The Investigative Committee did not, as planned, bring charges in the final version to the ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Furgal and other defendants in the case, including Andrei Paley, Marat Kadyrov, Alexander Karepov. Everyone denies guilt, despite persuasion. Furgal's business partner Nikolai Mistryukov, who was diagnosed with cancer in the isolation ward, and who almost lost his sight, is cooperating and has made a deal with the investigation. The investigation for the second time at the last moment refuses to formalize the completion of the investigation and allow the victims and the accused to familiarize themselves with the materials. Sources of say that the TFR wants no questions about the materials, but this is the problem. The evidence base is based mainly on the testimony of Nikolai Mastryukov, a secret witness - a former employee of the Khabarovsk Territory Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Pershin, who was himself tried, as well as members of the Moiseevskaya organized criminal group, most of whom were either in prison or are in prison. Other witnesses identified the killer 15 years later "by the color of his eyes." We give our readers the opportunity to assess the component of the charge themselves and publish materials on the "Furgal case" with the original plot of the charge. Later, the surname Furgala was added there instead of “an unidentified person from among the leading employees of LLC Mif-Khabarovsk”. Today we present the second part of the documents.

Сергей Фургал

He (Alexander Karepov-Ed.), Having previously committed incitement in the attempted murder of A.V. Smolsky, and incitement in the murder of E.A. Zori, committed incitement in the murder of O.G. Bulatov, that is, persuading a person to commit actions directly aimed at intentionally causing death to another person, by agreement, bribery, committed against two or more persons, in connection with the performance of this person's official activities, by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, for hire, namely:

Mistryukov N.V., being one of the heads of LLC "Mif-Khabarovsk", which was engaged in the reception and sale of scrap of ferrous metals in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation, in the winter of 2005, in an unidentified place entered into a criminal conspiracy with unidentified persons from among the leading employees of the OOYu "Mif-Khabarovsk" (and this is just Furgal-Ed.), being dissatisfied with the official activities of the business partner Bulatov OG, believing that he acts to the detriment of the interests of O00 "Mif-Khabarovsk", and also, fearing that the latter is aware of their organization of the murder of Zori E.A. and can report this to law enforcement, he decided to organize his murder.

 In order to implement the criminal intent, Mistryukov N.V., who took over the duties of one of the organizers of the murder of Bulatov O.G. in the period not later than January 31, 2005, the exact date was not established by the investigation, in an unidentified place, together with unidentified persons, the number of leading employees of LLC "Mif-Khabarovsk" (and this is about Furgal-Ed.), suggested to his friend Karepov A.The. find persons who are ready to commit this crime for a monetary reward, that is, for hire.

Николай Мистрюков

Having accepted the offer of N.V. Mistryukova and unidentified persons from among the leading employees of O00 "Mif-Khabarovsk" (and here the surname Furgala-Ed. will soon appear), Karepov A.The. to participate in the murder, at an unspecified time and place, during a personal meeting with A.S. Paley, with whom he had a trusting relationship, he invited him to take part in the murder of O.G. Bulatov. as a performer, for monetary compensation, that is, for hire.

Counting on monetary reward, realizing the social danger of their actions, anticipating and wishing the onset of socially dangerous consequences in the form of depriving a person of the inalienable right to life protected by law, A.S. Paley. agreed to take part in the murder of O.G. Bulatov. for hire as a performer.

Thereby Karepov A.The. by persuasion and bribery, persuaded Paley A.S. to commit the murder of Bulatov O.G.

 In the performance of a single criminal intent aimed at the murder of Bulatov O.G., Paley A.S., acting for hire, having information about the daily routine, place of residence and route of movement of Bulatov O.G., no later than 18 hours on January 31, 2005, armed with a previously illegally acquired at an unspecified time and place with a 9 mm caliber Makarov (PM) pistol suitable for shooting and ammunition for it at least eight rounds, as well as an explosive device with an RGD-5 grenade, arrived at house 5 on the street. Decembrists of Khabarovsk, where Bulatov O.G. lived.

 In the period from 18 hours. 00 minutes and 18 hours 51 minutes the same day, Paley A.S. being near Bulatov O.G. gate of house 3 on the street. Decembrists of Khabarovsk, when Bulatov appears, realizing the social danger of his actions, anticipating and wishing the onset of socially dangerous consequences, working for hire, he deliberately fired at the victim from close range at least 8 shots from an unidentified Makarov pistol ("PM") into the area of the location of vital organs, ... as a result of which the victim died at the scene. "

Уголовное дело

Уголовное дело

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued