In 2017, during a direct line, the President of the Russian Federation instructed to close the landfill of Kuchino MSW owned by ZAO Zagotovitel in the Moscow Region. Andrei Vorobyov, the governor of the Moscow Region, was taken under a visor, the Investigative Committee announced the initiation of cases related to the landfill, its organizer slapped a lawsuit for 6.2 billion rubles. In short, they did everything to report to Vladimir Putin on the implementation of his instructions. Sources of told how the head of state was flushed to the eye, and the liquidation of the landfill turned into the next development of gigantic budget funds.

Kuchino MSW landfill belonged to Zagotovitel CJSC, whose founder was a company registered in the Seychelles. This dump belonged to criminal authority Alexander Solomatin, who is the brother of another "authority" Grigory Solomatin. The intermediary between the city administration, regional officials and Solomatin was the criminal authority Anatoly Petrov (Petruha).

It was through him that the proceeds went in cash to officials. What remained settled in the "common fund" and displayed in offshore. There was a lot of money, enough for everything. Sources of say that Governor Andrei Vorobyov was a mountain for this dump and always categorically objected to the closure of the landfill. After the president’s order, the regional administration was looking for ways not to close the landfill, then they dragged it in every way with its liquidation. However, also open "games" with Putin dangerous, the landfill was closed. Then the fun begins. TFR reports on the detection of signs of crime by placing houses near the MSW. According to sources, this case quickly led to the regional administration, then he was simply put on the brakes.

Then begins just a huge infusion of billions of budget funds without a proper competition for the restoration of this landfill. It’s worth mentioning right away that reclamation has been completely failed, according to experts. Ecocom LLC became the general contractor for the restoration of the Kuchino landfill, to which, according to sources, Andrei Vorobyov is extremely partial. The result of the development of billions is that residents of the Moscow region still complain about the unbearable smell from the landfill. And they write appropriate appeals to the presidential administration.

In order to throw dust in the eyes, a lawsuit was filed against the company Zagotovitel CJSC for 6.2 billion rubles. The administration of the Balashikha city district won this court, but no one saw the money. First, the Moscow Region Arbitration Court suspended this lawsuit, and then, in general, this whole situation was forgotten. But just recently, the tenth Arbitration Court of Appeal put an end to one very interesting decision, namely to pay more than 24 million rubles to Zagotovitel CJSC for an overpayment of land rent. Next, we go to the site of the FSSP of the Russian Federation and look at Zagotovitel CJSC and we see that there is no enforcement proceedings for 6.2 billion in relation to Zagotovitel CJSC. What do we have in the end? All this hype on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation turned into a zilch. No one was punished. Huge budgetary funds have been invested in the restoration, but the landfill continues to interfere with the stench. Moreover, landfill owners were paid more than 24 million rubles from the budget, while the environmental damage was estimated at 6.2 billion. Just brave Andrei Yurievich Vorobyov.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov