In the Tyumen branch of "United Russia" named the first candidate for participation in the primaries. Tobolyak Mikhail Nikitin was the first to submit the documents. At the same time, State Duma deputy Nikolai Brykin, despite statements from a number of media outlets, has not yet submitted the relevant documents. This was reported in the regional branch of the party.

"Nikolai Gavrilovich Brykin did not submit a package of documents for 185 single-mandate constituencies," press officer Victoria Gerasimyuk told the FederalPress correspondent for the Tyumen region.

In a number of media outlets, a version has already appeared that Nikolai Brykin will take part in the May primaries of the "party of power" in the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation and will become the most likely candidate for victory.

Nikolai Brykin is a rather remarkable personality and very, very rich.

Since 1983 he has served in the internal affairs bodies. During his service in the Internal Affairs Directorate of Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen Region, he became the head of the department for combating economic crimes - the deputy head of the criminal police. In 1994 he headed the department of the Federal Tax Police Service of the Russian Federation in Nizhnevartovsk. In 1999, from the post of first deputy head of the Federal Tax Police Service of Russia in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, he was transferred to Moscow to the position of first deputy head of the Federal Tax Police Service of Russia in Moscow, where he served until the abolition of the Federal Tax Police Service in 2004. In May 2004, he was sent to the Far East, where he was appointed to the post of First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Far Eastern Federal District - Head of the Operational Investigation Bureau for Economic and Tax Crimes, with the assignment of the special rank of “Major General of Militia”. On August 4, 2006, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, relieved of his post, currently he is a deputy of the State Duma. In the Duma, the scale is different and Brykin openly lobbied for the interests of his business partner Andrey Vertiy and other persons to whom he owed something in the past, and who could pay for such companies.


According to sources, in particular, Nikolai Brykin used his parliamentary powers to protect the interests of Bank Yugra, whose license was first suspended by the Central Bank of Russia and then revoked. Lobbying activities were accompanied by the direction of deputy inquiries to various authorities (including the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation). However, all these are "flowers". First of all, Brykin is known as a specialist in the extraction of assets from businessmen. This is what our new investigation will be about.


On May 10, 1990. Petrachenko E.A. was organized by CJSC Intersectoral Research and Production Enterprise "FART" for the production of organic fertilizers for the population of Russia. The number of employees ranged from 500 to 700 people. The enterprise used the services of banks, including VTB Bank (now VTB-North-West), the turnover of CJSC MNPP "FART" was about 1.5 billion rubles a year.

In 2015, in order to expand the business, to build new factories in the Tyumen and Vladimir regions and to develop new peat deposits, to optimize logistics for the delivery of the final product, solely in order to reduce the cost of the product for the end consumer, the enterprise needed borrowed funds (credit funds). VTB-North-West refused to provide a loan for some reason, and loans were raised from Bank Unicredit and PJSC Sberbank in the amount of more than 200 million rubles. As a result of attracting credit funds, factories were opened in the Tyumen and Vladimir regions, which made it possible to increase the efficiency of the economy of CJSC MPPP “FART”. Simultaneously with the expansion of the business, the profitable enterprise became more widely known, since the profitability, although it was not at the level of the 90s, but according to the current realities reached 20%, which is not a little. The construction of a plant in the Tyumen and Vladimir regions attracted the attention of State Duma deputy Nikolai Gavrilovich Brykin, since these territories already had his business interests.

According to a source of, through his friends in the banking sector, he asked Petrachenko E.A. a tempting offer, namely to sell for a pittance (practically nothing) shares of the enterprise CJSC MPPP "Fart", Nikolay Brykin himself decided to prudently remain incognito, but Evgeny Petrachenko was informed that the deal was proposed in the style of "The Godfather" - "an offer, from which you cannot refuse. "

In 2016, a proposal to buy out shares of CJSC MNPP "FART" by some alleged bank customers who wished to remain anonymous was voiced to Evgeny Petrachenko at an extremely low price, they also explained that the status of the bank's customers for 25 years does not guarantee eternal good faith cooperation according to the Bank-Client scheme. Eugene had a philosophical education, was a creative nature and a fairly rich man who earned everything he had with his own hands without any schematosis - and he decided to refuse such a bonded delusional deal. Then Brykin N.G. decided to go the proven way, that is, to take everything through an organized raider attack. Petrachenko E.A. reported that someone has information about the withdrawal of money of the enterprise abroad for personal purposes by Yevgeny Petrachenko and in amounts of at least 100 million rubles per quarter - Yevgeny did not attach any importance to this information, since he never had any accounts abroad. Then they “turned off the gas” - for no apparent reason, VTB-North-West Bank unexpectedly refused to extend the service of the credit line, and since Evgeny Petrachenko could not return the entire amount at once, the bank decided to block the account of the enterprise CJSC MNPP “Fart ". Note that at that time the loan was secured by material collateral, but this did not stop the management of the branch of VTB-North-West Bank. After that, the company's account in PJSC Sberbank was immediately blocked. Both VTB Bank and Sberbank are partly state-owned banks and by blocking the accounts of a successful enterprise, the management of those branches who made such a decision should have understood that in this way they would simply ruin the enterprise, CJSC MNPP "FART". At the enterprise, Evgeny Petrachenko fell on hard times, it became impossible not only to conduct production, but also to pay taxes and pay salaries to employees. Since November 2016 the enterprise was forcibly entered into the supervision (bankruptcy) procedure, the initiator of the bankruptcy was LLC "Ekoflora". Then a whole brigade of various crooks extorted money from Yevgeny Petrachenko, everyone promised to help, but only for cash. The sums were with seven zeros, which was unfeasible for Petrachenko E.A., since he had never dealt with cash at his enterprise, and he never had personal funds in such an amount.

In a difficult situation, oddly enough, the Unicredit bank supported Evgeny Petrachenko's business. Knowing the whole situation, he helped with a loan and gave money to pay wages, but the situation could not be resolved in any way, since in his thoughts Nikolai Gavrilovich Brykin had already divided the property of both Yevgeny Petrachenko and the enterprises of CJSC MNPP "Fart", the plant in the Tyumen region is too painful turned out to be successful. The temptation to take the whole plant with practically nothing was too great. Brykin N.G. had a broad outlook in the field of power captures and somehow had already managed to successfully interact in this field with the resource Major General of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Fedorovich Komissarov; In previous stories, a bunch of OEB and PC and the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg have already been mentioned, here they also decided not to invent anything, since Evgeny Petrachenko is an elderly man, the option "pouring cocaine into his pockets" did not really fit into the concept, all the more, the task was to take both the enterprise and the property of Yevgeny Petrachenko himself, and there was something to take, which cost only the apartments on Krestovsky Island ...

Игорь Комиссаров

In 2016, under the supervision of Major General of the Investigative Committee of Russia and concurrently Assistant to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Igor Fedorovich Komissarov, a criminal case was initiated against Petrachenko Evgeny under Art. 145 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, on the fact that salaries were not paid (the accounts were blocked by the bank, salaries were not paid on the blocked accounts).

As a source told, the investigation was headed by investigator Manaf A.K., in case of success, in addition to other buns, General Komissarov Igor promised to organize a lucrative position of the head of the SU of the Moscow District of the IC of Russia in St. Petersburg, an investigative group of several investigators was created probably so that no one escapes responsibility. The same OEB and PC in the Moskovsky district, Major-oligarch D.M. Budnevich, was in charge of the criminal case. who once grabbed the socialite Anna Timokhina while giving him a bribe in his office and whose collection of watches "a week" ruined his career in the police. The investigation was tasked with eliminating E.A. Petrachenko at any cost. and a team of investigators, with all their proletarian hatred, rushed to carry out the task: Petrachenko E.A. was detained, the investigating authorities filed a petition for arrest. The court refused, since Art. 145 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation does not imply arrests, this is generally such an article extremely unsuitable for ruining a businessman, although how to interpret it. There are no impossible missions for Major General of Justice Igor Komissarov, Police Major D.M. Budnevich bought a one-way economy class air ticket in the name of Petrachenko Eugeny on the LED (St. Petersburg) - BCA (Barcelona) route, moreover, directly from his mobile phone, from which he went to social networks and Instagram, and from which transferred money to his wife's card, that is, he acted impudently, confident of his impunity and according to the “newly approved plan”. November 1, 2017 Petrachenko E.A. was again detained and arrested, allegedly while trying to escape with a purchased air ticket. Nobody bothered in Finding out who exactly bought the plane ticket in the name of Evgeny Petrachenko. The fact that he did not have a Spanish visa was not taken into account by the court. So, from the second attempt of the investigating authorities, the mission was completed and pensioner Petrachenko E.A. was sent to the SIZO "Kresty", the court did not pay attention either to chronic diseases, or to the entire absurdity of the security forces' theater with the alleged purchase of an air ticket, they also did not pay attention to age, but Judge Kryukov did not make such decisions either. Now he does not work as a judge, teaches law. In the pre-trial detention center, pressure on Petrachenko continued, he was placed in cells with drug addicts, thieves and repeat offenders, Yevgeny Petrachenko was called "Zhenya - Barcelona". Then in the fate of Petrachenko E.A. Ombudsman B.Yu. Titov appeared for a short time, before his visit to the pre-trial detention center (during his election campaign B.Yu. Titov visited the pre-trial detention center), Evgeny Petrachenko was transferred to a decent cell, without drug addicts. There was a meeting with B.Yu. Titov, he promised to help with improving the conditions of detention, as well as contribute, if possible, to change the preventive measure. In March 2018, Petrachenko E.A. was released on house arrest. All this time, the assets of the enterprise were taken away, since the isolation and deprivation of funds not only for the struggle, but also for existence practically eliminated Petrachenko E.A. physically. The property was partly sold without bidding, at a many times lower value, which led to the fact that the property was not only not enough to pay off the creditors' claims, but Petrachenko E.A. prosecuted for subsidiary liability. And the criminal case on non-payment of wages was sent to the court, the court lasted more than two years. On September 8, 2019, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. sent the senior assistant to the chairman of the IC of Russia Igor Fedorovich Komissarov to retire and a criminal case against E.A. Petrachenko. died out having lost the general's support. The general was not leaving well, Bastrykin learned that Komissarov took money under his name.Evgeny Petrachenko was sentenced to a fine of 10 thousand rubles by verdict, having been found guilty, but then the court decided to return the case to the prosecutor, since it was impossible to pass a verdict on the charge brought, the non-payment was a month in total, not three months ... that is, they didn't even work out an article even at a stretch.

At present, Evgeny Petrachenko is under recognizance not to leave, the criminal case is probably in the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Moskovsky District, all the statutes of limitation have been issued on it, A.K. Manaf. did not become the head of the SU in the district, but received the position of a deputy and now he, without General Komissarov I.F., may have to recognize Petrachenko E.A. to deal with this criminal case. the right to rehabilitation. During the so-called investigation, a lot of budgetary funds and resources were spent, the investigation interrogated hundreds of employees of ZAO MNPP "Fart", a whole team of investigators was investigating a far-fetched criminal case in which evidence was falsified. Brykin Nikolai Gavrilovich received both money and assets and shares, and even licenses of the enterprise CJSC MNPP "Fart" for the development of mineral resources, of course, not everything went to him or to his affiliates, which was simply turned into money. Komissarov Igor Fyodorovich did not stay on the loser, it was always expensive with him, but reliably. Budnevich Dmitry Mikhailovich is now retired, too, with the rank of major "left himself", they say that one of the apartments of Petrachenko Ye.A. on Krestovsky Island, a person associated with D.M. Budnevich departed. 700 employees of the enterprise ZAO MNPP "Fart" were left without work and vegetate in poverty, Petrachenko Ye.A. even the pension has been arrested ...

Дмитрий Будневич

What morality - Businessmen and Entrepreneurs, if you are offered something to sell / give for a pittance - give it back, believe me, the years of torture chambers and the struggle for justice, which does not exist in Russia - it is not worth it. The ombudsmen will do the most they can to get them out of the pre-trial detention center for house arrest. Someday the Brykins, Komissarovs, Budnevichs and others will gorge themselves and get out of the country, but this is not certain.

Часы Дмитрия Будневича

Roman Trushkin

To be continued