Available was a letter to the FSB of the Russian Federation Yulia Passovoy - wife of the former first Deputy of Director FGUP "Ateks" FSO of Russia Stanislav kuner. It was her husband along with partners in the first place Dmitry Mikhalchenko and Dmitry Sergeyev, was engaged in the reconstruction of all the most sensitive sites, residences, dachas, etc. Julia for many years has been "its" in this Kuga front of her did not hide secrets in the open and "drank" huge amounts of money, billions. They sometimes did not even fit into the cabinets and sofas. All of these tools have been successfully stolen in the reconstruction of these objects. Girl first who reported this to FSCB of the Russian Federation. It was on her statement that the investigation was launched. This statement appeared in a We will post it in several parts.           

"I, Pasova Yulia Viktorovna, report information about the known signs of illegal activity of the former first Deputy Director of FSUE "ATEX" of FSO of Russia kuehner S. V. about the criminal liability provided by Art. 306 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation I am aware.

My ex-husband, küner Stanislav Valerievich,....G. R., from 2008 to 2011 he worked as Deputy Director of JSC "Baltstroy", in JSC" Stroyfasad " held the position of Director of construction. Baltstroy CJSC in this period of time was headed by Sergeev Dmitry Anatolyevich, born in 1978, and Kochenov, S. V., 1978 was General Manager of the company.

Sergeev D. A. and kuehner S. V. are long-standing business partners. Co-founded a number of commercial companies – ZAO "Technoflot", "Fdecor", "Petrodar", "Company "Prime design." In addition to business Kuhner, S. V., Sergeev D. A., and S. V. Kochenova have close friendships since high school. Sergeev D. A. is the godfather of our common with Kuhner, S. V., daughter of Alice 2006 G. R., Kuhner S. V., in turn, is the godfather of the daughter Sergeev D. A. and son Kochenov A. V. in addition, our family (kuner, Sergeeva and Kochenova) regularly went on a joint vacation, usually abroad.

In CJSC Baltstroy, CJSC Stroyfasad kuner S. V. was responsible for implementation of construction contracts with FSUE Ateks of FSO of Russia - "reconstruction of object of FSO of Russia-the building to the address: Moscow, Ilyinka St., 21", " Construction Of the house of receptions of the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation "Gorki-9"," Restoration of the Moscow Conservatory", etc.

01.07.2011. Kuhner, S. V. according to the decision taken collectively Sergeev D. A., Kamenevym A. M. (Director FGUP "Ateks" FSO Russia) and Mikhalchenko D. P. (Director HK "the Forum"), went to work in FGUP "Ateks" FSO Rossii (Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya street, d. 56), where he held the position of first Deputy Director, as needed "their man" in office. FGUP "Ateks" Kuhner S. V. worked until 16.08.2013

I believe that the activities of Kuehner S. V. as first Deputy Director of FSUE " ATEX "FSO of Russia was fully controlled by Sergeev D. A. Acting on his instructions, kuehner S. V. made management decisions (concluded contracts, made advances, acceptance of works, etc.) in the interests of companies controlled by Sergeev D. A. and Mikhalchenko D. P. (CJSC" Baltstroy", CJSC" Stroyfasad", LLC" Stroykomplekt"), for which he received money, as well as" remuneration " in another form.

Furthermore, Kuhner, S. V., during the period of the "Ateks" has not lost his personal interest in ZAO "Stroyfasad", CJSC "Baltstroy".  It follows from the statements available to me on the cash flow in the accounts of kuehner S. V. to Raiffeisen Bank that during the period of work at FSUE "ATEX" kuehner S. V. continued to receive wages in CJSC "Baltstroy" in the period from July to October 2011. And dividends JSC "Stroyfasad" for the 2009-2010 year. In addition, in the autumn of 2011, kuehner SV in a conversation told me that Sergeev da "gave me 5% "Baltstroy". Think it was about 5% of the shares of CJSC "Baltstroy", or about 5% of income Companies. I want to note that according to extracts from the register during the work of Kuhner in the "Ateks" D. A. Sergeev and S. V. Kuhner continued together to be part of the founders of OOO "Fdecor", "Petrodar", "Company "Prime design."

Costs Kuhner, S. V., during the period of the "Ateks" was much higher than his official salary is about 120 thousand rubles. per month (according to the reference 2-pit for 2012 – RUB 1,747 million). For example, from September 2012 to June 2013 kuehner SV rented an apartment at the address: Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya str., 70, kV ... 5 for 250 thousand rubles per month (the contract of employment is available). In January 2012, the cost of the new year holidays amounted to more than 20,000 euros. The total amount of deposits known to me Bank cards t and accounts kuehner SV from 01.07.2011 to March 2013 is about 20 thousand dollars.US, 160 thousand euros, 8.5 million. rubles'. At the same time, kuehner S. V. held the main assets of funds in cash (Bank cells in Raiffeisen Bank and Nota-Bank), and could also be placed in foreign banks outside Russia.

As stated in the document at the disposal of,


Julia considers it necessary to note that the level of well-being of our family has risen sharply after the transition of kuner SV to work in FSUE "ATEX" FSO of Russia. The husband constantly brought home large sums of cash in packages and bags and kept them at home. No one kept records of the cash, sometimes I accidentally found forgotten bags of money under the bed, in the wardrobe and other places.

In March 2012, Kuhner, S. V., acquired for our family of two plots of land and unfinished house in the Istra district of the Moscow region (with\POS Luchinkoy., Kotovo, street Grape, d. 131) in 16 million. the Buyer fictitiously made unemployed pensioner mother of Kuhner, S. V., born in 1938, living with sister Kuhner S. V. in England. Kuner S. V. explained to me that registration on mother is necessary as to it as to the employee of state enterprise, it will be difficult to explain an origin of such large sum. In may 2012, the mother transferred ownership of these objects to kuner S. V. under the contract of donation.

I know that between kuner S. V. and Sergeev D. A. 01.09.2012 a loan agreement was concluded in a simple written form, according to which Sergeev D. A. transferred to Kuner S. V. 20 million rubles..

From the loan agreement of September 1, 2012 (a copy is also available in the materials of the civil case on the claim of Kuner S. V. to Pasova Yu. V. in Nikulinsky district court of Moscow), it follows that at the specified time in Moscow, Dmitry Anatolyevich Sergeyev gave kuner Stanislav Valerievich ownership of 20 million rubles for a period of 5 years at 10% per annum with payment of all interest at the end of the loan term. Attention is drawn to the fact that for 5 years kuehner SV released from the need to pay any amount. Moreover, the exact amount, which in the form of interest is payable for all 5 years, has not been determined. It is not clear from the contract whether the interest is paid for those sums of money that in the form of interest kuehner would have to pay every year, but will pay only after 10 years (For example, for the first year 10% will be 2 000 rubles. Will kuehner for the second year to pay with the specified amount of another 10%, that is 200 000 rubles?). Thus, from the contract, part of which is the receipt of Kuehner S. V. the fact that he received funds in the amount of 20 million rubles from D. A. Sergeev, it follows that the funds were transferred to Kuehner on September 1, 2012 and there are no guarantees that in 5 years kuehner will return the funds received.

I believe that this loan agreement is fictitious and was concluded in order to legalize the transfer of funds received by kuner S. V.. In fact, the funds that were transferred to kuner S. V. Sergeev D. A. are a bribe for the creation of ZAO Stroyfasad, CJSC Baltstroy advantages in the conclusion of contracts with FSUE "ATEX" of the FSO of Russia in the framework of the implementation of state contracts, as well as the General patronage of these companies and Sergeev D. A., which kuner S. V. provided, using his official powers and official position.

In December 2013, I appealed to the public organization "national anti-corruption Committee" , as well as to the press with information about the signs of illegal activity in the actions of kuner S. V., Sergeev D. A., as well as their corruption relations with Kaminov A.m. and Mikhalchenko D. P.

As he says in the document, which has, Julia 05.12.2013 g. at about 23: 30 I called Sergeev da and asked for a meeting to talk in person and help settle the differences between me and kuner SV. The conversation took place in the restaurant "Chaykhona №1" (Moscow, Michurinskiy PR., d. 36), where we arrived by car Sergeeva da about 23:50. Sergeyev said that he was asked to talk to me Mikhalchenko DP (head of HC "Forum", which includes"Baltstroy"). Sergeyev said that I will not be able to win in the confrontation with them (mean, Kuhner S. V., Caminova A. and M. Mikhalchenko D. P.). And I have to understand that"Dima (Mikhalchenko) will solve everything". Sergeev also clearly explained that have transferred 20 million Kuhner, S. V. on the construction of the house. In addition, he explained that he constantly transferred kuner S. V. and other funds, in particular, the funds that were spent on the overhaul of two of our apartments with a total area of 160 sq.m. (apartments are combined into one) at Moscow, Michurinsky PR-t, 3, sq. 296 (297).

These apartments were purchased by kuner S. V. for our family in June 2011 without finishing. Repair was made from spring 2012 to July 2013 by CJSC Baltstroy "turnkey". The order of production of calculations with CJSC Baltstroy is unknown to me.

According to my data during work in FSUE "Ateks" of FSO of Russia kuner S. V. had the power of attorney from the Director Kaminov A. M. on the right of the conclusion of contracts on behalf of the enterprise, headed the tender Commission, that is was the official. In the framework of the implemented FGUP "Ateks" FSO Russia government contracts construction contracts are regularly concluded with CJSC "Stroyfasad", CJSC "Baltstroy", OOO "Stroykomplekt".

In particular, I know that in 2012, Kuhner, S. V., being the official, from FGUP "Ateks" signed a contract with JSC "Stroyfasad" for the construction of the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation "Novo-Ogaryovo" in the framework of the state contract, the General contractor which acted FGUP "Ateks" (cost more than 5 billion rubles). In the future, Baltstroy CJSC was engaged to perform work as a subcontractor JSC "Stroyfasad".

After analyzing the site "" I came to the conclusion that the said state contract has not been executed to date, although the term of its execution expired in March 2016 (taking into account additional agreements).

Thus, as a result of the abuse of official powers of kuehner S. V., expressed in the signing of the contract with Stroyfasad CJSC for the construction of the Novo-Ogarevo facility, committed out of self-interest and other personal interest, there were serious consequences in the form of non-fulfillment of the state contract within the period. In turn, the state contract is not executed as a result of non-fulfillment of its obligations by CJSC Stroyfasad.



To be continued