The scenario of the life of the family and "close associates" of the former chief judge of the Krasnodar Territory, Alexander Chernov, resembles some kind of gloomy vaudeville. Today, the clan is still strong, even despite the fact that the "godfather" - Alexander Dmitrievich Chernov, had his mighty judicial wings clipped back in 2018. Then the personnel commission of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation did not approve his candidacy (Chernov applied for the post of chairman of the Fourth Court of Cassation). At first glance, it seems strange that the Kuban or federal security forces will not pay attention to the "achievements" of the Chernivtsi. But there is something to see. The latest news from the Chernov and Co corporation is also interesting, talks about them.

   Александр Чернов (слева)

Chernov’s endless trips to Germany, where, according to the VChK-OGPU telegram channel from his entourage, he has good property, which has not yet been found by the Bundes under seizure, remain without attention of the authorities called upon to fight corruption. By the way, the last visit of Alexander Dmitrievich to the "enemy German camp" was at the end of February - he returned to his homeland literally a day before the start of the NWO.

The sale of excess luxury real estate, openly held by the family through Avito, does not attract attention, in particular, a two-level penthouse of 700 square meters with a kitchen of 50 square meters, a hammam and a swimming pool on Kubanskaya Embankment Street in Krasnodar for 150 million rubles (which is $ 2.5 million). at the current rate). Where does the judge get such immovable happiness? Due to what salaries does all this hammam splendor, far from the last in the list of family real estate, come from? So far, by the way, the mansions have not been sold. At the present time, when not only such sales are dangerous, but also such acquisitions. Who will throw out $ 2.5 million today without attracting the attention of the services.

Квартира Чернова

The fact that previously no corruption issues arose with the family was explained by the high judicial status of Chernov himself. The current lack of criminal issues is also easily explained. Just look at the clan structure. It is built in the style of a goat nostra. There are people in various law enforcement structures, there are also representatives in the regional authorities. This provides cover and "solving issues." Part of the clan is responsible for the “common fund”, replenishing it in various, far from always legal, ways. As it turns out now, there are even "killers". No, they do not wet people in the truest sense of the word. There are other ways...

Who in the clan is responsible for the cover?


According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, Chernov’s granddaughter, Anastasia, is married to the son of the noble “golden” judge Elena Khakhaleva, Kirill (A curious question is: who was Khakhaleva warned a few hours before the planned arrest about impending shackles? Which of the relatives-matchmakers friends told her about criminal sadness). Kirill Khakhalev - was a deputy of the Kuban ZSK, the previous convocation, a member of the committee on legality, law and order and legal protection of citizens ... A young man, he has good connections among law enforcement officers.

 This September, elections for a new composition of the regional parliament are to be held in the Krasnodar Territory. Kirill Khakhalev's clan tried in May, on the eve of the primaries, to again agree on a candidate from United Russia. And the Kuban United Russia, of course, would once again meet halfway if it were not for the utter toxicity of the surname. “You understand,” the clan was told. “We understand,” the clan said, and proposed… a new candidate from the family, Vitaly Alexandrovich Novikov, a young talent, born in 1997, now a deputy of the Krasnodar City Duma. What is the merit of Vitaly Alexandrovich? Yes, that Alexander Dmitrievich Chernov somehow in the evening in 1996, was so carried away by the process with one of his mistresses, that in the end Vitaly Alexandrovich turned out. Let's pay tribute: Chernov leads his illegitimate son through life confidently. What is worth only the election of a boy who does not represent anything at all a couple of years ago as a deputy of the city duma of the Kuban capital. Is someone seriously ready to believe that the people “had the honor” to represent the interests of a young man who hardly puts words into sentences? However, despite the finely honed art of stuffing, with the help of which elections are held in the Kuban, one should not be surprised at the “convincing victory” of a dummies. This young deputy idiot, as expected, did not show himself at all in the Krasnodar City Duma. And now this "politician" will legislate in the regional ZSK with the same "efficiency"? It is launched according to the lists from the territorial group No. 33. This is Novorossiysk. Was he there at all? How did he make such an epochal impression on the Novorossiysk voters in May 2022 during the primaries in a couple of hours? Due to what, besides rigging the results, could his victory in the primaries happen? If this “winner” is not familiar to the Novorossiysk people in principle.

A separate question: why is it against such an imposed deputy (and in September for Novikov how many you need to win the elections, so much will be thrown in there is no doubt) did Andrei Kravchenko, recently elected head of the hero city, object? Yes, because the mayor of the main port of the country, excuse me, in the past is an urca himself. In general, it is not clear how a person who has an outstanding conviction under 158 Art. of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (theft), could he be elected head of the municipality of the most important territory for Russia? But this is the Kuban, here such oddities are the norm. Why is the Novorossiysk Kravchenko better than the current mayor of Krasnodar Andrei Alekseenko, who has a sentence of two years in prison in his criminal biography? Criminality in the biography, it seems, is a prerequisite for employment in the leading Kuban bureaucracy. But since the judges on the Novorossiysk mayor have such a “criminal hook”, therefore, there were no objections to the nomination of a Chernivtish bastard as a candidate for deputy from the United Russia.


What makes up a clan common fund? For now, let's leave aside the incredible, from the point of view of official income, real estate transactions of Chernov himself. “Issues” on sentences were able to solve in this family not only Khakhaleva was able to solve ... No less curious are the sources of earning money for other Chernovskys. Let's take the wife of Alexander Chernov - Galina Timofeevna. She is the president of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory. It would seem, well, what kind of corruption is there? But for some reason, the clan is not going to let go of this type of very profitable business.


 The Chernovs' daughter is Elena Ryazanskaya, Vice-President of the Chamber. And today, the mother-president is pulling her to the main Kuban notarial post, which, according to calculations, Elena should get after Chernova leaves her post. Such warm places from the family should not leave.

The shadow sources of earnings of Galina Timofeevna are curious. Firstly, the sale of "fat" notarial offices for considerable bribes has been put on stream. Yes, formally, competitions for filling vacancies in notarial districts, it seems, should unbiasedly identify the best. Perhaps this is happening somewhere in the rotten outlying regions of the Kuban, separated from civilization. That's just in the "fat territories" win and get places not the best, but more solvent. The cost of such a "victory" for those who want to get a notarial place in Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Anapa is millions of rubles. Earlier, when the regional justice was involved in organizing such competitions (the head of the department of justice of the Russian Federation for the region was a member of the competitive commissions), the deputy head of the regional justice, Irina Kovaleva, and part-time her heart friend Zakharov (also having a glorious criminal past, a former police officer who was fired from the ranks due to loss of confidence). It was he who calculated the most promising candidates from a corrupt point of view and presented them with a "shadow" account. After paying for the “service”, the applicants received their places, the heads of the notaries and justice, Chernov and Kovaleva, received their bribe shares. Now the conditions for holding competitions for filling vacant positions of notaries have changed. Justice does not take part in the organization of competitions, does not have the right of decisive votes. In addition, Kovaleva was transferred to a similar post in the Republic of Adygea. So Chernova now has a bribery monopoly here.

But this is not the only criminal scheme to which the Chernov clan is most directly related. Other scams appear to be producing even more tangible returns. And now, due to the fact that this scheme became known, and the investigative committee took over the resonant crime, the family is making every effort to divert Galina Chernova and her entourage from more than well-deserved criminal responsibility.

Briefly about the scheme. A couple of years ago, without exception, all central TV channels began to promote a sensational topic. In the Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Adygea, numerous cases of seemingly completely legally registered transitions of the housing of lonely old people into the property of citizens began to come to light, which the grandfathers, as it immediately turned out, had never seen. Journalists talked a lot about the abomination of "black" realtors and their banders - Galina Zhestovskaya, the owner of a considerable amount of real estate in the Krasnodar Territory (and this is more than 50 apartments and houses).

But somehow, in the course of discussions about the insidiousness of Zhestovskaya and her accomplices, an obvious fact remained on the sidelines: without exception, all the transactions of “black realtors” were made with the active participation of “black notaries”. Indeed, in order to re-register real estate from unsuspecting old people to crooks, real, with output numbers, notarized powers of attorney for the right to dispose of property were needed. We needed such leftist “tseduli”, where it was indicated that grandfathers who had houses or apartments trusted to dispose of their property (and, in addition, all their savings) ... to such and such a citizen. The old people, of course, were not a dream, not a spirit.

In 2019, the calculation of the scoundrels was also based on the strange propaganda of that time. Then the pandemic began The TV was poured out with arguments that, they say, the coronavirus spares the young, and is guaranteed to mow down the old. The grandfathers were then restricted from moving. “recommended” not to leave the house at all. Volunteers carried them food, water and medicines under the door. For scammers, the information turned out to be more than valuable. According to their calculations, age pensioners should have moved their horses from the evil virus without ever knowing that they had been scammed. Or, if they nevertheless found out and wanted to take action in their defense, then these opportunities for them were significantly curtailed at that moment. But the grandfathers not only survived the virus (although today some of those on whose behalf the left powers of attorney were issued at the notary office of Chernova are no longer alive), but went on a counteroffensive. There was a wave of their appeals to the police, to the prosecutor's office, to the central press. Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote about this crime, the stories were shown on all central television channels.

The cases that were conducted by various departments of the Krasnodar police were taken by the investigator and combined into one. The investigation did not even look for an answer to the question: “And where were the two dozen powers of attorney revealed by the investigation?” Everything was so obvious. All 20 powers of attorney involved in the case were issued at the notary's office ... Chernova Galina Timofeevna, wife of Alexander Dmitrievich Chernov, which is located in Krasnodar on the street. Levanevsky. 174. All this leftist was signed by the notary's assistant Chernova G.T. - Tamara Tsikunib. And all these papers were certified by the personal seal of Chernova G.T. There was simply no doubt that Chernova's notary office knew perfectly well that they were helping crooks in the implementation of their fraudulent schemes. After all, the members of the OPS issued all the powers of attorney, as it were, from old people living in various districts of Krasnodar, in Sochi, in Maykop. Near these addresses were located many other notary offices. Closer and more comfortable. But they were taking “a leftist, sometimes hundreds of kilometers away, to Chernova’s office. In a criminal notary's office, the question is: “Where, in fact, are those old people on whose behalf you draw up powers of attorney?” never emerged.

  Then these powers of attorney were presented to “their own” at the MFC. Where, too, they never doubted why in a short period of time the same people come to them, presenting notarized powers of attorney for the right to dispose of their property, which was located in different places in Krasnodar, the region, and even in the neighboring republic. After the apartment houses were re-registered for scammers. a carousel of sales of stolen property began. Where the indicated prices for “as if sold” apartments were somehow completely ridiculous. Let's say 4.5 million rubles were put down for a house, which in reality cost up to 40 million. Not a bad “rise” of half a million dollars! So it is clear why at the initial stage of the scam a trusted notary office was needed. And the services provided by the notary office Chernova did not cause any complaints from crooks.


After the media nevertheless brought this crime to the all-Russian orbit, the progress of the case seemed to accelerate. But... Of the whole gang, the only thing to detain was the leader of the OPS - Galina Zhestovskaya. Others, somehow suspiciously in time, unscrewed from the sword of justice. They were searched and searched, even declared on the All-Russian wanted list, but they were not found. And it cannot be said that the gang wandered into the fog with the camp that turned up. When ordinary citizens - residents of Kuban and Adygea - had information about the defendants in the case, it was immediately reported to the investigation. It happened that some overexcited swindler would suddenly call the editorial office with an unexpected story due to the purity of his name and demands for refutation. The phone was lit up ... The number was reported to law enforcement officers. But the investigators had no time to trace the owner of the phone. Then, a couple of months later, after a number of defendants were declared on the All-Russian wanted list, information came that none of the disappeared swindlers was hiding. They live quietly for themselves at that time in the village of Kuzhorskaya near Maikop ... If only one outfit left to check this information ...

And the oddities didn't end there. For some reason, only 7 episodes of fraud were reflected in the case file. Affected pensioners A.M. Chests, D.A. Veprikov, V.G. Mozalevsky, Yu.V. Zakharov, E.T. Zenkova, A.A. Bondaenko, I.V. Kovalev were mentioned. From this list, in some magical way, another ... 13 victims disappeared.

What about the cases of Fomina, Kiseleva Nadyarina, Seregina, Breus is not known to this day. And in general, there is not a word in the protocols about the numerous episodes that Zhestovskaya and Co. managed to crank out before the start of the scandal. Where did the leader of the OPS get 50 apartments? After all, their total commercial value amounts to hundreds of millions of rubles.

At first glance, it seems like complete fantasy that the key figure in these scams, the notary's assistant Chernova, Tamara Tsikunib, was "taken away" from Part 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - Fraud on an especially large scale, but transferred to a very light 1st part of the 202nd. “Abuse of powers by private notaries and auditors. According to she can get a not quite well-deserved ten-year sentence, and a fine in the amount of only 100 thousand rubles. And if you look at the current progress of the case through the courts, then with endless postponements and postponements of meetings, a completely inhuman fact becomes obvious: everything is leading to the fact that the case will be closed by the statute of limitations. What has already happened in the shadow history of the Kuban Chernivtsi notaries.

And it is not at all clear why there is no talk of the responsibility of Chernova herself. Galina Timofeevna, as soon as the scandal began to unfold, the first thing she did was not to fire the criminal assistant (which could somehow indicate that she was not in the know, and the press opened her eyes), but rushed to defend the desecrated honor and her great dignity . Chernova's battle for Tsikunib is still going on. When the case has gone to trial. So, we can assume that Chernova was not just in the know. According to the law, it is the notary who bears full material and disciplinary responsibility for the consequences of the work of his subordinates. Note that even in the decision to initiate a criminal case against Tamara Tsikunib, the name Chernova is mentioned 37 times! And even if the investigator in charge of this case did not have the opportunity or desire to get to the bottom of the significance of Chernova in this case, then at least it was possible to send a submission to the Federal Notary Chamber on the issue of Chernova and Tsikunib's compliance with their positions. It would be possible to scroll through the code of professional ethics of notaries at your leisure, to get acquainted with the section on responsibility. Nothing of the kind has been done.


What was Chernova's interest in these scams? Just like that, for a penny state fee, to allow your assistant to draw up powers of attorney for crooks? And at the same time, to know that it is you, Chernova Galina Timofeevna, who is responsible for everything according to the law? What kind of criminal philanthropy is this?

The fact that Tsikunib was transferred to the “affectionate” article of the Criminal Code, that they did not even try to bring Chernova to criminal, or at least disciplinary responsibility, is only at first glance somehow strange. What is the focus here?

As you know, the trick is mysterious and incomprehensible, only if you do not know its secret. This investigative-judicial farce, it seems, is also explained to the point of primitiveness simply. In the Krasnodar regional division of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the son-in-law of judge Khakhaleva Vadim Badalov, recognized in 2019 as the best employee, works as an investigator. It was his wedding with Khakhalev's daughter Sofya, Meladze and Baskov, with gifts in the form of a Bentley and a mansion, that became the reason for the "golden scandal" in 2017. Badalov, according to the family table of ranks, is the brother-in-law of the Chernovs. And the question is, why then the Kuban SC, the colleagues of the best Badalov, dig the earth like that, substituting the relatives of the best employee? In addition, they say that in a number of episodes that have fallen out of the investigation’s field of vision, they are involved as “unsuspecting buyers” to whom crooks resold real estate, not the last people in the region. So it is quite possible that another task has been set - not to disturb them.


 The Tsikunib case was separated into a separate proceeding. Zhestovskaya will most likely be convicted. Her criminal accomplices will be looked for, but they are unlikely to be found. And Tamara Tsikunib? There is a feeling that her high-profile case will eventually end with some kind of ridiculous verdict. Because a harsh sentence will clearly stimulate Chernova's assistant to be more frank about the peculiarities of organizing the work of her boss. Does the Chernivtsi clan need it?

The quite expected choice of the judge, who is now considering the case of Tamara Tsikunib, speaks in favor of this assumption. This is the judge of the Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar, Eduard Lameikin, the brother of the State Duma deputy from United Russia, Dmitry Lameikin. The judge's wife is a notary Ekaterina Lameikina. That is, in fact, she depends on Chernova in her service. Seems like a conflict of interest. But who cares.


So that the court would not inadvertently go in an unnecessary direction, Chernova additionally secured herself - she helped the judge's daughter, Anna Eduardovna Lameikina, pass the qualifying exam. It happened in the midst of the scandal with the "black notary" Tsikunib - October 19, 2021. Chernova headed the commission that conducted the exams. Anna Lameikona had no chance of failing the exam.

Judge E. Lameikin himself is now making every effort to ensure that the case is considered “quietly”. Judge's assistants turn to the old people with requests at meetings ... not to happen. How grandfathers are forced to write the following petitions under a carbon copy. Where grandfathers, as it were, undertake to rely on a court decision.

And what really seems completely illogical: despite the fact that the case is being considered in the absence of the injured old people who wrote such statements that are the same, to a comma, the court is being postponed and postponed. It seems that the case will be completely closed when the statute of limitations for liability for this crime is reached. In general, the Chernov clan is making every effort to eliminate its latest corrupt "p rokol". Failure in this scheme, of course, was not foreseen. The old people had to die from the crown. So many times the telly promised about this ... And now you have to rake in, the miscalculations of these alarmist doctors. Now everything should be decided quietly. Corruption loves silence.


Timofey Grishin

To be continued