Will Andrey Alekseenko sit down this time, on the facts of a newly opened criminal case from the time of his first bureaucratic corruption experiments? Or will the current head of the government of the Kherson region be taken away from responsibility again? Details - at

The history of cutting the resort lands of the Krasnodar Territory is rooted in such distant times that I want to start this story with the words “Oh you goy be”. In August 2004, a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council on resorts was held in Gelendzhik. The State Councilors, who gathered under the leadership of the President, discussed powerful ways of developing resorts and tourism in the country. Among the topical issues raised at that time, was also named only the emerging cut of the lands located under the already convincingly collapsing trade union health resorts. Once glorious buildings fell into decay, engineering systems dilapidated, parks and promenades, in Soviet times pleasing the eyes of resting milkmaids and steelworkers, were densely overgrown with weeds. Taking into account the obvious depressing prospects, there was even a proposal to take away the sanatorium land from the trade unions... And to use it for the resort benefit of the resort regions. Hearing the blasphemy, the trade union Shmakov immediately flew to the podium with a convincing report naked. The leader of the all-Russian trade union brook, prancing along on indicators invented on the go, argued that the matter of improving the health of the working people, who were declining in terms of health, should remain with the trade unions, because only in the year preceding the State Council in the trade union health resorts, more than 100 million, shaken, according to Shmakov’s firm conviction, were corrected !! ! workers. The corral in numbers was, of course, obvious - the error came out by about a thousand orders of magnitude. Because such a number of workers were not available in the country and in general. Yes, besides, 100 million "vacationers" would have to be put to sleep in sanatoriums in stacks of ten in a row on one bed. But, nevertheless, the number sounded powerful, and the land of health resorts was left to the trade unions. Putin signed the final document of the State Council, where among the instructions were: “To develop and implement a set of measures aimed at preserving the potential of the sanatorium and resort sector and forming a system of modern resort complexes, improving the efficiency of land use and property management, developing resort infrastructure, and forming a resort business industry.”

The local power beau monde was also strictly prescribed.

"Organize the joint work of state authorities and local governments on accounting for objects of sanatorium and resort and tourist purposes in order to plan and ensure the effective use of these objects and the development of the territories in which they are located."

And now, almost two decades later, we can say that among all the president's orders that have not been fulfilled over the years, the failure to fulfill resort decrees has turned out to be the most convincing. Moreover, for the first ten years, until about 2015, the local Kuban authorities remained neutral in relation to the ongoing sagging of the trade union health resort. Even the once flagship, the Sochi sanatorium "Moskva", was bent. The cunning guards of the decrepit object used the rooms for commercial accommodation of resort guest workers for their own pocket. Actually, it's all about success.

A new era in the execution of presidential orders by local bureaucrats began with the arrival of Veniamin Kondratyev and his, as they recklessly said, “effective team” to the governorship of the Krasnodar Territory. The sawing of resort lands began at such a galactic pace that if the word "cut" were not a metaphor, but a real process of sawing, then sawdust could fill the entire bowl of the Black Sea. An inspiring example was shown by the state authorities. With the aim, as it was said in the presidential order, "to ensure the effective use of these facilities and the development of territories", in the Tuapse district of the Krasnodar Territory, about 50 hectares of land that were once in the possession of the Shepsi trade union boarding house were exhausted. And it was completely destroyed with even more "effective" cutting of the land, now the former trade union boarding house "Olginka".

Having woken up almost a decade later from lethargy on this issue, Governor Kondratyev in July last year visited the hillocks on which the Olginka boarding house had previously been located and recited a dramatic monologue about high personal concern over the prevailing. But the fact is that when the sincerity of the governor's enthusiasm, denouncing the vice he personally discovered, collides with the shady Kuban corruption reality, sincerity surrenders in the first round of the struggle for the declared interests of the region, and its almost seven million people. And this time, the case was doomed to a convincing defeat.

Because, judging by the pompous tone, the governor July revelations of “dealers”, Kondratiev was simply not informed that it was better not to voice the question to the whole honest Kuban world, because the lands were exhausted under the commercial interests of the then omnipotent general director of Kubanenergo Alexander Gavrilov, who, after the appearance of the Olympic miracle entrusted to him with the debugging of work city power grids in Sochi even handled by the president (Gavrilov, since February 20, 2023, General Director of Rosseti Volga PJSC). Rostov housing and communal services businessman Vladimir Kiselev became another owner of trade union plots. By the time of the visit, Kiselev had almost completed the construction of the Russian Sea cottage settlement in Olginka.

As always in the Krasnodar Territory in the Kondratieff years, the authorities begin to be surprised at the ugliness, but immediately after the end of the work to create the ugliness. In July 2022, having entered the dramatic role of a whistleblower, which is so popular with the simple Kuban population, Kondratiev declaimed over the Russian Sea: “The density of building cottages, the layout of the territory does not stand up to criticism. The streets are narrow, full of fences, there is no way to pass... It is necessary to find out whether such development meets urban planning standards, whether the lands of the reserve are affected or not... The slopes of the mountains here are undercut. We need to understand how safe it is for people to live here, whether they will suffer in the event of mudflows and possible tornadoes”…

In order not to particularly paint, immediately about the results of the lands of the boarding house "Olginka". Cottages of the "Russian Sea" and now you can easily buy at a price of 15 million apiece. No problem. Although the mountains hanging over the village are really cut dangerously, and the lands of the Agrisky reserve are affected. As for the lands of Gavrilov, no one is going to touch his already built hotels either. Moreover, the very place where Kondratiev read his dramatic monologue, demanding to stop construction in precious resort plots, and not to block the passage of the vacationer to the gentle Black Sea water with fences, is already being built up. What can you see if you look behind the fence, clearly installed on the site of the historical governor's speech. Who will touch Gavrilov.

In this cut in Olginka, the third participant in the process, the director of the Olginka and Shepsi trade union boarding houses, Elena Kustova, is of the greatest interest. And this interest is connected with violations of the land code of the Russian Federation, which suddenly, almost a decade later, were discovered by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. No, of course, the prosecutor's office can't even talk about the interest in cutting the land of "Olginka" - there are "interested parties", which is called too tough. The prosecutor's office "calculated" the point where you can wave the legislative saber without fear of receiving "calls" and "pulls" from above.

Another point was chosen for the prosecutor's execution - the Shepsy trade union boarding house. There, the landowners of the plots seemed simpler than the high-flying ones from Olginka. But it only seems that you are guaranteed victory if you enter the sandbox with a grenade launcher. That is, you choose to restore order and legality, orphans and meek, who do not have the necessary connections and a tower of money. As in the case of Kondratyev's unknowing attack on the interests of Gavrilov, the Prosecutor General's Office also unknowingly ran its lawsuit against ... Andrey Alekseenko. Former criminal (two years in a penal battalion by the verdict of the Volgograd garrison court in 2000, for severely beating a soldier who refused to carry out an order to steal), former deputy head of the Tuapse District, former vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory, former mayor of Krasnodar, former first deputy head administration, head of the Council of Ministers of the Kharkiv region, now the chairman of the government of the Kherson region.

No, the surname Alekseenko is not present in the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office. And although the administration of the Tuapse district is also on the list of claims, not all of the Tuapse bureaucratic company "worked" on the issue of land lawlessness. A very specific leader is Andrey Alekseenko. But the then criminal acts of Andrei Anatolyevich, for some reason, slipped past the eagle eye of the Prosecutor General's Office. But the prosecutor's atatushki with all severity fell on four dozen current tenants of the former lands of the Shepsy boarding house. But why did the prosecutor's office's swift attack to restore law and order turn out to be so half-hearted?

It is clear that Kondratiev, who is broadcasting platitudes and unrealizable projects to the people, now needs at least some proof that he is not just a microphone chatterer, counting on Putin’s personal help (apparently a presidential hoe) in harvesting the upcoming harvest, (his last pearl), but also a leader capable of producing some sort of result. The result is best obtained by the Kuban chief when the "villains", who, under the pressure of the governor's wisdom, are ordered to lose, pick up the poor. After all, it is a safe pleasure to teach and teach such a lesson. But if the Kuban leadership would provide to the Prosecutor General's Office, the full land allocation for the Shepsy boarding house, probably, the lawsuit would not have appeared so quickly.

Fairy tales for children and youth contain, at times, great wisdom. Nostradamus on the resort and land issue was the Soviet writer Leonid Solovyov. Let us quote his clairvoyant quatrain regarding the "layout" of the Kuban land cut from the fairy tale "Troublemaker"

  “O lord,” Khoja Nasreddin said loudly, “would it be fair for these petty concealers to be put to death, while the most important concealer remains alive?”

The cunning Hajja, disguised as a sage, lived quietly in the emir's palace. And it is clear that, not knowing about this, the lord, himself, as the main concealer, would hardly have ordered to be executed. If Kondratiev knew how to interpret such fabulous insights personally, or at least called for the interpretation of his staff, working in the Department of Internal Policy, a tarot reader-numerologist, a specialist in relations with a different mind and cutting off cosmic tails, without whose clairvoyance decisions are not made in the region, he would have understood: the main concealer in the issue of cutting the lands of the Shepsy trade union boarding house is his former first deputy Andrey Alekseenko. And if the Prosecutor General's Office decides to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. according to the requirements of the law, completion, then Andrey Anatolyevich is very realistic to bring to another criminal liability, for example, under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud” (the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution under this article is 10 years, so the case is not at all outdated). After all, under all land documents on this scam, connected with cutting the lands of the Shepsy trade union boarding house, there is a personal signature of Alekseenko. And it was his signature that gave the cut an image of legality. And it's not about one signature under one piece of paper.

After all, the sawing was carried out in several stages, each of which required the signing of documents.

In 2015, Alekseenko, deputy head of the administration of the Tuapse district, together with the leaders of the Shepsi boarding house Kustova, held an almost perfect sanatorium-resort gesheft. In the Krasnodar Territory, as a rule, the most large-scale scams are carried out under the flag of concern for something socially significant. Multimillion-dollar kickbacks go through the lines of road construction and repair, the construction of schools and kindergartens, the purchase of medical equipment and medicines, etc. The same Alekseenko, being a vice-governor, always "surrounded with care" deceived equity holders. True, before that, he personally created a problem for the developer, who refused to roll back money, square meters or tempting plots of land in his favor. After the construction, often with a percentage of readiness over 90, froze for years, and the distraught nedonovosely came out with loud rallies under the windows of the administration, and "care" began. The builder was exposed, as a result, they imprisoned for 5-6 years, then they transferred the object to "their" developer, who was also given budget money - a hundred or two million - to solve the "problem". The planned kickbacks took place as planned. And everyone, except for the condemned intractable developer, was happy. Well, yes, the scheme almost failed once. Just during the transfer of bribes from builders controlled by law enforcement officers. But now, it seems, after the start of Aleksenko's ministry in the occupied territories, the bribe will be reclassified into a nice Christmas present. Moreover, evil tongues gossip that Alekseenko was even given a choice similar to what Prigozhin offered the prisoners: a well-deserved prison for a bribe or service in the occupied territories, with the subsequent change of the bribe into a cute, by no means criminal "gift" from friends .

And here it is completely inopportune, Shepsin's scam may surface. Apparently, Alekseenko, who became the launching pad for enrichment. How else to explain such a sharp jump in income levels of the statesman? From those 60 rubles of a daily soldier's allowance that he threatened to take away from fellow soldiers in the late 90s, to a luxurious villa that was built on the territory of the Agrisky reserve? And against the background of which Alekseenko's daughter loves to take a selfie.

Now this land is unlikely to be returned to the reserve, because through his friend at the "sessions" of the elite Tuapse "club" in a hunting lodge in the village. Sadovoy, a judge of the Tuapse District Court Shevchenko, Alekseenko was able to “officially” remove the land under the cottage from the lands of the reserve. But the cost of a villa overlooking the sea clearly did not correspond to the level of the then earnings of just the deputy head of the administration of the Tuapse district.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued