Source: returns to the publication of the case materials about the murder in 1997 of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Manevich, a close friend of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. They simply did not want to disclose this crime. From the materials at the disposal of, it follows that in reality the motives, the "customers" and the perpetrators of the murder have been known for a long time. Among those who followed Manevich there was an employee of the North-Western Customs Igor Bondarenko. The materials indicate that the reprisal with the vice-governor is connected with the St. Petersburg seaport. Moreover, the killers were detained. They turned out to be a real detachment of professionals headed by the Chelishov family. In the last material said that the FSB of the Russian Federation managed to gather irrefutable evidence of involvement in the crime of the Chelyshevs.

         In the new part of the investigation tells in more detail about the grouping of killers. How and whom they killed from sniper rifles. How roles were distributed in the grouping. What testimony was given by some of the killers, including the shooting at Haymarket. And also many other interesting things.

"Seized during the search of the place of residence of a member of the criminal group CHELYSHEVYH - TERESHCHENKO AN. Forms of certificates of the faculty of advanced training of the St. Petersburg Military Institute of Physical Culture with the impressions of the stamp of the VISA on them are also counterfeit.

Interrogated concerning the indicated forms TERESHCHENKO А.N. reported that he received them from CHELYSHEV SA. - brother CHELYSHEVA A.A.

With this in mind, on October 15, 1998, upon the commission of A.ChELYSHEV and unauthorized persons for forgery of official documents, the deputy chief of the Investigation Service of the FSB for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime provided for in subsection 327 (1) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. This criminal case is allocated to a separate proceeding.

The version that the criminal grouping of the brothers CHELYSHEV was related to the murder of MANEVICH can now be considered in the block of versions that this murder was committed in error, that is, there was a mistake in the object of encroachments.

So from the testimony of VASILISINA SV. it follows that CHELYSHEV AA murder in the area of ​​Haymarket Square. According to VASILISIN SV, CHELYSHEV AA. shot from the roof, allegedly from the SVD, some entrepreneur. The entrepreneur got into the car in the driver's seat, having changed with the last places. Rifle after the assassination of Alexander Chelyshev. left at the crime scene.

The crime described by the description almost completely coincides with the circumstances of the murder of Mikhail SMIRNYAGIN. in October 1997, which is investigated by the prosecutor's office of the Admiralty District of St. Petersburg.

A comparative analysis of the circumstances and the location from which the shooting was conducted, both in the case of the murder of SMYRNYAGIN MV, and in the case of the murder of M. MANEVICH, indicates the presence of obvious similarity in the manner of preparation and commission of the crime and allows us to talk about the stereotype of the murderer's thinking , his skills and "handwriting."

So, in both cases:

- The murder was clearly ordered and planned and prepared for a fairly long period of time;

- the choice of the location of the arrow was determined as a result of observation of the object;

- the direct executor of the murder - the shooter with a clearly defined role function;

- The shooter effectively used low-quality weapons, not typical for committing murders, which, on the one hand, speaks of his good shooting skills, and, on the other hand, the lack of great opportunities in choosing weapons;

- shooting was conducted from the top down, at the distance of a direct shot, into a standing (or stopped) car;

- the alleged presence of a cover for an arrow from one or two people, who created conditions for quiet aiming and guaranteed him from possible surprises, such as the sudden appearance of random persons in the attic;

- The shooting site is a well-thought-out and prepared position with a verified emphasis on weapons, adapted to a long wait in combat readiness, which implies either shooting sportsman or military sniper training the killer;

- the location of the shooter was the attic of the house, opposite the incident, but at a sufficient distance from the victim's location. This circumstance allows you to advance and covertly take a position for shooting, long enough to be on a not in a state of waiting, calmly, "as in a dash" shoot, and just as calmly and without attracting attention leave the shooting place in an environment where all possible witnesses are concentrated directly on the scene;

-the location and position of the victim is clearly defined and fixed by the seat of the car, which creates additional convenience for the shooter.Based on the above, and taking into account the available information on the participation of AA CHELYSHEVA. in the murder of SMYRNYAGIN Maxim Valerevich, born April 16, 1968, a native of Leningrad, it is possible to reasonably assume the involvement of the criminal group of CHELYSHEV and to commit the murder of M.Manevich.

SMIRNYAGIN led a group that broke away from the so-called "Tarasovskaya" criminal group, was in conflict with a number of criminal authorities who could "order" to kill him.

Close connection of SMYRNYAGINA was UTS Sergey Alekseevich, born on November 27, 1968, native of Leningrad, nicknamed "Tormoz" (was on the federal wanted list), whose wife lives in the same entrance where he lived MANEVICH. UTS, like MANEVICH, used in August 1997 a Volvo car.

It is possible that the criminal group of CHILDREN executed the order to kill the OTA, and by mistake MANEVICH was killed.

On August 14, 1998, UTS was killed from firearms in the Kirov district of the Leningrad Region. This murder was committed after the arrest of members of the criminal group of Chyshev, in this connection, it is necessary to verify the version that the persons who committed the murder of OTAA could have been involved in the murder of MANEVICH. "

To be continued