Since the Administration of the Uyutnensky rural settlement of the Saksky district of the Republic of Crimea was headed by the elder sister of the “venerable” Poklonskaya Natalya Vladimirovna, Osadchaya Elena Vladimirovna, who, by the way, has not only a profile education, not even the slightest management experience, as well as experience in municipal service, has not has, on the territory of the specified village council, a terrible bacchanalia is going on. Details are in the investigation.

Елена Осадчая

“With the advent of Osadchy E.V. the lobby in the face of some bigwigs of the resort's land business became more active. The cozy Saki district, located on the western coast of the Black Sea, which is commonly called the "Crimean Maldives" for its wide sandy beaches with white sands," a source told the publication.

So, the main driving force, as well as one of the gray cardinals of the Uyutnensky rural settlement, as well as the administration of the Saki district, is Krylov Mikhail Andreevich, a native of the village. Attic, Ulyanovsk region. The specified citizen began his life path as a registrar of Rosreestr, then from 2009 to 2014 he headed the Committee for the Management of Municipal Property of the municipal district of Staromainsky Village Council. There, the latter, working in conjunction with the local head and other officials of the administration, developed schemes for leasing, and then withdrawing from the municipality and transferring ownership of especially valuable land plots to citizens. Subsequently, there were a number of criminal cases, in which the local head of administration was accused, while Krylov was a witness.

After the shop was closed, Krylov realized that it was time to look for new fields for his new activity and rushed to develop the territory of the Crimea, where he settled on the western coast of Crimea.

Let us omit the years of life spent by Krylov in the Crimea in the period from 2014 to 2019. After the administration of the rural settlement was headed by Osadchaya, Krylov somehow ingratiated himself with the latter, after which the latter began to conduct a joint business for the development of land plots on the territory of the Uyutnensky rural settlement. By the way, the cost of a hundred square meters of land that Krylov and Osadchaya are currently selling starts at 450,000 rubles.


According to the source, for the convenience of fulfilling his plans, Krylov somehow managed to put his man from the Ulyanovsk region at the head of the architecture department of the Saki region of the Republic of Crimea, which is currently Kirsanov Alexander Sergeevich, who openly supports the line of the Osadchi and Krylov, covering them in every possible way and supporting their actions.

Previously, Krylov, working in conjunction with Osadcha and Kirsanov, took 700,000 rubles from local entrepreneurs in order for the land shares they bought to be included in the new General Plan. After the General Plan was adopted, which is also a separate story, but it was adopted with disagreements, people began to turn to the Osadchi with the question of changing the category and type of use of the land plot to residential construction. In turn, Osadchaya always sent all visitors to Krylov. By the way, two commercial organizations owned by Krylov, namely RIO STROY INVEST LLC and AQUA LIGHT LLC, are also registered in the premises of the village council, at the address: Saksky district, Uyutnensky village council, st. Evpatoriyskaya, 4,.

“Currently, to get an address or change the type of permitted use of a site located on the territory of the village. Cozy in the manner prescribed by law is impossible, since the head of the Osadchaya village council creates various obstacles for citizens by developing and adopting various regulations that contradict the letter of the law. Changing the category and type of use, as well as assigning addresses is available only for Krylov's assets and a number of persons included in the zone of the latter's business interests, ”our interlocutor expressed the opinion.

After people began to actively appeal against the actions of the Osadchi, Mikhail Krylov also began to represent the interests of the latter. As it turned out later, Osadchaya accepted Krylov, who was the founder of commercial organizations, into the municipal service, as an assistant to the head of a rural settlement. But after citizens began to ask questions and send appeals to the prosecutor's office, Krylov was forced to resign from the municipal service.

Let's go back to the Master Plan. In 2018, the current Master Plan was adopted. Cozy Saki district of the Republic of Crimea. But since local municipal officials are not distinguished by promptness, the master plan was adopted with disagreements, which by the way, in the investigative department for the city of Saki of the Main Investigative Directorate of the RF IC for the Republic of Crimea, there is verification material.

In August 2020, a settlement agreement was concluded between the district administration and the organization developing master plans, according to which the approval of the draft master plan was to be completed within a year from the date of conclusion of that same agreement.

And now, after almost a year and a half, that is, after the terms of the settlement agreement, On the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, a draft master plan was published, according to which changes were made to the already existing functional zone Zh-1, which provides for residential development, by transferring it to agricultural land. To the question of what this is connected with, the chief architect Kirsanov and the first deputy head of the administration Kolganov Sergey Mikhailovich answer that this is due to the presence of a regulatory sanitary zone of the military unit. At the same time, according to the law, since the sanitary protection zone is normative, officials must either reduce it or establish special conditions for its use, but this does not entail the transfer of land to the category of agricultural land, but establishes restrictions on the number of storeys of buildings, etc. .

Among other things, this zone was agreed with the relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in the initial drafts of master plans and subsequently was not included in the zone of disagreement.

When reviewing the text part and graphic maps of the master plan, one can notice that the cut out areas of land plots originally included in the Zh-1 residential zone near the military unit have been moved to another part of the village and now this zone extends to areas that are currently agricultural fields and belonging to the same Krylov and his partners,

By the way, such changes to the General Plan also became possible only after the arrival of Deputy Head Sergey Mikhailovich Kolganov, who had previously been the Deputy Saki Interdistrict Prosecutor and oversaw the administration of the Saki District, including the Department of Architecture, to the administration. In fact, his duties have not changed at the moment, he also oversees the architecture department.


So, on September 28, 2021, Koglanov S. resigned from the prosecutor's office from the position of deputy Saki interdistrict prosecutor, and already on October 4, 2021, he, being the first deputy head of the administration of the Saki district, together with the head, holds a meeting with citizens of the Suvorov rural settlement , which is confirmed by the news feed of the official website of the district administration.

And now, the same Koglanov S., who previously allegedly defended the rights of citizens, gave citizens answers to complaints about the actions and inactions of the administration of the Saki district and the head of the rural settlement of Osadchy, revealing violations in them, is already giving answers to citizens in defense of the same persons, about that changes to the master plan, according to which a residential area is cut out on which citizens already have houses, are being made on the basis of a settlement agreement, the term of which has already expired.

Наталья Поклонская

It is interesting who gave Koglanov S. permission to take such a position, because in accordance with the Federal Law “On Combating Corruption”, within two years after his dismissal, he has the right to hold positions in commercial and non-profit organizations only with the consent of the commission for the settlement of conflicts of interest, and in his case with the permission of a special attestation commission.

Wonderful are your deeds, Lord, today he oversees, tomorrow he already supervises those issues and those persons in respect of whom he took acts of response.

Thus, Osadchaya, under the auspices of his sister, a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, as well as a former prosecutor of Crimea, commits illegal actions, regardless of the opinion and interests of citizens.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued