The fugitive wallet of Nazarbayev, the oligarch Kenes Rakishev, is doing very badly. His curator and unspoken partner of the former head of the KNB, Karim Masimov, was arrested. Earlier, a friend and protégé of Rakishev, the authority of Arman Diky, was taken into custody. Rakishev's close friend Samat Abish, Nazarbayev's nephew, who served as deputy head of the KNB, should be removed from his post. The son-in-law of Nazarbayev, Timur Kulibayev, the chief, senior partner of Rakishev, lost his place as chairman of the presidium of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs. It is the money of Kulibayev, as a prominent representative of the Nazarbayev clan, that Rakishev invests all over the world. President Tokayev has already expressed dissatisfaction with "Nazarbayev's wallets", perhaps the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan will follow Rakishev. Whereas Russian law enforcement agencies show incomprehensible reverence for Rakishev, fearing to disturb him with interrogations. But he is one of the main defendants in the investigation of the massacre on Rochdelskaya Street. continues to publish the most interesting materials of criminal cases about the shootout on Rochdelskaya Street, which took place on December 14, 2015. The new materials of the case make it possible to assess what happened at the Elements restaurant in December 2015 in a completely different way. Here are the most striking moments from the testimony of an active participant in the shootout, lawyer Eduard Budantsev.

Жанна Ким

 “... I have been working as a lawyer in the Dictatorship of Law Bar Association since 2009. Since December 2015, I have entered into an agreement to provide legal assistance to Kim Jeanne. I am friends with her brothers, Kim Vyacheslav and Kenes (I don’t remember his last name, he is Zhanna’s cousin), so one of them advised her to seek legal help from me. After we concluded an agreement, she did not turn to me for help, and on December 14, 2015, at about 8 pm from Kazakhstan, either Vyacheslav or Kenes called me on my mobile phone (I confuse them by their voices, they are similar) and said that Zhanna has some problems, that someone is even trying to “load her into the trunk”, and asked me to drive up to her and find out the circumstances of what happened. After this call, ] called from his mobile phone Zhanna, which I had recorded. Zhanna answered me and said that there was a group of people in her office who were trying to force them to pay some debt…”

Андрей Кочуйков

 Budantsev gave these testimonies at the investigation stage, before the appearance in the case of the audio recording of the negotiations carried out by Zhanna Kim, respectively, Budantsev did not know about the existence of the recording at that time. However, at the trial in the Presnensky Court, after listening to the audio recording and overlaying it on the video from the restaurant, analyzing the details of telephone conversations and interrogating witnesses, it became clear that Budantsev was lying. During interrogation in court, Budantsev began to crumble and he had to admit that he was sent to the restaurant by a billionaire from Kazakhstan, Kenes Rakishev, who is not a relative of Kim Zhanna, but in fact turned out to be her patron.

 He could not show the details of outgoing calls to Zhanna Kim's phone, and when viewing the recording, it became clear that Zhanna Kim was the first to call him when she was on the veranda of the restaurant five meters from Budantsev, and when Budantseva approached her, she asked her interlocutor - "Who is this?" - referring to Budantsev!

Эдуард Буданцев

There were no dialogues on the audio recording of the conversation between Zhanna Kim and Budantsev about the commission of illegal actions against her. According to, Budantsev did not provide the court with an agreement for the provision of legal services with Zhanna Kim. And he could not explain to the court why he first introduced himself to the participants in the negotiations at the Elements restaurant, and then to Jeanne Kim as an employee of the Moscow criminal investigation department, while being her lawyer, he could not. At the same time, it was revealed that the real lawyer of Kim Zhanna with whom the agreement was concluded was the lawyer Petrosyants, who participated in the negotiations and did not confirm the fact of illegal actions against Zhanna Kim in court, and Budantsev saw for the first time in his life and thought that this was a police officer .

An equally remarkable episode of lies happened to Budantsev in relation to Denis Romashkin, a police officer of the Khamovniki OMVD. In the testimony given at the investigation stage, lawyer Budantsev stated that “.... I turned to Romashkin and told that the restaurant was extorting money from Zhanna Kim and asked him to take action, but Romashkin, despite the obvious fact of extortion , explained that now he will not take any measures, that everything must first be sorted out. The men who were with Romashkin, who, as I understand it, are also operational police officers, also showed no desire to understand what had happened. “... Romashkin did nothing. At the same time, later three employees previously unknown to me Surzhikov, Shakirov went to the office where they discussed something ... "" Romashkin was present during the conversation, also I (Budantsev) Chertsintsev. Kostrichenko, Kim, Shakirov, where we together assessed what happened and repeatedly suggested that police officers respond to these events to identify the persons in the VIP room and clarify the situation in detail, Romashkin was aware and heard all this. Also, during the inspection of the video recording from the cameras installed in the Elements, Budantsev identified Romashkin, who was sitting with him at the table of the restaurant, about which a corresponding note was made in the protocol. But when watching video recordings of CCTV cameras, it is clear that Romashkin, an employee of the Khamovniki Department of Internal Affairs, was in the restaurant for about 5 minutes, did not sit at the table with Budantsev and other persons, and did not participate in any dialogues with the persons indicated in Budantsev's testimony, did not hold meetings.

Budantsev, pinned in court, began to get out, telling the court that he considered the head of the Presnya criminal investigation department to be a private detective Fenechkin (he came to the restaurant at the request of Zhanna Kim, on the day of the events he advised Zhanna Kim at the request of Rakishev's people) whom he identified on the video with a note in the protocol. Another active participant in the skirmish, Kostrichenko, lied in a similar way. The motives for Budantsev’s lies were explained to the court by his friend, also a participant in the shooting, Pyotr Cherchintsev, who said that at the investigation stage they lied and slandered the police officers in order to help Budantsev evade criminal responsibility for the murders he had committed, and the story with an appeal to the police officers with a request to accept extortion measures were devised at the Dictatorship of Law law office, and subsequently implemented. To justify the use of weapons by the Budantsevs, it was necessary to come up with a serious assault, which is extortion, and the inaction of the police, Cherchintsev told the court. We did not know about the presence of police officer Romashkin in the restaurant, we adjusted the testimony after the events from the video recording, we also did not know what position Romashkin held, therefore, when viewing the recording, they pointed to Fenechkin as the head of the Presnya criminal investigation department, by his behavior we thought that he may be his leader, while later they learned that they were mistaken when they found out that Fenechkin was a private detective. At the same time, it is strange that the leadership of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, describing the actions of Romashkin at the scene, for some reason also pointed to the video recording of detective Fenechkin.

Detective Fenechkin, interrogated in the Presnensky Court, categorically denied the appeal to him as the head of the investigation by Budantsev and other persons with a request to take action, saying that he had not presented himself to anyone as the head of the criminal investigation department. The clue to this story in the Presnensky court was told by Pyotr Cherchintsev, reporting the true reasons for the shootout, the conflict occurred near the VIP room of the restaurant on the basis of personal hostile relations between him and another participant in the negotiations, and the conflict was not related to the discussion of Zhanna Kim's debt. They stood on the street talking and found out who was coming from, but ".... Budantsev took out a gun and said I would shoot everyone," after which a fight began, more precisely, employees of the private security company tried to pacify Budantsev, but in vain, Budantsev began to shoot unmotivated.

Cherchintsev concluded that "If Budantsev had not demonstrated weapons, nothing would have happened ...". Cherchintsev's words were confirmed by the testimony of witnesses and other objective evidence. Another witness for the prosecution, Ayubov, who is a friend of Kim Zhanna's ex-husband, did not confirm the testimony that he had heard the phrase "Get the machine guns, load the bald man into the trunk." He said that the investigator imposed these testimony on him. By the way, these threats were not heard by any of the witnesses interrogated in court, with the exception of Budantsev and his company. Ayubov did not confirm the illegal actions in the Elements restaurant against Zhanna Kim and Budantsev. The judge of the Presnensky Court Tatyana Vasyuchenko, having listened to the flow of lies from Budantsev and his company, intended to single out materials in relation to Budantsev and Zhanna Kim, for slandering police officers, but did not do this for unclear reasons. At the same time, our sources in law enforcement agencies said that an illegal sentence against police officers could take place only if there was any interest on the part of the judiciary, there is no other reason for issuing and not a just sentence.

Кенес Ракишев, Хабиб Нурмагомедов, Карим Масимов, Самат Абиш

The patron of Kim Jeanne, Kenes Rakishev, was interested in the conviction of the police officers, who, if Budantsev was involved in the murder and slandering the police officers, could become a defendant in the case of aiding the murder. It is interesting why, at the stage of investigation, these facts and many other inconsistencies in the testimony of Budantsev and Zhanna Kim did not in any way interest the investigators of the chairman of the ICR of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, and employees of the Prosecutor General of Russia. Or maybe they were instructed to remove Budantsev from the double murder case?





To be continued

Alexey Ermakov