Source: continues to tell the story of how money was criminally withdrawn for personal gain from the Smolensk Bank to Igor Kolomoisky's Privatbank. Any financial transactions of the bank, and especially transactions in foreign currency, are subject to strict supervision by regulatory authorities, both on the part of the payer and on the receiving side. Recall that the recipients of US dollars from Smolensky Bank in Privatbank were exclusively British companies. Withdrawal of $700 million from one medium-sized bank of the Russian Federation to British companies in Kolomoisky's bank could not but attract the attention of inspectors. So at least according to the documents everything was legal and correct .. Is it so?


    Let's compare two contracts.


    One of them is between Varmint LLC TIN 5003043687 and Mentex Interstate Grupp Ins USA. Contract No. 26-1704 dated April 14, November 2003. Allegedly, under this contract, in 2003, food products worth more than 13 million US dollars were imported to Russia. A kind American businessman named Jeffrey Menzel sent a Russian businessman A.V. Mizgin to Russia. food for such an amount and, most importantly, did not ask for payment for ten whole years, although the contract indicates a payment period of 90 days. No courts, no trials, just good Uncle Sam. Years have passed.. The buyer, who allegedly remembered his conscience, decided to pay off the old debt. In ten years, the legal address of the buyer has changed twice, and Maltseva I.A. became the general director, and suddenly the amount of the transaction passport increased to $28 million. Neither bank specialists, nor M.Yu. The account has been opened, the procedure has been followed. And the final chord. The bank receives additional agreement No. 8 dated September 13, 2013, concluded between Varmint LLC and the above-mentioned American company on replacing the recipient of funds for the debt from Mentex Interstate Grupp Ins to Paula Energy LLP Britain, the recipient bank, of course, Privat. Fly, money, fly. also has a second contract No. KF228 / 2002 dated February 20, 2003 between Sovintel LLC TIN 5003042872 and Gummisped Marketing GMBH Germany. In accordance with the contract, as far back as 2003, building materials worth 40 million US dollars were supplied to Russia. The benefactor who forgot about the lack of payment for supposedly delivered goods for a long ten years was Patrick Neuhaus. The following is a very similar pattern. The old transaction passport appears in the Smolensk Bank, everyone does not notice the forgery, a current account is opened. Instead of a German company, the British company Crystalberg INC becomes the recipient of the money, the account of which, by an understandable coincidence, is opened in the same Privat Bank. Could the Deputy Director of the Department of International Business and Financial Monitoring of the Moscow Branch of Smolensky Bank OJSC M.Yu. Sterkhov, signing a bank control sheet for the transfer of a very large amount in foreign currency to another state, not to understand that he is committing illegal actions? Of course not. Later, this Mr. Sterkhov became the Chairman of the Board of another bank, where the accomplices of the head of the Smolensk Bank Shitov P.N. moved smoothly with their criminal schemes. But that's another story..

   So, two contracts, two different Russian companies, two companies from the US and Britain, what can unite them? First of all, nominee heads of Russian firms, in which at least 20 organizations were registered. (Insert No. 1 of the Treaty, Insert No. 2 additional agreements)

Павел Шитов - Твиттер

   Well, now once again about the ideological inspirer of the criminal group of the Smolensk Bank. Shitov Pavel Nikolaevich - a person who is fond of. Having sent the money stolen from depositors to Ukraine, having received citizenship there, being under criminal prosecution in the Russian Federation, (for some reason, without giving up Russian), he apparently forgot about his Smolensk roots, and about where he grew up, who and what he learned.

We express the hope that the Investigative Committee of Russia will not be limited to the formal involvement of Shitov P.N. to liability, but will give a legal assessment of the actions of each member of the criminal group.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin