As you know, professional fraudster Ostap Bender knew "four hundred relatively honest ways to take money." With the "light hand" of the judge of the Ramensky City Court Elena Arekaeva and with the assistance of the Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in the Moscow Region (Rossreestr), another method of "taking" money from the state appeared. Details are in the investigation.

 Four land plots with cadastral numbers: 50: 23: 0000000: 164064; 50: 23: 0030139: 320; 50: 23: 0030139: 319; 50: 23: 0030139: 318

The total area of ​​almost 8 hectares in the water protection zone of the Moskva River, 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road with a market value of almost 1.5 billion rubles became private property with VRI "For the conduct of gardening and horticulture by citizens." The mere fact that the same judge considered different administrative cases in all precincts and made a decision already smells of a corruption component, given the fact that in our courts cases have long been distributed by a computer and in a random order. At least that's how it should be. In the motivating part of the decisions themselves, the algorithm for the seizure of state property is obscenely primitive: the plaintiff allegedly entered into a preliminary agreement for the sale and purchase of a land plot with the defendant, according to which the defendant undertook to formalize the inheritance in the form of a land share, register ownership of it and conclude a basic purchase agreement with him -sale of a land plot. Further, the defendant, allegedly, evaded the fulfillment of the obligations assumed, in connection with which the Claimant went to court. Then there are continuous "giveaways": the representative of the defendant fully recognizes the claim and asks the court to expropriate "his property", by the way, "sold" for a symbolic price: about 2,000 rubles per hundred square meters, while the market value of one hundred square meters in this area is from 250,000 rubles ... Moreover, all the shares that are mentioned in the decisions were issued for long-dead people. Further, it is even more interesting: the judge was not embarrassed by the fact that the land shares, on the basis of which the judge made decisions, are located in one settlement, and the decision is made on land plots in another! Based on the false conclusions of cadastral engineers and fake evidence, without bringing to court as interested persons - representatives of the administration of the city district, the Ministry of Property Relations of the Moscow Region, without even asking their written opinion, from which she would have learned that these land plots NEVER belonged to agricultural lands, and since the times of the USSR they belonged to the category of "lands of settlements". Judge Arekaeva would also have learned that, in accordance with the approved PZZ, these sites belong to the territorial group O-4 "zone of recreation and tourism facilities", but Themis was not embarrassed by this fact either, and from which one can safely draw certain conclusions about a serious corruption background behind these court decisions and they, most likely, can seriously affect the career of Judge Arekaeva t. Currently, this murky story is already being checked by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for M.O.

Well, the cherry on top: usually the "principled and incorruptible" Rosreestr without any problems put the newly formed plots on the cadastre and registered them, not embarrassed by the fact that the plots are located in a specially protected water protection zone, and access to these plots from the common lands is impossible, which in itself is already a reason for refusing to register and register sites. Or we are wrong, dear head of the Intermunicipal Department for the city of Zhukovsky and Ramenskoye. Office of Rosreestr in the Moscow region Sofia Mardegalimovna Galimova? Although the heads of departments, as a rule, do not indulge in such a billion-dollar scale, they do not indulge in Senka's cap, and the corruption threads of this case are most likely conducted in the Rosreestr Office for the Moscow Region, which is headed by Svetlana Zaitseva.

Светлана Зайцева

P.S. New owners-pads Gayfudinov N.S., Zharkin A.A., Shulepa N.V. and Litvinenko A.S. Having learned about the inspections that have begun against them, they have already begun through intermediaries to urgently sell this land at a price several times lower than the market price, and there are very serious fears that new bona fide buyers will become victims of this grandiose fraudulent scheme and will be left without money and without land.

Well, the real names of the newly minted dollar millionaires and who is the organizer of this scheme - the law enforcement officers promised to answer these questions in the near future and the case promises to be loud!

It is worth noting that the Ramensk officials like to call their city “The Drop of Russia”. Probably, this is how it is, if we evaluate Ramenskoye as a territorial unit, on a national scale. But in terms of regular, high-profile criminal news, the city district can claim, if not a full-flowing criminal river, then definitely More than just a drop!

Take, for example, the native Ramenchanin, known to literally every resident of the city and the region, Oleg Nikolaevich Medvedev (he is Oleg Ramensky, he is Oleg Shishkanov or simply "Shishkan", who after the arrest of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) was called almost the main thief of the country and Everything changed when Shishkan and all his entourage were arrested in 2019 on suspicion of the murder of the family of Ramensky deputy Tatyana Sidorova and for "occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy."

Олег Шишканов

Ramen's officials did not lag behind the generation of crime news. The volume of the theft of state land on fake land certificates in the early 2000s in the Ramensky district was set on such a grand scale that practically all the heads of the settlements included in the district were engaged in it. The result turned out to be disappointing: the head of the Bykovsky s.p. Mikhail Lomov and the head of the Konstantinovsky village of p. Vadim Priymak.

were convicted by the Ramenskiy court for land fraud. Against the head of the Ostrovets SP. Vladimir Rakhov, head of the Safonovsky village of p. Alexander Kazakov, head of the Bykovsky town of the item Petr Oleinik, head of the Rodniki village of Vadim Zadorozhny, head of the Vyalkovsky village of the village Igor Vykhodtsev was prosecuted for similar crimes. But if the first three agreed with whom they needed on time and quietly left for a well-fed pension, then Vykhodtsev and Zavorotny, who were put on the international wanted list, successfully emigrated to America and the sunny city of Miami became their second homeland.

He did not lag behind local officials, and maybe even surpassed the law enforcement bloc in his greed and arrogance. What are the adventures of the prosecutor of the Ramensky district Konstantin Tombulov and the organized crime group created by him, which also specialized in the Ramensk land and it is not by chance that even the well-worn former colleagues of the prosecutor, amazed at the chic of the prosecutor's life, went out with a lawsuit to confiscate property from Tombulov, his relatives and acquaintances on 750 million rubles.

It is clear that the permanent head of the Ramensky district, Vladimir Demin, who led the district for more than 26 years, could not but know about the adventures of his entourage and understood that a quiet retirement requires a receiver that would clean up all the tails behind the patron. Demin's choice fell on the head of Udelnaya, Andrey Kulakov, whose candidacy Demin easily agreed in the regional government for his position, under the guarantees of family inviolability and the position of chairman of the Council of Deputies. But here's the bad luck: soon the promising head of the district, Andrei Kulakov, as Demin said, “let them down a lot” - either by strangling his mistress from the OP, Evgenia Isaenkova, or just like that. After almost 2.5 years of investigation and being in a pre-trial detention center, the jury found the ex-head of the Ramensky district innocent of the murder of his mistress.

Although an end to this story has not been put, and according to information from sources in law enforcement agencies, the regional prosecutor's office is preparing to appeal the verdict of the jury.

It is clear that this entire corrupt "drop of Russia" could not function effectively without close cooperation with the Ramenskoye Court. What is the story of the Ramenskoy judge Olga Golysheva, who taught the employees of the Ramenskoe Department of Internal Affairs how to "close" the annoying journalist and blogger Yan Katelevsky without proof. This story even had to be commented on by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, and even the ECHR learned about the Ramenskoye court.

The mutual guarantee, in the end, played a cruel joke with the Ramenskoye court: after the recently sensational verdict all over the country was passed to six Ramensky police officers who were charged with articles on abuse of office (Article 286 of the Criminal Code) and falsification of evidence (Article 303 of the Criminal Code) , the chairman of the regional court was even forced to intervene in the situation, who demanded that the federal judge Tatiana Suvorova, who made this decision, write a letter of resignation of her own free will. And now an even more grandiose scandal loomed on the horizon, the protagonists of which were the Rosreestr and the Ramensk City Court, or rather the Federal Judge Elena Arekaeva.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued