The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU became aware that the prefect of the Central Administrative District Vladimir Goverdovsky shot a huntsman in the hunting grounds of the family of a previously convicted, close to the capital's mayor's office and criminal authorities, the largest developer in Moscow, co-owner of Capital Group Pavel Tyo. It was the Te family that settled everything connected with the murder of the huntsman by the official and helped form a version that allows Goverdovsky to evade responsibility. By the way, Vasily Mikhailovich Andreev, a 60-year-old native of the Smolensk region who died from a bullet of an official, was an employee of Te and he was assigned to VIP hunters. Officially, he was employed at VOSTOK LLC (TIN 7704733141), which is 85% owned by the developer's son German Cho.

Павел Те и Собянин

A source of the Cheka-OGPU told the circumstances of the death of the huntsman from a bullet of the prefect of the Central Administrative District Vladimir Goverdovsky at the hunting base of the largest capital developer Pavel Tyo. From the materials of the check it follows that the official arrived in the Smolensk region at the Vostok hunting estate on the evening of November 4. Goverdovsky was alone and wanted to hunt a wild boar. He brought a weapon with him. Previously, Vladimir repeatedly visited this base. Employees recall that he came in a large company of VIPs. Been here in 2022. At the site, in addition to the guards, there were hunters Alexander (previously worked in the Smolensk forestry enterprise) and Dmitry. When it got dark, the latter took the guest and his colleague to the fodder fields laid next to the boar trails. On the spot they met the huntsman Vasily. He was on the Trekol all-terrain vehicle. Vladimir and Alexander went to the field, and Dmitry offered to go to the base with him, but he refused, and the hunter left alone. The hunters, meanwhile, looked around and headed towards the stationary tower, which offers a view of the fields. In the explanations of the witnesses, it appears that on the way they allegedly saw an animal in the night, and the prefect fired two shots. However, instead of a boar's squeal, they heard the sound of metal hitting. Later, forensic experts found out that both bullets hit the hood of the Trekol: one shell exploded in the body of the car, and the other pierced the skin and mortally wounded Vasily sitting in the car. Alexander rushed to provide first aid to the huntsman, and the official called the emergency services and even sort of agreed on a helicopter. But the wound was fatal. For some time, Vasily had a pulse, but he soon died. The whole hunt took about 30-40 minutes. No one knows what the huntsman was doing in the field and why he didn’t leave - saying goodbye, Dmitry promised him that he would call when there was a trophy. The deceased in his native village of Ivino left a wife and a daughter.

Собянин и Говердовский

The documents found at indicate that Pavel Te was tried in his native Uzbekistan. On August 10, 1988, he was arrested and then sentenced to four years on charges of committing a crime under article 147 of the Soviet Criminal Code (Fraud committed on a large scale or by an organized group). The term of Pavel Cho was serving in ITK-29 of the city of Navoi, Uzbek SSR. And on February 16, 1990, the Navoi court decided to replace the remaining term (2 years 3 months 15 days) with a conditional one. Then he went to Bukhara, and then showed up in Russia and became a co-owner of Capital Group in 1993-1994. Remarkably, four years later, Pavel Te was registered with the IC as a convicted citizen. During the election as a deputy, the head of Capital Group forgot to indicate his criminal record.

Андрей Кочуйков

One of the main defendants in the case of giving a bribe to employees of the ICR for the release of the "authority" Andrey Kochuykovav (Italian) was his friend, also an "authority" Oleg Sheykhametov (Oleg Sheikh). In recent years, the Sheikh has been engaged in business, primarily construction. And his partner in these projects was the co-owner of Capital group Pavel Te. In particular, Sheikh and Te had a joint project - the construction of the residential complex "Faces".

Timofey Grishin

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