Source: continues to analyze proassurance trials in two criminal cases: in respect of "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young) and in respect of employees of the OVD Presnensky, who didn't intervene in the "review" in the restaurant "Elements". In this post we present fragments of evidence and "wiretaps" on the people Shakro, including Andrew Kochanova (Italian). From them it becomes clear that on "dismantling" in restaurant "Elements" gangsters went accompanied by the prepared fighters as the conflict threatened with complications of the relations with "serious people". Judging by the other materials of the case, we can assume that this is Iskander Makhmudov, Andrei Bokarev and Kenes Rakishev. 

In the case of bribery for the release of the "authority" Kochanova at the disposal of, estt interesting record of negotiations "of a fixer" Dmitry Smickovska and employee RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko. Smychkovski handed over to the investigators for the release of Italyanca from jail on $ 1 million, but the issue of "authority" from custody does not succeed. Moreover, information about a large bribe becomes dostoyaniem FSB.    Smychkovski, conducting its own exploration, so Maximenko explains the reasons for the failure: Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev has allocated $ 3 million to "provocations" in respect of "thief in law" Zachary Kalashov and employees of the RCDS. Precisely, because of this, it was not possible to "without noise and dust" to get the Italian free. Maksimenko is attentive to this information and writes it down. Later these records at a search at the General were found by employees of FSB of the Russian Federation. During the interrogation, Maksimenko and explained that it outlined the conversation with Smychkovski. However, then General stopped to lend any testimony. And Smickovska not ask - he escaped from Russia and is wanted.

Readers you must explain why in the "surfaced" surname Makhmudov and Bokarev. The first of them periodically used the services of a lawyer Eduard Budantsev, who is familiar with the 90-ies.


In turn, Mahmudov has a business partner Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev (linked through the company Singulariteam). When a friend Rakishev, the owner of the restaurant "Elements" Hello Kim "ran" the authority of Andrey Kokunov, she ran for help to the Kenes, he was asked about the service Makhmudov, who recommended Budantseva. It ended in a massacre between people Budantseva and Italian at the restaurant "Elements" and the ensuing arrest Kochanova. Therefore Rakishev, Mahmudov and Bokarev in behind-the-scenes "war" were on the other side of the barricades with the "thief in law" Zakhar Kalashov and employees of the TFR. And made every effort and means to "sink" opponents.

                  And now we turn to the publication of a fragment of the transcript of the court hearings about "serious people".

"On the implementation by Bekmuradova and its controlled entities for personal protection "the thief in the law" - Kalashov, showed the witnesses....

From a witness statement ... it is seen that he and Bekmuradov have long been friends with each other. In their communication of Bekmuradov said that he regularly performs the "non-standard" order of Kalashov and accompanies the latter on "various meetings".

Witness. .. reported that the private security company "Defender" which bekmuradov directly directed, carried out personal protection "Shakro", that is Kalashov. In addition, in the process of communication between Bekmuradov and subordinate entity called Kalashov "Shakro".

Indications of similar content given by the witness ... who specified that Bekmuradov exercised full control over the current, daily activity of the private security enterprise specified above, and considered as the "chief" criminal authority - Kalashov. 

Stated above confirmed bekmuradov, having specified only that he didn't know about Kalashov's belonging to so-called "thieves ' world". Besides, Bekmuradov showed that misikova was the girlfriend of the cohabitant of Kalashov. It is the Kalash, explained Bekmuradov, "gave (him) the idea of a" discuss with Coconova conflict between Misikova and Jeanne Kim.


On arrival at the restaurant "Elements", according to the testimony of a convicted Surzhikova, Kochunov openly declared that he "came here from thieves, specifically from "Shakro".

During the trial Kochunov this fact is not denied and said: "I mentioned the name of Zakhar Kalashov ... only fear and desire ... this is to prevent... Calling the name of a strong person, I thought that if these people of a criminal or informal block ... this will stop them".

Thus, Kochuikov very accurately described Kalashov as a respected criminal authority, the mention of which will intimidate and "stop" any person, including those belonging to the "thieves ' world".

The fact of close communication between the Kalash and Kochunov not dispute. Moreover, the court Kochunov, speaking of the relations existing between him and Kalashov, said: "we are friends, and our families are friends".

Therefore, Bekmuradov and Kochunov authentically knew that the Kalash - "thief in law".

In addition, Kochunov being questioned in the court of first instance showed that the Kalash knew about the conflict between Misikova and Jeanne Kim. Their intervention in this conflict Kochunov actually motivated by the need to protect the interests of Kalashov in order to prevent possible complications of the relations between the latter and "some serious people". In addition, Kochuikov told about "the close relations" which developed between him and Misikova, and also reported about involvement in the above-mentioned conflict of Bekmuradov - "the chief (service) of safety of my companion", that is Kalashov".


To be continued

Alexey Ermakov