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Cyprus has launched a procedure to revoke the citizenship of holders of "golden passports" (obtained in return for large investments). President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiades told reporters about it. As noted by Nikos Anastasiadis, there have been some shortcomings and inaccuracies in the passport-for-investment program in the past, so many measures have been taken to introduce “more effective control mechanisms”. He clarified that the country's authorities have been studying violations of the criteria for obtaining citizenship for some time, and a special committee has launched an investigation into 30 people. Next, the Cypriot newspaper "Politis" published the names of 34 citizens who became holders of local passports for investments who are associated with politically exposed persons or criminals. Among them are Russian businessmen Igor Kesaev, Grigory Berezkin, Yan Abramov.

However, the head of the "Mercury" group Kesaev clearly foresaw such a turn of events and prepared a "reserve" airfield in advance. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, Igor Kesaev bought the peninsula in Finland. Kesaev is also the founder of the Monolit Foundation, which has a formal agreement with the FSB of the Russian Federation and supports the retired employees. The peninsula bought by Kesaev is called Kotasaari and is located in Puumal municipality. The transaction price is 700,000 euros.

In the transfer document, the purpose of the site is designated as a construction site for recreation. The new owner plans to build a 420 square meter main building and a 530 square meter guest house, as well as a 100 square meter beach sauna and a 150 square meter "staff house".

Igor Kesaev for the time being was engaged in a murky cigarette business and, no matter how hard he tried, he did not belong to the elite. Everything changed when an old student friend Vyacheslav Basati (the son of the famous Soviet intelligence officer Boris Basati) took him under his wing. It was he who organized the acquaintance of Kesaev with representatives of the special services, brought the tobacco merchant into many profitable and, most importantly, status projects. And in 2013, Vyacheslav died under very, very strange circumstances. After him, Boris Basati and his family should have inherited more than $ 250 million. However, Igor Kesaev, a business partner of his son, suddenly appeared here. And so Kesaev announced to the old man respected by the whole country that Vyacheslav had nothing left but gigantic debts. And these debts, including those to the Chechens, who are already fully equipped to look for someone to get money from. The generous Kesaev is holding them back for now, but he may stop doing this, and then the legendary scout will start having problems. From the "master's shoulder" Kesaev offers Boris Basati to accept all Vyacheslav's debts, to put the old man on a pension, and in return he demands to sign certain documents. Later it turned out that the legendary intelligence officer had abandoned assets worth more than $ 250 million in favor of Kesaev. When Basati Sr. realized that he had been deceived, he told reporters about it, wrote a statement to law enforcement agencies. It turned out that the whole team of Vyacheslav's lawyers had gone over to Kesaev's side, not forgetting to share with the new boss Basati's legal and commercial secrets.

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Denis Zhirnov

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