Source: Rucriminal continues to talk about the most depraved top-managers of Russia. In this article we will talk about the former head of the Lenovo representative office in Russia, Gleb Mishine, who the other day led the unit in Russia Candy Hoover. He owns real estate in France and England, his wife moves on private helicopters and owns a car park of representative cabriolets. At the same time, that Mishin's official income is not even close enough to lead a similar way of life. What is the reason for such wealth? It is banal. Mishin is constantly "attached" to the funds of companies where he works. In this regard, and so frequent changes of places of work.

 May 23 this year, former vice president of Lenovo Gleb Mishin was appointed CEO of Candy Hoover in Russia. The new top manager was entrusted with the development of the strategic line of the company's development in the markets of Russia and CIS countries. Considering that Mishin's entire career was connected with the manufacturers of personal computers, an unexpected transition to the sphere of "vacuum cleaners and washing machines" caused many questions in the professional environment. From the post of vice president of Lenovo just do not go away. There were several reasons at once: Mishin's revealed marketing misappropriations of the company, the accusation of Lenovo by the Federal Antimonopoly Service in cartel collusion with Hewlett-Packard during the state purchases of computers and the personal turmoil of Mishin, who had become entangled in intimate relations.

The biography of Gleb Mishin can be compared with a locomotive - it is slowly dispersed, but then it is impossible to stop. He was born in the quiet town of Rybinsk. After graduating from the Higher Naval School of Radio Electronics in St. Petersburg, he worked modestly at the Naval Research Institute. In 1994, he joined the joint venture Marine Computer Systems, established by ICL and the administration of St. Petersburg, where he developed the direction of banking systems. In 1995, Mishin took the position of technical consultant in the department of banking systems and telecommunications in the St. Petersburg office of Hewlett-Packard, in 1997 became a product manager, and then was promoted to the head of the department of this company. In 2001, Gleb Mishin joined Bull CIS as a commercial director.

The backbone of Gleb Mishin's career began in the Russian representative office of Acer, where he met with its president Gianfranco Lanci. Very quickly this acquaintance grew into a "trustful" friendship, so cordial that its intimacy became the subject of discussions in the Russian representation of Acer and among business partners. On the basis of this "friendship" with Lanchi, Mishin's career went uphill - he actually received a carte blanche in the management of the Russian branch of Acer, where he rallied around himself a stable team based on the principle of personal devotion to Mishin.

 All the activities of the Russian representation of Acer actually fell under the control of the shaky Gleb, including the financial one. The difference from overstating marketing and other budgets Mishin shared fraternally with Lanci. Rather, the Italian himself suggested how to overstate the costs and how to hide the "left" profits. In turn, Gianfranco successfully "bred" the central office of Acer for unscheduled money with the help of his wife, who controlled the advertising activities of the computer giant.

But in 2012, Mishin's career nearly collapsed: self-confident Gianfranco Lanci quarreled with the owners of Acer because he refused to send corporate products and focused on consumer solutions. The owners of the corporation politely "asked" the Italian to leave the company and Gleb Mishin remained without a cover. But the "male" friendship turned out to be strong and reliable - Lianchi became the top manager in Lenovo, where he also dragged Mishina. In April 2012, he became vice president and general manager of Lenovo in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The situation repeats exactly as in the previous company: Gleb immediately drags the team from Acer, and the joint "robbery" is repeated according to the same scheme.

All this lasted five years, while the "parent" company, not without the help of the Russian public organization "Rabkrin", revealed all these schemes. He did without criminal cases, but Mishin was forced to leave the company. However, Lanci immediately found him a new "sweet" place - head of the unit in Russia Candy Hoover.

All these schemes, created and implemented by Mishin and Lanci, will repeatedly tell in their publications. In the meantime, let us dwell on the kind of life Gleb conducts.

At all workplaces, Mishin's annual salary was not characterized by gigantic proportions. What can not be said about his way of life. Thanks to the joint activity with Lanci, a modest guy from Rybinsk bought himself an elite house on the Cote d'Azur of France, several apartments in Moscow, an apartment in England, where his two daughters are studying. Now only property owned by the Mishin family is estimated at more than $ 5 million.

Especially want to stop at his wife Mishina Svetlana. She leads the way of life of a real socialite, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on her entertainment. Usually Svetlana's year passes like this. Spring and autumn she spends part in London, brightening up everyday life in the restaurants of the most expensive hotels, shopping in Harrods, walking around Hyde Park, visiting fashion shows and performances of celebrities from Russia, such as the group "Leningrad" or residents of the Comedy Club. (Photo 1,2,3). But as soon as Svetlana appears at least a free minute, she rushes all the way to a cozy cozy nest on the Cote d'Azur. There it can not be stopped. Mishina unrolls on several smart gigs from a personal large fleet of vehicles, meets with friends in doroguschy restaurants, skates on yachts and boats, does not miss a party with the participation of western stars in Monte Carlo, Cannes, etc. And so for months, especially in the summer, which she prefers to spend on the Cote d'Azur (photo 4, 5, 6,7,8).

With the onset of the ski season, Svetlana Mishina commits a short trip, using a private helicopter, to Courchevel, where she is housed in a chic chalet. And then the same life that she used to lead on the Cote d'Azur continues to be exact: parties, ostentatious luxury (mango with black caviar, expensive champagne, etc.), constant spending, calculated in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Photo 9, 10, 11, 12).

Much of the cost of Mishina goes to shopping. These endless handbags for several thousand dollars, jewelry, Iphone, well, and, of course, clothes from the most famous brands. Recently, Svetlana decided to imitate the style of not anyone, but Melania Trump - the wife of US President Donald Trump. In particular, the wife of the ex-head of the Lenova office bought herself exactly the same as the first American lady's black evening dress from Dolce & Gabbana, worth $ 3 thousand (photo 13)

Watching the expenditure and lifestyle of Svetlana Mishina, one might really think that this is not about the wife of a modest manager changing different posts, but about the first lady, at least to the wife of Lenova's owner.

It is worth noting that Gleb Mishin himself is extremely shy about his wealth and tries to learn about him as few people as possible. Therefore, among the thousands of photos posted by Svetlana in social networks, you can find only one with a legitimate spouse. (Photo 14).

Source: Rucriminal