Source: continues a series of articles on "high-profile" surnames that appear in the bribe case for the employees of the TFR for the release of "authority" Andrei Kochuykov (Italian) - the closest associate of the "thief-in-law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). We have already talked about suspicious meetings of employees of the TFR and "shufflers" with the head of the Federal Tax Service, Mikhail Mishustin; about "disassembly" of Kalashov and billionaire Alisher Usmanov, about the role in this story of Iskander Makhmudov and Andrei Bokarev. In this publication, we will talk about one more extremely rich man, a native of Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev. His name we have not yet found in the case of a bribe, but she is present in the adjacent case, in relation to the lawyer Eduard Budantsev. It was after the shootout with him that "authority" that Andrei Kochuykov got to the pre-trial detention center, where he was bribed by the CKR officers and tried to rescue him. As follows from the materials of the case, sent Budantsev to clarify the relationship with people Shakro Young is Rakishev. By and large, this is from his submission, and this whole story was wrapped up, which ended with the arrest of Kalashov and the employees of the TFR.


So, on December 16, 2015. Since the shootout at the Elements restaurant, in which Eduard Budantsev's people and Andrei Kochuykov's people participated, a little over a day passed. Budantsev is still in custody (later he will be chosen as a preventive measure in the form of house arrest), his first interrogation takes place. The lawyer describes in detail the events that took place on December 14, 2015 (the protocol of interrogation is available to In particular, Budantsev describes how he had to go to Elements: "On December 14, at about 20:00, I got a phone call from Vyacheslav, or Kenes, I confuse them by their voices." Called and said that some people "run into" the owner of the restaurant "Element" Jeanne Kim and she needs urgent help. Vyacheslav means a large Kazakh businessman Vyacheslav Kim (a relative of Jeanne, an investor of the Elements restaurant). However, in this case, it was not he who called Budantsev, but Kenes Rakishev (a close friend of Jeanne and also the investor Elements). The fact that the lawyer was called specifically by Rakishev follows, both from the materials of the "Budantsev case", and from the materials of the case against the police officers, who were accused of not having prevented the shootout. According to, in these cases there are detailed details of the telephone connections of the "tubes" Budantsev and Kim. So, from these details it follows that when the Italian people came to Kim, she called different numbers, including Kenesu Rakishev. In turn, Rakishev soon after this conversation called Budantsev. And the last one began to gather in the Elements restaurant. But there are no connections between Budantsev's phone and Jeanne's phone. Moreover, Kim did not know until the last who would come to her defense. She recorded conversations with extortionists on a dictaphone, which she did not turn off. Because of this, Jeanne's conversations with people from her team, as well as some phone conversations (only Kim's voice is heard on the record (she is present in the materials of the case and at the disposal of In one of these interviews she says: "Now the fighters will fly from my boss. Everything is normal. " Later in another conversation, Jeanne clarifies that this will be the "Kenes people".

When Budantsev appears in the restaurant with escort, Kim at first does not understand what kind of people they are and with whose side they are. She even asked the district police what they are. Experienced Budantsev quickly conducts her survey to understand the essence of the conflict. And then it's already up to Kim that this is what they are, the same "Kenes people". To the credit of the lawyer, he did not falter in front of more than ten armed gangsters and prevented extortion. At the same time, risking his life.

Moreover, he covered not only Jeanne, but also Rakisheva. Later, Budantsev changed his testimony, saying that he had concluded an agreement in 2014 to provide legal assistance from Gangam Style LLC (owned by Kim) and it was within the framework of this agreement that he arrived in Elements on December 14. And not at the request of Kenes Rakishev.

But the behavior of Rakishev in this story, in the opinion of, raises many questions. Budantsev, when he arrived at the restaurant, did not know who was extorting money, whom he would have to deal with. Actually acted "from the wheels." If he had been warned that there would be "credibility", the Italian "right-hand man" Shakro Molodogo-that, perhaps, shooting would have been avoided. Budantsev has enough connections in law enforcement agencies and in the criminal world to solve such a problem without shooting. However, the one who sent him to Elements did not warn the lawyer about a serious opponent. But that Rakishev did not know who is extorting money is extremely doubtful. The Italian acted on the side of the designer Fatima Misikova, who believed that Kim did not pay her for the work in the Elements restaurant. (Recall that one of the investors of this project was Rakishev).

Before the two women quarreled, they were friends, talked a lot, hung out. And Kim, for sure, knew who was the beloved Mishikova. And it was just Andrei Kochuykov. And when the first "impact" occurred, Zhana told about what had happened to her investors, including Rakishev. And, for sure, Kenes understood how serious the identity of extortionists. This is indicated by another fact. Budantsev Rakishev found through his business partner Iskander Makhmudov. The latter is a billionaire, a man who passed the criminal wars of the 90s. Would Rakishev have disturbed Makhmudov because of Zhanna Kim, if he had not known that the people of Shakro the Young were attacking her? Of course not. In all other cases, he could find support through personal ties to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or simply through his security service. And only when you know that you are opposed to such a person as Zakhar Kalashov, you need to run for help to Iskander Makhmudov.

And, in the opinion of, Kenes Rakishev could be a participant in a complex game with the goal of substituting Shakro the Young. (And it's impossible to think of anything better for this than to send it to Budantsev to clarify the relationship to a dark one). After all, Rakishev is also not alien to the "dark world", in particular, photos appeared on the Internet where Kenes was sealed together with Anvar Gabbazov, the brother of the "thief-in-law" Rustam Gabbazov (Rustik Bishkek, kidnapped and killed in Moscow in 2004).

They believe that they were a victim of a provocation involving Rakishev, Andrei Kochuykov and Zakhar Kalashov. The Italian, while giving testimony at the trial by Jeanne Kim (she did this via video, while outside the Russian Federation) stated the following: "Jeanne, if you slander me, I will name your investors. One is a relative, and the second is the one who sent Budantsev. " Under the last person (who sent Budantsev) Kochuykov meant Rakishev. Also Italian, speaking at the hearing, said the following: "I met Kalashov about 20 years ago. I do not remember who introduced us. I know that he is a pensioner and is engaged in business. Moscow is a small city. And in a narrow circle everyone knows who financed Jeanne Kim. And Zakhar Kalashov knows him well. That situation could arise as a result of conflict with serious people. Because the amount is ridiculous ... Fatima wanted serious people to influence the situation. Zakhariy Knyazivich (Shakro) could understand this. "

As believes, the materials of the case say in fact that Kenes Rakishev declared war on the top of the mafia, played "in the game," which resulted in being behind bars "a thief in law number 1". However, the landing of Kalashov and Italian does not mean that Rakishev was victorious in this war.


To be continued


Maxim Voevodin