Source: became aware of the main versions of the high-profile murder committed on March 11 in Riga. At 14.43 on Academician Keldysh Street, in the parking lot near the Ugolok grill bar, a silver foreign car blocked a Toyota Land Cruiser. A man in the "uniform" of a road worker jumped out of the first car and opened fire on Gennady Valyagin, who was driving one of the largest criminal authorities in the Baltic States. He fell out of the Land Cruiser, the killer fired a control shot and then fled with an accomplice. Later, a burned-out Crysler Vojager was discovered, on which criminals moved. They moved to another car, despite this they were able to detain them.

Gennady Valyagin has been a legendary and formidable criminal authority in the Baltic states since the dashing 90s.

Many feared, respected and hated this ambiguous person.

As it became known to, the reasons for this murder lie not in the very distant past ...

Problems with the authority of Valyagin began in 2018, when the lads, at a gathering, presented him with a waste of a common fund in the amount of 1.5 million US dollars. Then, the only thief in law in Latvia, Zurab Shamugia (Adu Zugdidsky), said that Valyagin was obliged to return this money to the common fund. But Valyagin did not take this decision into account, and as a result, all respected authorities in the city stopped communicating with him.

By his act, Valyagin not only undermined his authority, but also forced many people who trusted him to turn away from him.

As time went.

Gennady Valyagin in various ways, managed to restore his lost

authority, but only in the eyes of a few in the city. Further, according to the source of, he managed to throw a man working under the authority of the influential thief in law Vyacheslav Shestakov (Plum) for 2 million US dollars. And despite the threatening, inevitable problems, Valyagin got away with everything again.

 Valyagin took advantage of his connections and ran for salvation to his old friend thief in law Sergei Aksenov (Aksen Izmailovsky). And Aksen, as an old comrade, did not refuse to help.


After the support provided by Aksen, Valyagin's authority strengthened, and he came up with the idea of ​​starting a new life in the drug business.

But, as you know, when you enter a new business, and especially in such a dangerous topic as the drug business, you need to know the rules of the game very well. Everything is based on trust and deceit is not forgiven. Everyone always acts on the principle of "thrown and died."

Valyagin, probably, did not understand this and thought that here it would be possible to apply the same trick as he did with the common fund - “take it for yourself, and then I want to give it back, I want to not give it back.”

So, according to reliable information, Gennady Valyagin managed to throw a Russian-Turkish organized criminal group for goods in the amount of 1 ton of cocaine. At the same time, he additionally managed to drive the organized crime group into debt, since the organization was obliged to pay 2 million US dollars to its employees of maritime logistics.

And here everything seems to have gone...

During the arrest of a group of killers, a whole arsenal of weapons was found: two machine guns, two submachine guns and two more pistols. And also four cars were found for outdoor surveillance and the escape of killers. Apparently, the criminals wanted to kidnap G. Valyagin, but probably they did not imagine such a thing and they decided to eliminate him.

Now the Latvian police are wondering, so who made the decision and gave the order to eliminate the legendary criminal authority Gennady Valyagin?

Perhaps it was Adu who decided to show punishment for cheating with the common fund? or Plum, who harbored anger at him and avenged the kid? or is it the work of the Russian-Turkish organized crime group who dealt with him?

In any case, such an ending for this person was a foregone conclusion.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov