Source: Rucriminal continues to publish materials from the Interpol report, which includes intelligence information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping materials and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related individuals among them Which mass of large businessmen, former and current officials. In the fourteenth article, we present the list, recorded by Interpol, secret meetings and gatherings of mafiosi, businessmen and individual representatives of the stage. Readers of will be able to find out how Semyon Mogilevich communicated with the representatives of Cammory; How Joseph Kobzon spent time with Tayvanchik, Mikas, Avera, Japonchik; As Mikhas and Tamm communicated with the alleged "organizer" of the murder of Vladislav Listiev, Igor Dashdirov; As an adviser to the head of "Gazprom" hanging out with gangsters.

4. Meetings


* In September 1992, the leading "authorities" and "thieves-in-law" met in Lucerne / Switzerland and divided the spheres of criminal influence, such as the arms trade and drugs, as well as oil.

* In the fall of 1993, a meeting took place in Prague between Mogilevich and Di Falco Salvatore, a member of Cammor.

* The heads of Russian organized crime often met in luxury hotels in Elat / Israel.213 In November 1994, a meeting was held in Tel Aviv / Israel to discuss the division of spheres of influence with respect to strategic raw materials.

In addition to Mikhailov, Averin and Mogilevich, the meeting was attended by the following persons:

• Tokhtakhunov Alimjan, 1.01.1949,

• Kobzon Joseph,

• Bilunov Leonid,

• Luchansky Grigory, 214

• Birshtain Boris (see Interpol's information on the Milenium Project, a report on Bierstein).

* Perhaps in January 1995 Mikhailov, Mogilevich, Kobzon and Ivankov took part in the meeting held in San Juan / Puerto Rico.

* In February 1995, the "Princess Hotel" celebrated the birthday of Luchansky, where 150 guests were present. Many of those present were associated with Russian organized crime.215

* From February 7 to 9, a meeting of leading representatives of Russian and Ukrainian organized crime took place in the restaurant "V Holubu" in Prague / Czech Republic. They were the leaders of the organizations "Solntsevskaya" and "Mogilevich", who gathered on the occasion of Mikhailov's birthday. He showed interest in doing business and said about his desire to live in the Czech Republic. The people present at the meeting were both from the Mogilevich organization and from Solntsevskaya.

* In May 1995, Mikhailov, threatening Mogilevich by phone, demanded that he pay $ 5 million in favor of the Solntsevo group (it is possible that he used $ 12-16 million of Magnex's income for his own needs).

* At the end of May 1995 in the restaurant "V Holubu" another meeting of the two groups took place with the celebration of Averin's birthday. Important issues and further strategic moves were discussed. Mogilevich, who was going to take part in the meeting, was to be killed. He did not go to a restaurant and left Prague, having left for Budapest / Hungary on the night of 1.06.1995. During the meeting, the Czech police carried out a round-up, as a result of which 200 people were seized and questioned. After liberation, most of them left for Russia, Germany, Austria, Israel or Hungary.216

Among the 70 participants of the meeting were Averin Viktor, Averin Alexander, Bilunov Leonid, Dashdamirov Igor, Drozhin Yuri, Gurchenov Vladimir, Katrich Anatoly, Khachidze Dzhemal, Lustranov Eugene, Mikhailov Sergey, Mogilevich Semyon (probably he participated only in the first meeting), Petrov Alexander, Sedov Alexander and Tamm Arnold.217

* 12-23 October 1995 in the "Hilton Hotel" in Tel Aviv / Israel met Mikhailov, Averin, Mogilevich, Birshtayn, Rabinovich and others. The reason for the meeting was the division of spheres of influence in Ukraine and the cooperation of various criminal groups.218

* In 1996, a meeting was held in Switzerland organized by Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, 15.05.1954, a former Interior Ministry employee, an adviser to Vyakhirev Rem, a leader of the Gazprom company, who was removed from office in the spring of 2001. Then Mikhailov, Birshtain Boris and Lerner Gregory met with the leadership of the International Energy Corporation (see the Interpol information on the Milenium Project, the report on the company Itera). The result of this meeting was a scheme reflecting the supply of natural gas to Ukraine with the help of a foreign corporation Itera (see information on the Interpol on the Milenium Project, a report on Itera).

* October 13-19, 1997 in the "Hilton Hotel" in Tel Aviv / Israel took place the family party of Malevsky- the head of "Izmaylovskoy" organization.220

* October 14-26, 1998, the wedding of the daughter of Black Michael took place in the "Hilton Hotel" in Tel Aviv / Israel (see Interpol's information on the Milenium Project, report: "The Black Brothers"); Is currently considered one of the leading figures of Russian organized crime. The next day there was a business meeting between the invited to the wedding.221

* Party for the celebration of the New Year in Elite / Israel. Members of the organization Black Michael .222

There were also other irregular meetings in Budapest, Miami and Los Angeles.223

In addition, in April 1995, a meeting was held in Berlin, in which Tamm Arnold, Averin Viktor, Mikhailov Sergey, Volkov Alexander and Mikhail Cheainin took part. Volkov Alexander, born on October 29, 1950, is registered with companies engaged in gambling. He lived at the address: 98000 Monaco, 7th Avenue des Papalins, the company "Womex Handls Gmbh", Wangenheimer Street, 45, Berlin. But the civil court of Berlin gave another, the right address: Helmstedter Str., 12, Berlin.224

The managers of the Womex company were Volkov and a certain Mandelbaum Ozik, June 20, 1947, living at the address: Hauptstrasse 62, Berlin. After some time Mandelbaum was replaced by a certain Cheynin Mikhail, born on November 27, 1957. In Moscow, living at the address: Knezebeckstrasse 98, Berlin. However Mandelbaum still remained a partner of the firm. It is not known only whether Mikhailov and Averin were partners of the company "Womex" .225

Notes: This information was already mentioned in the interpolation studies: "Project Milenium: Tokhtakhunov". The NCB of the Wiesbaden Interpol has confirmed that Cheynin Mikhail and Cherni Mikhail are not the same person (see also other Interpol studies: "The Milenium Project: The Czerny Brothers"). 226

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal