The Moscow Regional Court received materials from the case against the leader of the Tajik mafia Lutfullo Mukhamadiev (Anvar) and his three accomplices. He is charged with extortion, banditry, robbery, as well as four murders. The loudest of them is the execution of the leader of the Tajik organized criminal group Shukhrat Yakhshmuradov (Shukh). After the landing of Lutfullo, the vacant seat of the head of the Tajik mafia was taken by the protege of the Year of Nisanov, Khoja Jabbor, whom the Tajik media call "the head of the Food City market in Moscow."

As it became known to, the Moscow City Court received materials from the case against Mukhamadiev and his fighters Dzhangibekov, Ziyoduloev and Farhadov.

Lutfullo Mukhammadiev in Tajikistan is also known as Anvarjon Saidov and he began his career as an operative officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2001, by order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, for actions decreeing the honor of a police officer, Lutfullo was dismissed from the internal affairs bodies. Then he began to build a career as a gangster.

According to sources, in the early to mid-2000s, thief in law Oleg Ashgabatsky began to supervise the Tajik direction in the Moscow region from the criminal environment. He appointed the "authoritative" Tajik Shukhrat Yakhshmuradov as the "overseer". Former commanders of special forces of Tajikistan Mustafa and his relative (wife's brother) Lutfullo were involved as force support. Then Mustafa was killed.

The interlocutors of believe that the "authority" of Khoja Jabbor, whose star then began to rise in the criminal sky, could have been behind the reprisal. And Khoji Rasul from the Vanj region of Tajikistan, who together with Khoja Jabbor made a pilgrimage to Mecca, acted as the killer who executed the order, and to this day he receives payments from Jabbor. Jabbor played grief for a long time in front of the "right hand" and Mustafa's successor - Lutfullo. Also Jabbor, began to "whisper" to Lutfullo, as if Shukhrat had dealt with Mustafa.

Constant conflicts began between Shahrat and Lutfullo. The first one constantly reproached Anvar with his law enforcement past, which was considered "not by concept." And Lutfullo in a narrow circle said that it was Shukhrat who was involved in the massacre of Mustafa. As a result, in 2014 in Vidnoye Lutfullo personally shot Shukhrat from a pistol.

Lutfullo stood at the head of the Tajik mafia, and Khoja Jabbor began to play the role of his close associate. Moreover, it was Lutfullo who became the power support of the latter, constantly participating in the shooters and showdowns that arose as a result of the vigorous activities of Khoja Jabbor.

Jabbor knew very well about all the murders committed by Lutfullo, in particular - about the elimination of Shukhrat. Once Jabbor was deprived of Russian citizenship, and in fear of the law he simply hid in his country. There, local law enforcement officers are already interested in Khoja Jabbor. But in his own country, he managed to avoid punishment, becoming poorer by $ 500 thousand. The source believes that Jabboru helped the head of the RUBOP of the Republic of Tajikistan, Khofizoda Shodi Khurshed, who is the son-in-law of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Rahim Ramazon. And then, not without the participation of God Nisanov, Jabbor was able to return to Russia, where he began his vigorous activity to build a community from Central Asia, working in the numerous markets of God Nisanov. Lutfullo turned from a "shield" into an unnecessary wagon train. After which Lutfullo was arrested on murder charges. Thus, the plan of Jabbor and Nisanov worked. Jabbor became the head of the Tajik criminal clans.

As for Lutfullo, in addition to the murder of Shukhrat, he is charged with the following episodes.

    In 2009, due to the division of spheres in a number of markets of influence, a conflict arose between Anvar's group and the Vanch organized criminal group. The parties to the conflict “scored an arrow” on September 6 at the Emeral market (25th km of the Moscow Ring Road). Sorting out the relationship quickly escalated into a gunfight. Five people received gunshot wounds, one died. One of the shooters was Lutfullo.

Somehow, the Tajik bandits called the bandit from the organized criminal group Lutfullo to the "arrow" to three stations, where they literally stabbed him with knives. Lutfullo tracked down the offenders, broke into an apartment in the Pushkin district where they were hiding, and shot two people.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued