Source: he continues to prove that all the business successes of the Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev are nothing more than a"soap bubble". He pays for hundreds of articles in the media about himself as a successful investor, a financial genius from Kazakhstan. This is done, first of all, for the" top " of Kazakhstan, the closest circle of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the son-in-law of the last Timur Kulibayev, whose funds are actually invested by Rakishev. He can't tell all these people that he's just squandered their gigantic capital.

In the first publication we started the story about the main "soap bubble" Rakishev - Net Element company. Widely advertised profitable investment Rakisheva, in fact, was a dubious project of two murky businessmen-Francesco Piovanetti and Mike Zoe. In reality, Net Element at the time of purchase Rakishev was a " hodgepodge "of a variety of Internet resources, including the site of the actor from the" Godfather " James Kaan and music service with the content of the composer Igor Krutoy. To justify himself to real investors, Rakishev began to buy other projects, but they all turned out to be as questionable as the entire Net Element. As we showed in the second publication, the company suffered losses, the price of its shares fell with a whistle on the stock exchange. The real deplorable state of Affairs tried to compensate for the paid articles in the media and loud statements about the next successful purchase.

The biggest scandal occurred when Kenes Rakishev decided to involve Murray Huberfeld, the former Governor of new Mexico bill Richardson and platinum investment Director Mark Nordlicht in the activities of Net Element and to work with the funds of the "top" of Kazakhstan, including Timur Kulibayev, the founder of Platinum Partners.

According, personally Rakishev agreed on the visas, so in February 2013, Huberfeld and head of the investment company Platinum mark Nordlicht could on a private jet to fly to Kazakhstan, accompanied by the former Governor of new Mexico bill Richardson (who just became Chairman of the company responsible for the charging of electric vehicles with the support of Huberfeld and Rakishev ). At the last minute, Huberfeld wrote that he would miss the trip. "Dear brother, "he said to Rakishev," I'm sorry I won't be able to take part in the trip. Good luck in the next two days and thank you for all your preparations."

After a marketing visit to Kazakhstan, the guests in an email dated March 4 expressed gratitude for the meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan at the highest level, where Richardson and platinum leaders had lunch with Rakishev and Timur Kulibayev - the son-in-law of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Among the hundreds of emails from the hacked mail of the Chairman of Net Element Kenes Rakishev, the most striking are those that trace the relationship of the Kazakh oligarch with the hedge Fund, Platinum Partners. From them it follows that Huberfeld was an investor in Israeli technology companies, which Rakisheva likes to brag about publicly. The oligarch even tried to attract Platinum to create a hedge Fund for his rich compatriots-the very environment of Nazarbayev. When Rakishev came out with Net Element on Nasdaq in October 2012 as Chairman of Net Element, he received a congratulatory letter from Huberfeld. Three months later, Huberfeld met with Rakishev to plan a platinum Fund for investors in former Soviet republics such as Kazakhstan. In the hacked correspondence is a letter, Rakishev where Haberfeld writes: "I look forward to a long successful relationship with you. I'm excited about all the possibilities."

And then the entire world press "tear" the headlines that Platinum Partners failed, Huberfeld was arrested on charges of bribing the head of the Union, so he put pension money in Platinum, Nordlicht was charged with the fact that Platinum tried to carry out fraud for billions of dollars.

Rakishev immediately began to justify that neither he nor his company "did not participate in any business transactions or transactions with Platinum." However, from the hacked correspondence it follows that this is not so. The investigation over Huberfeld continues and may well attract the attention of his relationship with Rakishev and Kulibayev.

To be continued

Timothy Zabiyakin