According to FinCEN documents, the US financial intelligence has established that the organizers of the money laundering channel through Deutsche bank are shadow bankers Alexei Kulikov, Oleg Belousov, and Andrey Gorbatov. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, the latter two now live in Cyprus, where they acquired the local bank CDB. The lion's share in this bank is the convicted shadow banker Ivan Myazin. Belousov is the keeper of part of Myazin's capital. In the course of investigating the activities of Ivan Myazin's laundering channel through Deutsche bank, interesting points emerge. It turns out that the relationship between the "partners" was not cloudless: as established by the investigation, Aleksey Kulikov simply misappropriated funds that allegedly went to bribe Deutsche bank officials. At the same time, the only attempt by Kulikov to bribe an employee of the internal control department of Deutsche bank ended in a scandal and an internal investigation, as a result of which the structures of Myazin, Kulikov, Belousov and Co. were deprived of the opportunity to launder money through Deutsche bank. Even the personal acquaintance of Kulikov with the now former head of the Moscow office of Deutsche bank Yerg Bongarz, who brought him to the bank, did not help. Thus, the entire laundering system, which had been created by Belousov and Gorbatov for more than one year, was put at risk: instead of figuring out how to bypass the control for the newly created sites, it was easier to buy already operating financial companies with a history and, among other things, already admitted to work. as clients of Deutsche bank. For example, one of such companies was Financial Bridge or Rye, Man & Gor Securities, which was supervised by Andrey Gorbatov. A special role was assigned to Gorbatov's assistant Oleg Shevelev, whose duties included the selection of nominee leaders of these companies. True, this was not without a scandal: according to Ivan Myazin, Gorbatov owed him $ 1.5 million, after which he went on an independent voyage. has at its disposal the testimony of a witness in the case of embezzlement of funds from Promsberbank, the accused of which are all the organizers of the laundering channel through Deutsche bank - Myazin, Kulikov, Belousov. The witness describes in detail all the mechanisms of this laundry. “Lantana Trade, ErgoInvest, like many other campaigns, were the“ center ”of fundraising, were one of the tribes of a complex scheme. Accounts of such campaigns were opened only in trusted banks, where it was possible to establish personal contact with the management, to receive guarantees of the safety of funds and the timeliness of their further sending. Danske Bank was also involved in the withdrawal of funds, as well as banks in Cyprus (for example, Trust Bank, CDB). There were payments through UK banks.

Lantana Trade, ErgoInvest were fully controlled by Myazin, Kulikov, Belousov.

These persons, going from simple to complex, constantly improved their criminal activities, involving specialists, including former intelligence officers who investigated criminal cases, on the basis of their knowledge and with their participation, introduced elements into their criminal schemes in order to let law enforcement agencies on the wrong track, confuse and in every possible way obstruct the investigation of criminal activity. Therefore, confusion arises. What is called "Laundromat" and "Mirror Transactions" are different ways in which money reaches foreign accounts. In "Laundromat" several criminal schemes have been united.

Myazin, Kulikov, Belousov and Gorbatov were involved in the development, implementation and provision of criminal schemes for use by other persons to conceal the criminal sources of the origin of funds (for a fee). They produced and provided fictitious documents, made sham deals aimed at legalizing criminal proceeds, as a rule, outside the Russian Federation ... Myazin, Kulikov and Belousov knew how the control system in Western banks works, since they had been working with them for a long time. Kulikov had connections in Frankfurt, where he received recommendations and consultations, so he could agree to work with Deutsche Bank, since he knew the head of the Moscow office, and then it was a matter of technique. Myazin, Kulikov and Belousov knew how to prepare such documents that no one could verify, especially since Deutsche Bank and Danske Bank did not have such a security service as Russian banks, which have connections with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB. The Compliance or Kay Waysey service does not work in Russia, anyone can deceive it with us. And when the scheme was opened, traders were made the last. Do you really think that traders themselves made the decision with whom and in what volumes to work? Of course, the greed of Deutsche Bank played a role. The deals were beneficial to the bank. With a turnover of $ 10 billion, the bank received at least half a percent of the commission. "

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov