In the Kirov region, they continue to deal with the legacy of corruption left after the leadership of the region by Governor Igor Vasilyev and Prime Minister Alexander Churin. Vasiliev was dismissed in May last year, but new shocking facts about the level of corruption in government bodies and subordinate enterprises continue to emerge to this day. The local security forces do not take real steps to combat corrupt officials from the Vasiliev-Churin team, and the regional authorities are forced to go directly to the federal level. Details at

The Chamber of Control and Accounts of the Kirov Region conducted an audit of the activities of the state enterprise Vyatavtodor, the main contractor for the repair and construction of roads in the region. "Vyatavtodor" was the first enterprise, the work of which was put under full control by Alexander Churin, when he headed the government of the Kirov region.

The media have repeatedly written about numerous violations in the work of Vyatavtodor. Now the facts of abuse have been officially confirmed by the Chamber of Control and Accounts of the Kirov Region. Moreover, behind all the violations in the work of Vyatavtodor, the figure and commercial interests of the former chairman Alexander Churin looms.

Игорь Васильев

For example, the state enterprise Vyatavtodor sells land plots to the Selmash plant (owned by Churin) for a pittance, on which private asphalt concrete plants appear. State-owned factories are artificially brought to a non-working state so as not to compete with the pocket business of the Churin family. Vyatavtodor also buys luxury foreign cars, in which Churin and his friends move around Kirov and Moscow. And the regional Ministry of Transport and Vyatavtodor itself give road contracts for billions of rubles to Energotrans-S CJSC, the founder of which is the same Selmash plant.


The most egregious fact was the secret sale by Vyatavtodor of two buildings in which it was planned to house the Representative Office of the Kirov Region. First, by decision of Churin, these objects were transferred from the treasury of the region to Vyatavtodor. And already in the last months of Churin's work in the government, Vyatavtodor sold property in the center of Moscow to the Monolit company, which is part of the same Selmash group of companies. The management of the region was not informed about the deal. According to the Chamber of Control and Accounts, the sale was carried out under conditions of artificial restriction of competition, which ruled out a price increase.

The new governor of the Kirov region, Alexander Sokolov, publicly called this fact egregious and announced that he had sent an appeal to law enforcement agencies. In December, during a direct line, he said that a criminal case had been initiated into the sale of buildings. But everything was limited only to excitement - no real steps were taken to return the building to the property of the region and bring the perpetrators to justice by the investigative structures.

The Kirov Investigative Committee became interested in other violations in Vyatavtodor only when it was reported that the deputies were preparing an appeal against the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. The Kirov investigators fussed and even issued a press release on the eve of the meeting, saying that they would definitely sort everything out. But why was there no reaction before? Why were not only publications in the media ignored, but also the appeals of the governor? By the way, Alexander Churin in his inner circle likes to boast of close relations with the heads of law enforcement agencies and declares that he resolved all issues with them a long time ago ...

As a result, the Kirov deputies decided to apply directly to Alexander Bastrykin. Of course, such an appeal, which creates a new precedent in the political history of Russia, could not be adopted without the support of the head of the region, who has repeatedly shown that he intends to resolutely and consistently fight corruption in the region. By their appeal, the deputies and the governor actually expressed their distrust of the local investigative structures. We note that the decision to appeal to Bastrykin was adopted almost unanimously by all factions of the Legislative Assembly. Only one vote was cast against. The voice of Sergei Churin, the younger brother of the Kirov prime minister, who nominally manages his assets. What is this if not an actual admission of guilt?

To be continued

Roman Trushkin