Source: continues to acquaint the reader with "wiretaps" from Boris Berezovsky's archive. On this recording, an extremely interesting conversation was made during one of the most critical moments for the country. Talk to Tatyana Dyachenko with his mother, Naina, and then her husband Alex.

So, June 1996. The election campaign is in full swing. One of the most prominent figures at the headquarters of Yeltsin are Arkady Evstafiev and Sergei Lisovsky. In the night from 18th to 19th June 1996, at the appointed time, Arkady Evstafiev and Sergei Lisovsky, taking the prepared box from the copier with the money headed for the exit from Government House. Money - "shadow cash" staff. These figures were selected for the attack is not accidental - the first was the closest ally of the head of the election headquarters of Yeltsin Anatoly Chubais, the second organized and led the campaign "vote or lose" in support of the candidacy of Yeltsin. Both were key figures in the technological design of the election company.

Employees of the security Service of the President (SPB) of the Russian Federation, controlled by Alexander Korzhakov and Mikhail Barsukov, were informed about it and detained two of these activists. Holding, as expected, employee, and URS started the interrogation of these people. In connection with these events, late in the evening on June 19, 1996 in Berezovsky's headquarters in the House of receptions of "LogoVAZ" comes Tatyana Dyachenko. Under the pressure of Igor Malashenko, Anatoly Chubais, Badri Patarkatsishvili, Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky she agreed with the necessity of bringing to a situation Alexandra Swan. It is believed that a Swan would have to disclose information about the coup attempt, including of the detention of lissovsky and Evstafieva.

On the record given, Dyachenko talking with Naina Yeltsin. The latter says that she could not fulfill her request and call Swan on her mobile phone. Dyachenko requires to reach and to find. Yeltsin tries to find a Swan through the spec. the switch, but it doesn't work. Dyachenko says that it is very strange that the special. the switch cannot find the Secretary of the security Council.

Yeltsin continues his attempts. Dictates the reception of the security Council. Dyachenko asked why her (Naina) does not call itself. She refuses.

Yeltsin asks why she did not call Mikhail Ivanovich (Barsukov) and did not find out what was wrong. Dyachenko answers it with Berezovsky's words about uselessness of this action. Without any communication declares that: "we have the only way to win elections – it to dismiss both of them".

Yeltsin does not quite understand the situation, but Dyachenko puts pressure on her. Appeals to the fact that" how dare she say badgers" that she was involved in this case.

Dyachenko wants to talk to her husband, Alexei, and asked the Pope to sleep (B. N. Yeltsin). He answers that he had an attack, and he fell asleep. Dyachenko gives instructions that as soon as the father will recover since morning, he (Alexey) has to convince Yeltsin that his only exit – to dismiss Korzhakov and Barsukov. Requests Dyachenko to persuade Yeltsin that blame Tarpischev, Barsukov and Korzhakov. That his position, in fact, is not his, and imposed by them and that the dismissal – the only chance to win the election.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov