missing person did not have any other conflicts (there was an idyll at home, with a partner in a small business - a shopping center in the Kaluga region, relations were in order), except for one incident in Arkhangelsk. One of the security officers of Vitaly Malkin (the DNP and VIPs were then guarded by the private security company Ares, who was headed by a senator who came from the banks) gave interesting testimony. According to him, Igor Bychkov somehow blabbed to the boss's wife about the orgies in the dacha spa, having handed over the whole honest company led by her husband to Natalya Bondarenko with giblets. The grasping co-founder of the whole economy made a huge scandal and it came almost to a divorce.

However, in the presence of an obvious motive for Vitaly Malkin's company, the criminal case was marinated for almost ten years. It was suspended several times, the former senator was last interrogated a couple of years ago, when he came from Monaco to Moscow and came into the public eye, thundering in Kommunarka with suspicion of covid.

After that, Vitaly Malkin was given a "Chinese warning" and he finally resigned himself to the fate of being a philanthropist and philanthropist in Monaco.

According to, despite the fact that the criminal case was suspended, Igor Bychkov is still wanted. It is possible that the fashion for solving “non-standard” crimes (of past years) will someday push to unearth this case specially buried in the archives.

According to the relatives of the missing Igor Bychkov, he was a personal assistant to ex-senator Vitaly Malkin. One can only guess how much he knew about the boss and his resource contacts. Despite the closeness to the body, after Igor Bychkov broke up with the boss, a real hunt began for him. And when he disappeared, the former owner did not say anything to his family. But with the investigation, Vitaly Malkin tried to hold on to mouth leg. He asked not to stop the case and tried his best to portray non-indifference.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin