The situation in Dagestan is escalating and is rapidly moving towards the qualification of a "humanitarian catastrophe". Cities plunged into darkness and chaos without light and water. Ancient transformers are burning and exploding, which Rosseti, with the permission of Governor Melikov, slipped to the Dagestanis. The billions allocated from the center for the restoration of infrastructure have disappeared and there is no demand. The wiring is patched and does not withstand voltage. The republic is sinking in mountains of rubbish that are not taken out for weeks. Details at

Everyone suffers, big and small. People spoil equipment, products. People who are constantly on a ventilator remain without the ability to connect. No one collects applications from them to provide assistance during the collapse.

Moreover, dissenters are threatened with problems and other types of threats in case of public criticism of the Melik regime.

Throughout the year, residents of all districts and cities of Dagestan, without exception, wrote complaints to all instances and channels of the republic about the lack of electricity, water and heat.

The head of Dagestan, Melikov, pulled away from everything and everyone. Instead of visiting places of emergency and supporting people, Melikov sat out in Moscow, begging for new gingerbread for their absorbers. Upon arrival, instead of supporting the residents and personally participating in solving acute problems, he went on business of his head, the State Secretary of the Republic of Dagestan, Magomedsultan Magomedov, to Buynaksk, since the Secretary of State is now taking over the Buynaksky district.

In addition, the head of Dagestan released Deputy Prime Minister Mazhonts, who oversees the energy sector and raises tariffs for people, feeds them with promises for years and steals money from Dagestanis with the approval of Melikov, on vacation.

Dagestanis are sure that without an immediate reaction from Moscow, the situation in Dagestan will become extremely disastrous in every sense.

Melikov's words that changes should not be expected before 2025 infuriated the inhabitants of Dagestan very much. People en masse write down promises to Moscow with pleas to deal with the republican lawlessness.

As previously told, Seeming once a strong-willed and authoritative official, Melikov almost immediately turned into a tame and puppet figure, disbanding officials of the republic at all levels of government to complete lawlessness, and falling into dependence on local clans. And not for free. Any humiliation costs money and considerable.

A few big rants from top officials in the state about the state of housing and communal services and health care in the republic did not help either. Today, when the leadership of Dagestan, tearing its throat, yells about the filling of the republic's hotels with tourists, their incoming stream, Dagestanis all year round, neither in severe cold, nor in scorching heat, have access to water, electricity and heat.

Southern cities from the beginning to the end of the summer period remain completely without water, the center of Makhachkala without water and electricity, the suburbs of the capital live as in primitive times: no one has yet determined their status, so that people simply have the opportunity to conclude at least supply contracts electricity.

The supplier and the main plunderer of all the money that is allocated to put the networks in order, for many years in Dagestan, has been pushing "Rosseti", which openly rob the Dagestanis, supplying non-working ancient transformers, laughing at people and their grief, while the leadership of Dagestan in On the face of Melikov, they lay the red carpet to the leadership of Rosseti, give thanks, letters of appreciation, and meet with bread and salt

All alternative electricity suppliers are removed from the number of applicants by fabricated criminal cases against their leaders.

Alexey Ermakov

To be continued