became known for very interesting details of the activities of Rosneft, which is headed by Igor Sechin. According to the materials of the criminal case, which was at the disposal of the editorial board, in 2006, Rosneft cooperated with the "nagger # 1" Evgeny Dvoskin. In particular, he purchased equipment worth 1.5 billion rubles for Rosneft's daughter company Purneftegaz. Moreover, it follows from the case materials that this equipment was previously stolen by Dvoskin.

At the disposal of was the record of interrogation in the framework of the criminal case No. 31521 of witness Alexander Solopov, who at the time of the investigative actions was the deputy director of the FSUE "Moscow Motor Transport Enterprise". He described how the former owner of Genbank and part-time Russia's largest shadow financial businessman, Evgeny Dvoskin, worked with Rosneft (at that time the company was headed by Igor Sechin). In particular, Dvoskin, with the help of a force attack, seized documents of LLC "T. Nature ", which owned equipment for 1.5 billion rubles. After that, this equipment was sold to Purneftegaz - the "daughter" of Rosneft.

"On the merits of the criminal case I can show the following:

Since May 2005, my companies have switched to settlement-cash services in the Commercial Bank "Intelfinas" (LLC). In February 2006, I was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors (LLC). Nature".

The company LLC. Nature (INN 7703289004, KPP 770301001) in March 2006 increased the authorized capital in the amount of 1 billion 47 million rubles by attracting new members of the LLC, which made these funds to the settlement account of OOO T.Ts.Viroda ", Opened in the Commercial Bank" Intelfinance "(LLC). Later, due to these funds, the abovementioned company purchased a gas processing plant located in Nyagan (Tyumen Region) from the company "TEK development". Estimated cost of this plant according to the evaluation report for 2006 is 1.5 billion rubles. The initiator of the purchase of the plant was deputy. general director of LLC "T. Nature »Vakhramyan Grand Bagdasarovich (together with Belyaev AV passes in criminal case No. 140806 (forgery of bills)). The general director of Open Company "T.TS. Nature »Lomakin Alexander Viktorovich went to the location of the plant in Nyagan and was pleased with both the safety of the plant and security measures (protection, deep ditch around the plant). The factory manufacturer of this plant, Sumy Machine Building Plant, was ready to supply the missing instrumentation and start up the plant (estimated cost estimate is less than 300 million rubles). In addition, the negotiations with Rosneft in 2006 showed the company's readiness to purchase the above equipment for its subsidiary Purneftegaz and transfer it to Purpe. "

Further, Solonin, according to materials, said the following: "According to the information currently available, a criminal group led by Belyaev AV, Dvoskin EV, Shevarov AA. On December 5, 2007, under the threat of physical violence, robbery was carried out against the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC "T. Nature »AA Solonina, having seized from him all the title documents of the Company (according to this fact AA Solonin wrote to the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of Moscow the corresponding application of the CSC No. 6606_). In continuation of his criminal activities, Belyaev AV, Dvoskin EV and other unidentified persons, misleading the management of the company Purneftegaz, forging the signature of the general director of OOO T. Ts. Nature »Lomakin AV, made a fictitious sale of the above equipment with the appropriation of cash proceeds from the above-mentioned fictitious sale».

As Solonin stated during the interrogation, the protocol of which was at the disposal of, considering possible reputational risks for Rosneft, it would be advisable to consider the possibility for the NK structures to acquire legitimate participants from OOO T.Ts. Nature "100% of the authorized capital at par value, which will allow not only to compensate the damage caused by robbery of the company by its legal participant, but also to avoid public actions against NK structures.


Maxim Voevodin