The high-profile case of the financial pyramid Rusmikrofinance continues to stall. The withdrawal of funds was mainly carried out in the interests of Viktor Vekselberg's partner and financial advisor - Iosif Abramovich Bakaleinik, including to accounts in Switzerland, at one of his places of residence. The case was initiated on June 27, 2019, and for almost two years, the Central Administrative Directorate of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Central Administrative District did nothing within the framework of the investigation. Obviously, not by chance. After the transfer of the case to the Internal Affairs Directorate of the South-Eastern Administrative District, five investigators took up the investigation at once, but no "high-profile" accused have yet appeared in the case. decided to help the investigation and tell.

   According to the source, the "right hand" of Viktor Vekselberg, Iosif Bakaleinik, is the ideologist of microfinance organizations in Russia. In addition to the financial pyramid Rusmikrofinance, Bakalynik was directly related to the activities of the pyramid of LLC Microfinance Organization Home Money. As soon as the investigators got very close to him, the case arose.

Meanwhile, Bakaleinik and the company have successfully invested the funds of the investors of GK RUSMIKROFINANCE in the Skrepka service, MCC Goffman, through SIGNET CAPITAL LLC are placed on the stock market, and also specialize through FFF Asset Management Limited in obtaining absolute income and strategies for special situations in the financial markets, in real estate and direct investment. Assets managed by FFF Asset Management Limited already exceed € 1 billion, including managed funds and customized portfolios for individual clients.

Well, where is the money withdrawn from Rusmikrofinance?

As a source told, after the decision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to exclude Rusmikrofinance from the register, an active withdrawal of investors' funds to the accounts of various companies began, including the Cyprus company Earl Management (until December 2017 it was called FAIRWAY INVESTMENTS OVERSEAS LIMITED) to Switzerland, on MCC "Guilden", where the founder is also the same Earl Management, with director Iosif Abramovich Bakaleinik, followed by the registration of companies and services:


October 22, 2018 - the Cypriot company SIGNET FFF HOLDING LTD, (formerly StockGuru Limited), with the same director Bakaleinik I.A.

On November 14, 2018, Unica Credit LLC is registered, which is directly related to the Skrepka service, which is controlled by the same Iosif Abramovich through Gruppa-A LLC and Fundwizer Holding AG (Switzerland).

On December 6, 2018, a closed-end unit fund combined "Signet Investments1" was formed.

On February 11, 2019, Credit Unloading LLC, associated with the Skrepka service, is registered.

On November 8, 2019 SIGNET FFF HOLDING LTD becomes the founder of SIGNET CAPITAL LLC with the main activity of investing in securities.

Also, something is being reformatted, liquidated and created, which affects the Vladimir Leasing Company (VLK), MARKET CENTER, STROYINVEST, FUNT, STROYLES KOMPLEKT and other companies, including numerous offshore companies associated with Joseph Bakaleinik.

At the same time, a lot is happening in the same bad house on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, where the Rusmikrofinance group of companies was located.

After the withdrawal of investors' funds from Rusmikrofinance Group of Companies, financing of the Skrepka project begins, which attracted $ 1.5 million from the Swiss fund Fundwizer Holding AG and its chairman of the board, former first vice president of TNK Joseph Bakaleinik. This was announced by the representative of the startup, Alexei Shumilin, who is also the director of Credit Unloading and Unica Credit.

That is, as soon as the money was withdrawn, it immediately appears at Shumilin's. Coincidentally. The total volume of investments in the project is estimated at $ 7 million. Almost the full amount of funds withdrawn from the investors of the Rusmikrofinance Group of Companies.

It is possible that some of these funds are placed in the same closed-end investment fund "Signet Investments1", where, in addition to SIGNET FFF HOLDING LTD, a certain Pavel Yuryevich Polukhin and a well-known Israeli businessman Tamir Eldad participate. Apparently, everything also coincided so that the closed-end investment fund was formed immediately after the funds were withdrawn to the ERL Management accounts in Switzerland.

Undoubtedly, since the collapse of the Vladimir Tractor Plant, where, as you might guess, Bakaleinik was also the director, Joseph Abramovich, together with ERL Management, has amassed enough material benefits through backbreaking work. But the question remains, and first of all, to the investigation: where is the money of the investors of the Rusmikrofinance Group of Companies and what does Skrepka, ZPIF and other assets of the Bakaleinik and the company have to do with it?

By the way, according to a source of, the scandalous Solidarity bank is actively working with MCC Goffman, which was created and established by Sivtsov, the deputy founder of Rusmikrofinance Abolonin for the development of Rusmikrofinance Group of Companies. Goffman was created immediately after the defeat of the Rusmikrofinance Group of Companies (RMF) by the Bank of Russia. Part of the party's fund was spinning in the RMF GC, the losses of which were compensated by the investors of the MFO Eureka, which is part of the RMF GC, as well as the losses of the Grocer in Home Money and Brio Finance.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin