It turned out how the oligarch Oleg Deripaska blocked the release of the book of sex trainer Alex Leslie's “Go To Fish”. She again remembered the story of the entertainment of the oligarch Oleg Deripaska and his friend of the current first deputy head of the Government of the Russian Federation, Sergei Prikhodko, on a yacht in Norway with escort girls, including Nastya Rybka (student of Alex Leslie). It turned out that Deripaska agreed with the Expo publishing house, which bought Leslie all the rights to the book, and then she decided not to put it on sale. And the author was obliged to remove any book quotes from the Internet, including its social networks. Alex Leslie himself spoke about this on his page in Vkontakte. There were no other motives for the appearance of the book. At the disposal of was an examination of the book “Go To Fish”, commissioned by Eksmo in the fall of 2019 from the professor of Kaluga State University Vali Engalychev. This expertise was transferred by the publishing house to Roskomnadzor. So, the respected professor did not find any reason or violation of the law in order not to publish a book. He only determined that it should be marked "18 +". After that, it finally becomes clear that the book about the adventures of Rybka and Deripaska did not see the light of time as a result of the collusion of the oligarch and Eksmo. In the previous publication, we presented part of this examination, and today we will continue. Also, introduces readers to the comments of everything that happens Alex Leslie himself:

“A new way of blocking information of public importance in Russia. Friends are readers, and authors! I will tell you the story of the legal version of censorship in Russia that I encountered. So you do not step on this rake. Any publisher (in my case, EKSMO) through an author’s contract gets the opportunity to block a work for a period of 5-6 years, for which it signs it. This is a very competent lock. Indeed, in the case of official blocking, the author is considered a prohibited author. And it gives certain advantages. And so - officially you are, as it were, not under a ban, but in reality you are limited in rights worse than if you were banned. With the help of an author’s contract, the publishing house is fighting against pirates, with free distribution on the Internet, it can block you if you want to publish pieces of books, and in the case when the information is socially significant, so they absolutely legally implement censorship. And the publisher does not pay media attention to this in the same way as Roskomnadzor does, the actions of which are monitored by the whole country!

Thus, the Go To Fish book was commissioned and created by EXXMO for at least five years. The publishing house was sent to me as an agent in order to very effectively and legally hide from society all the details of the dirty deeds of power, oligarchs and law enforcement agencies. So, Patrushev, Putin, the FSB can use EKSMO as their dog to classify any socially significant information, because there is a competent legal department and a department that copes with pirates on the Internet very well ... ”

Now gives the second part of the examination of Alex Leslie's book about Nasta Rybka and Oleg Deripaska, commissioned by Eksmo publishing house.

“The situation was mentioned many times, which was taken as the basis for the book’s sovereign, in which Nastya Rybka and a group of escort girls spent some time on a yacht in the company of an oligarch and a senior Kremlin representative. However, no names except the aforementioned Nastya Rybka, or place, nor the name of the yacht is given, therefore, it is not possible to draw conclusions about who this issue is specifically about. In particular, this episode is described in more detail as follows:

 "The background of the conflict is described in the book by Alex Leslie and Nastya Rybka" The Diary of the Seduction of the Billionaire. " In short: in August 2016, Nastya Rybka was invited to the yacht of one of the Russian oligarchs, where she witnessed his meeting with a senior official from the Kremlin. Photos from this meeting were posted on Nastya Rybka's Instagram. They were discovered by Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, while Democrats in the United States initiated an investigation into Russia's interference in the election of the US President. The federal prosecutor found out that Paul Manafort, the head of the campaign headquarters, is connected with the Russian oligarch, who was suspected of lobbying for Trump's candidacy. The oligarch in the pages of the American media replied that this was a groundless accusation, and the President of Russia vouched that he was not related to Russia's foreign policy.

Psychological analysis shows that it is impossible to judge what kind of people are in question and whether these events took place in real life. The author's wordings are descriptive in nature and do not have any evidence in the form of full names, dates, times, places and other circumstances of these events, according to which it would be possible to make a judgment about specific persons who were related to them. An expert study of the book allows us to conclude that the author intentionally uses a form of biographical essay, which includes thoughts on political, psychological, and social topics of interest to him. The aim of the book is “Go to fish. What is Nastya Rybka hiding? ”, Author Alex Leslie, is to familiarize a wide audience with the events that probably took place in the author’s life and some other persons, including a character named Nastya Rybka, and, according to the author himself, clearly fictitious. All this phantasmagoric story, obviously, should increase the author’s writing rating, increase the circulation of his books, draw attention to him, his lifestyle, his “trainings”. It does not seem possible to identify specific individuals referred to as the “oligarch” or “high-ranking representative of the Kremlin”, since the events in which they are described do not have any specifics, except for “binding” by the date of August 2016. When mentioning some characters, the author does not report any information about them that is aimed at worsening the public assessment of their personality or their behavior in business projects, that is, there are no signs of humiliation of the honor, dignity and reputation of specific individuals. The publication does not contain information aimed at inducing readers to commit violence against other people, commit suicide (mentions of suicide are present in the form of descriptions of living conditions in prison), as well as propaganda of homosexuality. At the same time, if the publisher decides to publish this book, it is necessary to limit the access of minors to it, since the information presented in the publication can have a negative impact on the formation of the value picture of the world and the moral guidelines of minors. In addition, the text contains profanity (including obscene language), which does not comply with the requirements of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 No. 436-F3 “On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development”. The recommended age marking for this edition is 18+. ”

To be continued

Timofey Grishin