Almost all of the contracts of Russian Railways are “cut” between two influential families - the Rotenbergs and Kovalchuk. This was told by sources of At the same time, both clans are distinguished by increased shyness. Rotenbregov’s junior representative, Igor, through Alexei Krapivin, controls the group of companies (SC) 1520, the largest contractor of Russian Railways. In turn, Kovalchuk, through a longtime acquaintance of Vladimir Vasiliev, controls the company R-industry, another major contractor of Russian Railways, which is gaining momentum every day. So, before there was another major “player” in the development of billions of Russian Railways - the former deputy head of the Ministry of Construction, Yuri Reilyan, with his “Spetstransstroy” and “Transyuzhstroy. However, in the fall of 2019, Reiljan “lost the race” and all of his contracts passed to Vasiliev (Kovalchukam).

There is another player in the “sawing” of Russian Railways funds - Oleg Tonino, Vice President of Russian Railways, his best years are left behind., using sources, compiled a table of all “players” in the development of Russian Railways funds and those who stand behind them.

Russian Railways conducts its entire construction through the “daughter” of Russian Railways.

In 2019, several competitions were held at which those who in the next three years will have the opportunity to participate in closed competitions of Russian Railways were determined.

These are three companies:

GK 1520 (Rotenberg) - 80% of the entire construction of Russian Railways

Firms Vasilyeva (Kovalchuki) - construction on the Sverdlovsk railway, Northern latitudinal railway and now BAM (contracts transferred to the structures of Vasilyev Reylyan). And the company controlled by Tony "Renaissance"

Contact network:

1. OJSC "Transelektromontazh" (TIN: 7701024958) - 100% owned by Cyprus offshore companies, behind which is GK 1520

2. OSK 1520 LLC (TIN: 7701753020) - ГК 1520

3. JSC FORATEK ETS (TIN: 7716236962) - ГК 1520

4. LLC Energomontazh (TIN: 7801431481) - ГК 1520

5. LLC "EPOCH OF REVIVAL" (TIN: 7814497169) - Oleg Tony



1. PJSC MOSTOTREST (TIN: 7701045732) - Rothenberg

2. LLC “EPOCH OF REVIVAL” (TIN: 7814497169) - Tony

3. OSK 1520 LLC - GK 1520

4. FGC Mostootryad-47 LLC - GK 1520

5. LLC “UK BSM” (TIN: 7723682710) - ГК 1520

6. LLC “CORPORATION R-INDUSTRY” (TIN: 7814406725) - Vasiliev (Kovalchuki)




1. LLC “EPOCH OF REVIVAL” (TIN: 7814497169) - Oleg Toni

2. OSK 1520 LLC (TIN: 7701753020) - ГК 1520

3. LLC “UK“ BSM ”(TIN: 7723682710) - ГК 1520

4. LLC “CORPORATION R-INDUSTRY” (TIN: 7814406725) - Vasiliev (Kovalchuki)

5. LLC "Spetstransstroy" (TIN: 2317057867) -Reiljan, gave orders to Vasiliev (Kovalchuki).

Everyone else who wants to “touch” the money of Russian Railways needs to agree with these three players.

For comparison, at the competitions held in 2013, there was at least some competition.

For example, such companies as SU-308 JSC and SK TEMP LLC were represented in them, which, after his dismissal in 2013 from RZDstroy, are headed by Gennady Talashkin.

In 2013, their owner was Andrei Talashkin - the brother of Genadiy Talashkin at that time the first deputy general director of Russian Railways.

He controlled the SU-308 through Ortus Asset Management LLC, which is now 80% owned by Gennady and 20% by Andrei Talashkin.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov