The arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region postponed the hearing on the suit "Bank of St. Petersburg" to JSC "orange-development" and LLC "Plaza Lotus group"until February 5, 2019. The last two structures are controlled by brothers Mikhail and Boris Zingarevich and the latter's son Anton. The credit institution requires the family structures to pay the debt under the loan agreement in the amount of 400 million rubles and interest in the amount of 280 million rubles.  Adjournment of hearing, according to , due to the fact that the Zingarevich requested a world and are trying to negotiate with the Bank. They do it not for the first time, and there is no special faith in them. The family says that faced with financial problems, which they will soon resolve. However, until with every day Affairs Zingarevich all worse and worse. The main thing, the reference to" objective circumstances " because of which the credit isn't repaid, looks ridiculous. Anton Zingarevich is now on the international wanted list for embezzlement of billions of rubles under the guise of obtaining loans from various banks, including the Bank of St. Petersburg. He smartly lives in the United States (the weekdays, we will describe another time), where has the chief investment officer Group Z1. A company of Boris Zingarevich and his time describe in detail its very interesting foreign activities. We also discuss how Boris Zingarevich and his offshore companies in the virgin Islands managed to" jump out " of the case against his son Anton. In the meantime, we will publish excerpts from the criminal case in which Anton is wanted. From these materials it will become clear how and where the loans for hundreds of millions and billions of rubles received by the structures of the Zingarevich go.   

"In 2013 Zingarevich Anton B. actually owned the company "Mathias Ko limited" ("Matias Co Limited") registered in the Republic of Cyprus, which, in turn, was the sole shareholder and party to the territory of the Russian Federation of a number of legal entities, namely: OJSC "energostroyinvest-holding" (OJSC "the écija"), LLC "New engineering company" (OOO "NIK"), OOO "Engineering center Energo" (LLC "IC Energy"), OOO "set'stroykomplekt" (LLC "SSK"); OOO set "Stroyinvest" (JSC "FID"), "Project center Energo (PC Energo"). These companies were an Association of legal entities (holding), the main activity of which was the construction of various facilities in the field of electricity. At the same time, JSC "ESIH" in the structure of the holding company performed the functions of the management company in relation to LLC "NICK" and LLC "IC Energy". In addition to the actual ownership of these organizations, Zingarevich Anton Borisovich was Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "ESIH", as well as an adviser to the General Director of the organization.

30.09.2011 year between the branch of JSC "Bank of St. Petersburg" and LLC "IC Energo" signed a loan agreement № 7700-11-00049, according to which LLC "IC Energo" provided borrowed funds in the amount of 2 billion rubles to replenish the working capital of the company". reads the case file in the possession

"07.02.2013 year between JSC "Federal grid company of Unified energy system" (hereinafter - JSC "FGC UES") and OOO "NIK" contract № 3212-203 for the execution of works, according to which NIK, OOO has committed to purchase equipment, to carry out a complex of works and services in accordance with the design and working documentation, at a total cost of 4 615 607 709 rubles and 15 kopecks, of which (according to Annex 1.1 to the agreement No. 3212-203 07.02.2013) 1 565 624 841 ruble and 75 kopecks provided for the purchase of equipment.

05.08.2013 between the St. Petersburg branch of "Bank of Moscow" and "NICK" signed a loan agreement № 009-03/15/17-13, under the terms of which LLC "NICK" opened a credit line with the establishment of a total maximum limit of borrowed funds 3 122 092 000 rubles for purposes related to the execution of the terms of the above agreement № 3212-203 from 07.02.2013.

In the period from 10.12.2012 year on 14.10.2013 years, Zingarevich A. B. in the mercenary purposes has developed a criminal plan aimed at gratuitous withdrawal and treatment in their favor and the favor of others funds of credit institutions under the guise of lending to its controlled organizations without subsequent return of these funds to the Bank and further disposal at their own discretion.

Developed by Zingarevich, the plan of theft consisted in submission of false and false information about the purposes of crediting, the sources of repayment of credit obligations and the directions of use of credit funds under his control to the credit institution; in obtaining on the basis of these data of positive decisions on providing borrowed funds with the subsequent conclusion of credit agreements between credit institutions and the companies under his control; in ensuring the receipt of borrowed funds to the settlement accounts of organizations controlled by it and their theft for the purpose of further disposal at its discretion for purposes not related to the terms of the loan.

Understanding the impossibility of committing a crime, Zingarevich decided to create a stable criminal group of persons, organized in advance for the purpose of obtaining financial and other material benefits, and then to personally lead the organized crime.

For the implementation of the criminal plan of the company, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "ESIH", later than 14.10.2013, attracted to the implementation of the criminal plan for the embezzlement of funds of credit institutions, previously known to him, K. Shishkin, having dedicated it to the plan, and organized his appointment to the position of the General Director of JSC "ESIH", promising the protection of the service and material benefits", - stated in the materials of the investigation, ahhh!

"In turn, K. Shishkin, not later than 14.10.2013, while in Moscow, for reasons of personal and careerist considerations, agreed to join the criminal group headed by Zingarevich and to take the position offered to him, as a result of which, on the basis of the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC "esih" and the order on the employment of The General Director of the company No. 254 of 14.10.2013, he began to perform the duties in this position. At the same time K. Shishkin he was the sole Executive body of the company, managed its current activities, acted on behalf of the company and made transactions, disposed of funds located on the settlement accounts of the company, that is, performed managerial functions in the said organization and could resolve issues of its administrative, economic and current financial and economic activities.

In addition, K. Shishkin, being the General Director of JSC "esih", was the sole Executive body of LLC "NIK" and LLC "IC Energo", as it was headed by JSC "ESIH" managed their current activities".


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov