Source: continues to monitor a large "cut" of state money in the amount of 464.2 billion rubles, allocated for the construction of the M-12 expressway. The main character of this story is also known. This is Gazizullin Mars Mullanurovich, a close associate of the Deputy Prime Minister of Khusnullin Marat Shakirzyanovich, who is at the helm of the state-owned Avtodor company. Officially, Gazizullin holds the position of the first deputy chairman of the board of directors of Vyacheslav Petushenko.

Марат Хуснуллин

In the fall of 2020, the Chinese company CRCC, by the way, one of the world's largest construction companies, won a contract for the construction of the fifth section of the Moscow-Kazan highway, 347 - 454 km, cost 58.3 billion rubles. This is a large federal construction site.

Other contractors include such well-known construction giants as the structures of Timchenko, Rotenberg, etc.

For CRCC, already in December 2020, the preparation of a scenario began, in which our budget money allocated for the construction of the fifth section of the Moscow-Kazan highway should be “effectively” used according to the scheme of establishing contractors under CRCC affiliated companies in the interests of a board member of the state company Avtodor Gazizullin Mars Mullanurovich.

Friends, sit down more comfortably, the prepared script begins to come true ...

To start any construction of an infrastructure facility of such complexity as a federal highway, any general contractor that won a tender (in our case, it is CRCC) needs design estimates, which will describe in detail and clearly all technical solutions. As a rule, the general contractor enters into a contract for the development of such documentation with profiling design offices or design institutes. As a result of such work, the General Contractor receives a large document with design and estimate documentation, which will define all technical solutions, recommended materials and equipment, their required quantity and, most importantly, preliminary average Russian prices for these materials and equipment will be determined.

Анна Меркулова

As a source told, in our case, the general contractor CRCC entered into a design contract with the Mosproekt-3 design institute. For CRCC, this was a forced decision. This institution is headed by Anna Merkulova, a close friend of Gazizullin. But this is not as scary as the fait accompli that in February 2021, 27 km of the 108 km section were given - now attention - to the GENERAL SUB-CONTRACT to the same institution, the contract price is 13 billion rubles. What does GENERAL SUB-CONTRACT mean? This means that CRCC will pass this money through itself, withholding a maximum of 1% of the contract value, and give it to Mosproekt-3 for development. The existing combination is incomprehensible for understanding - Mosproekt-3 will release a project for itself, draw a beautiful estimate, determine the types of materials and equipment brands, the cost of work, and then master this money in the interests of persons lobbying for the conclusion of these contracts for the design and construction of 27 kilometers.

Gazizullin has an administrative resource and the whole process of work at CRCC depends on his signature. The Chinese have no choice, they will have to act according to the scenario they have prepared.

According to the interlocutor of, a new authorized person and Gazizullin's confidant has appeared in the CRCC company, a certain Andrey Panfilov, who holds a leading position, who acts as a moderator between CRCC - Mosproekt-3 - Avtodor. Unofficially, Panfilov oversees issues related to the adoption of design decisions that are convenient for future Gazizullin's contractors.

Regarding the direct establishment of subcontractors from Gazizullin in the CRCC, a certain Rudich Andrey has recently been conceptually authorized. This is evidenced by Rudich's unofficial visits to Gazizullin at the reception at the Avtodor headquarters on Tverskaya. A scenario of establishing the maximum number of contractors under the CRCC is being discussed, in order to utilize a larger volume of budgetary funds allocated for the highway section. One of the corruption schemes looks like this: the issues of agreement on the part of Avtodor are deliberately dragged out in order to compromise CRCC as a reliable general contractor that is unable to build the remaining 81 km. (as mentioned above, 27 km out of 108 km have already been transferred to MOSPROEKT-3, a company affiliated with Gazizullin, for general subcontracting). The construction period of the road section is limited; every day of downtime is a missed opportunity. Thus, Gazizullin intends to show the higher management that CRCC will not build the remaining 81 km on its own. and it is necessary to make a strong-willed decision - we need another general subcontractor under the CRCC.

Lobbying schemes for the companies Tsentrodorstroy JSC, Mostdorstroy LLC, ABZ # 1, PIK Enterprise LLC are discussed at unofficial meetings.

In one of the scenarios for the development of the event, participation in art is discussed construction under the CRCC of the Relikon company, which should take over the construction of all artificial structures and bridges, the production of all reinforced concrete and reinforcing structures, the supply of concrete, asphalt concrete - and this is tens of billions of our budgetary funds.

To be continued


Timofey Grishin