Former employees of the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, previously dismissed due to high-profile corruption scandals from law enforcement agencies, using official connections in the FSB, as well as the acquaintance of Andrei Viktorovich Khorev, Shendrik Viktor Viktorovich with Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg, created an organized community (OS) for the purpose of illegal personal enrichment. told about how this OS works and its top leaders in the first part of the investigation.

In our new publication, we will talk about top OS managers and their assistants from government agencies

PJSC MOEK and LLC TsTP MOEK (revenue - 5.29 billion rubles/year)

In PJSC MIPC and OOO TsTP MIPC, all key positions are occupied by OS participants. PJSC MIPC, along with JSC Russian Railways, is the main source of OS income.

  For full control of financial flows, including the receipt and use of budgetary funds, CTP MIPC LLC was established, to whose accounts absolutely all funds related to the activities of PJSC MIPC for technological connection are received. Sergey Sergeevich Erashov is the head of MOEK TsTP LLC. At the same time, Sergei Sergeevich Erashov is Director for Technological Connections of PJSC MIPC. Thus, it is impossible to avoid communication with Sergei Sergeevich Erashov when determining the cost of connecting any construction site to heating networks in Moscow.

According to a source, in addition to regulating the price of connection agreements, Sergei Sergeevich Erashov controls the activities for the implementation (design and construction work + construction and installation works) of connection agreements through the New Construction Department of MOEK and JSC GEH Teplostroyproekt. S.S. Erashov’s protégé has been appointed General Director of GEH Teplostroyproekt JSC. Lyubushkin Roman Viktorovich GEH Teplostroyproekt JSC owns Gazprom Energoholding LLC (Zhambulatov Zaurbek Islamovich) through Gazprom Energoremont JSC. JSC GEH Teplostroyproekt is the general contractor of PJSC MOEK for design and construction. Absolutely all work contracts are distributed between contractors either through the New Construction Department of MIPC or through JSC GEH Teplostroyproekt.

Thus, absolutely all contractors wishing to take part in the construction of heat networks for technological connection must obtain the approval of Sergei Sergeevich Erashov, or higher-ranking OS participants.

  In order to accelerate the signing of the closing documents of "their" contractors, confirmation of actually not completed, but documented work, Roman Aleksandrovich Minashkin was appointed to the position of head of the Technical Supervision Department under the patronage of the OS management. Minashkin Roman Alexandrovich plays one of the important roles in the completion of the criminal OS schemes. The competence of Roman Aleksandrovich Minashkin includes verification of the fulfillment of technical conditions, tasks for reconstruction and construction, as well as verification of obligations of PJSC MIPC under connection agreements. Also Minashkin R.A. signs the final documents certifying the performance of work by both contracting organizations of PJSC MIPC and contractors of the applicants (the second party to the connection agreement).

  As a result of a survey on the condition of anonymity of developers, investors, employees of PJSC MIPC, and based on the set of facts, it was established that Sergey Sergeevich Erashov and Dzhambulatov Zaurbek Islamovich control the financial flows of PJSC MIPC in terms of construction, reconstruction of heating networks and technological connection of consumers, namely: they determine, control and regulate the price of consumer connection contracts, the price of design and construction works and construction and installation contracts of contractors with all the ensuing corruption components.

In addition, Dzhambulatov Zaurbek Islamovich controls absolutely all purchases and contracts with contractors of PJSC MOEK (repair programs, overhaul, purchase of materials, fittings, selection of private security companies, installation and installation of all kinds of equipment, etc.)


  Considering that the cost of contracts and purchases is not controlled, regulated and practically has no upper limits by anyone except the OS participants, the scale of OS income is impressive!


If you want to connect a construction site in Moscow to heating networks, reconstruct an existing or build a new heating main, you simply cannot bypass and avoid communication with OS participants or their proxies.

  Separately, it should be noted the participation in the OS of Dzhambulatov Bers Zaurbekovich, who previously held the position of Deputy General Director of LLC TsTP MOEK, Sergey Sergeevich Erashov. Dzhambulatov Bers Zaurbekovich, who retired from TsTP MIPC LLC, was subsequently detained for exporting cash funds of fixed assets obtained by corruption to unfriendly countries (criminal case No. 1-391/2021, article 200.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) when crossing the state border.


  Spreading the influence of the OS and using the connections of the leaders of the OS with high-ranking employees of the FSB of the Russian Federation, who previously held high posts Vikol Andrey Mikhailovich developed the popular in the past direction of collecting excessively received income from merchants, but was detained and convicted in a criminal case, the main defendant of which is Alexander Vladimirovich Melnikov, Major General police, first deputy chief of the GUOOOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Occupying positions in TsTP MIPC LLC and PJSC MIPC, Andrey Mikhailovich Vikol was directly subordinate to Sergey Sergeevich Erashov at the time of the crime.

  One of the OS enrichment schemes in PJSC MIPC is a scheme for receiving kickbacks from expenditure contracts concluded with contractors for the performance of work on connecting consumers to the heat networks of PJSC, overhaul and reconstruction of heat networks of PJSC MIPC. (Saw the investment program of PJSC MOEK).

The budget of PJSC MIPC of the section of technological connection is divided into revenue (connection agreements with consumers) and expenditure (contracts with contractors for design and construction works + construction and installation works taken into account in the investment program) parts. Accounting for revenue and expenditure is carried out separately, so the income received as a result of concluding a specific connection agreement is not related to the costs of its implementation, which means that the costs (design and survey work + construction and installation works) for the implementation of the connection agreement are not limited by anything, except for the fantasy of OS participants who fully control contractor organizations. In the future, the financing of these fantasies is shifted to the shoulders of ordinary Muscovites through monthly payments for utility bills.

  Corruption costs are included in the price of contracts with contractors. To increase the amount of monetary enrichment, at the request of Sergey Sergeevich Erashov, excessive amounts of work and activities not provided for by the current norms and rules are included in projects for laying heating networks.


  In order to conceal the multiply inflated volumes, the OS participants specially created a “pocket” examination of the projects of OSNOVA EXPERTPROEKT LLC (other similar “pocket” examinations were previously created or worked). At the request of Sergey Sergeevich Erashov, Roman Viktorovich Lyubushkin sends all projects for the construction of heating networks to OSNOVA EXPERTPROEKT LLC.

Projects do not pass the state examination due to more than a twofold reduction in the estimated cost after its passage (since excess volumes are excluded), and, consequently, a significant decrease in the OS income. Moreover, the “pocket” examination of LLC “OSNOVA EXPERTPROEKT” is actually located in the building of JSC “GEH Teplostroyproekt” (Director Lyubushkin Roman Viktorovich), located at the address: Moscow, st. Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 28, building 2.

  The amount of monetary enrichment of OS participants from a specific contract agreement is easy to determine by submitting the project for verification to the state expertise. The difference in the estimated cost of construction, which received a positive conclusion from the expertise of OSNOVA EXPERTPROEKT LLC and the state expertise, will be the corruption costs laid down for the OS by the contractor. As a rule, the estimated cost of projects carried out by contracting organizations of PJSC MIPC is overestimated by more than 2 times in relation to projects that received a positive conclusion from the state examination.

  To conceal criminal acts, after the completion of the construction and installation work, actually unfulfilled, but documented excess volumes reflected in the closing documents and Acts are signed by the head of the Technical Supervision Department, Roman Alexandrovich Minashkin.


  As a result of a survey of beneficiaries of contractors, on condition of anonymity, a “fee” for admission to contract work was established in the amount of at least 10% of the cost of the contract.

Or the OS participants themselves are the beneficiaries of contractors through relatives and acquaintances, which further increases the damage and the scale of corruption (as in the case of Z. I. Dzhambulatov with IPOS LLC).


  To estimate the amount of illicit enrichment received as a result of concluding expenditure contracts with contractors, we will use the investment program of PJSC MIPC for 2021, which indicates the total amount of financing for PJSC MIPC contractors for the design and construction of connection facilities for 2021. In accordance with the investment program, the planned costs for design and construction works + construction and installation works in order to connect consumers, available for development in 2021. amount to 29.9 billion rubles. VAT included.

  Information about the actual development of funds is not available in open sources, and the amount of funds disbursed, except for the OS, is not controlled by anyone.

  29.9 billion rubles this is the sum of all contracts concluded and planned to be concluded by PJSC MIPC with design and construction and installation contractors for 2021. 29.9 billion rubles, these are the costs of PJSC MOEK for measures to connect consumers in 2021.

  Taking into account the value of the corruption tariff for the possibility of performing work for PJSC MOEK in the amount of at least 10%, it is easy to calculate the amount of illegal extinguishing fixed assets for 2021 from expense contracts. The total amount of funds directed to the OS common fund from expenditure contracts for 2021, in monetary terms, is 10% of 29.9 billion rubles = at least 2.99 billion rubles.

  In accordance with the investment program for 2021, activities not related to connecting consumers additionally bring fixed assets 10% of RUB 13.01 billion. = at least 1.3 billion rubles.

  Sharafutdinov Aleksey Shamilevich is responsible for the property and legal block at MOEK PJSC. Its role in generating OS income is to sell all liquid real estate of PJSC MIPC (as a rule, administrative and industrial buildings in prestigious areas of Moscow and the Moscow Region) to affiliates at a reduced price with subsequent resale. In addition to the sale of liquid property, Aleksey Shamilevich Sharafutdinov was allocated a corruption front of work to conclude and execute Agreements on cooperation with applicants in the liquidation of property of PJSC MIPC.

  Just as Sergei Sergeevich Erashov establishes and regulates the cost of connection agreements, Alexey Shamilevich Sharafutdinov, at his own discretion, establishes and regulates the cost of Cooperation Agreements in the liquidation of property of PJSC MIPC with all the ensuing corruption components. At the same time, Sergei Sergeevich Erashov establishes and regulates the cost of contract agreements for the implementation of the Agreements.

All the same persons are involved in this scheme: Sergey Sergeevich Erashov, Roman Viktorovich Lyubushkin, Roman Aleksandrovich Minashkin. The volume of criminal income of OS from this type of activity is estimated at no less than 1 billion rubles. in year. This relatively new activity for the OS will be described in detail later.

  It should be noted that Erashov S.S. and Sharafutdinov A.Sh., in case of disagreement of the opponents with their conditions, do not hesitate to threaten the use of the Rotenbergs.

In total, from the Agreements and the investment program of PJSC MIPC for 2021, the OS received corruption income in the amount of 2.99 billion rubles + 1.3 billion rubles. + 1 billion rubles = 5.29 billion rubles.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued