Talking about the beating of a girl because she “dared” to speak Russian in Kyrgyzstan with a local resident, the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel noted that in Moscow “guests from Kyrgyzstan” were on some special account, so as not to happen. In fact, they have already stood on a par with the natives of Chechnya, who are still "their own". Only in mid-July in Kuzminki there was a mass brawl (several hundred participants) with stabbing, which was organized by the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. This time they did not like the Tajiks, whom they came to cut and beat (in the spring there were armed conflicts on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan). After the fight, 72 guests from Kyrgyzstan were detained. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that all participants in the fight will be expelled from Russia. Immediately, the embassy of Kyrgyzstan stood up to protect the "peaceful migrants". What's next? And after that, the topic of mass expulsion came to naught. The court sentenced six participants in the fight to 15 days of administrative arrest. When the Ministry of Internal Affairs was reminded of the promised mass expulsion, they noted that "this issue has not yet been resolved." It is clear that with such inexplicable loyalty to the "guests" from Kyrgyzstan, in their homeland they can beat them up for speaking Russian.

Moreover, as it became known to, high-ranking officials of Kyrgyzstan have come up with the following form of earnings: in relation to a Russian citizen who has a business / money, who has at least some roots with Kyrgyzstan, a criminal case is initiated in Kyrgyzstan for economic article. Further, the victim is declared on the international wanted list, and then a guilty verdict is passed in absentia. The verdict is needed only in order to satisfy the civil claim of the "victim" and after that, in a simplified manner, I use the Minsk Convention to apply to a Russian court to obtain a writ of execution. In essence, an ideal crime scheme.


According to the file of cases By the ruling of the Moscow City Court in case No. 3M-613/2021 dated 07/08/2021, the petition of Alexander Vladimirovich Kim for the recognition and compulsory execution in the territory of the Russian Federation of the verdict of the Pervomaisky District Court of the city of Bishkek of the Kyrgyz Republic dated June 3, 2020 was accepted regarding the recovery of material damage from Tsoi German Alekseevich.

Tsoi German Alekseevich, a well-known Russian businessman, has government awards, including a certificate of the President of the Russian Federation, holder of the Order of Friendship, is the founder and one of the main shareholders of the international public company HMS Group.

HMS Group is one of the largest manufacturers of pumping and compressor equipment for the oil and gas industry, energy, housing and communal services and water management in Russia and the CIS, one of the leading manufacturers of modular oilfield equipment, as well as a dynamically developing engineering company that performs a wide range of design, construction and installation and commissioning works for the complex arrangement of oil and gas production facilities and water facilities.

HMS Group develops and supplies equipment for PJSC Gazprom Neft, PJSC NK Rosneft, PJSC Surgutneftegaz, PJSC AK Alrosa, PJSC Tatneft, PJSC Novatek, Inter RAO group, etc.


As found out, Tsoi was chosen as a "victim" by a group of former and current officials of the Kyrgyz Republic, who, using falsified documents and corruption of the law enforcement and judicial system of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, along with political instability, make court decisions on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic regarding Russian citizens, for the subsequent recognition of the court decision on the territory of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner and foreclosure on property for the purpose of its appropriation, or blackmail their victim and interfere with his normal life, which undoubtedly undermines the foundations of society and the authority of state power in the Russian Federation.

The possibility of implementing this scheme / criminal intent is due to the fact that, according to fabricated documents, criminal prosecution is initiated in Kyrgyzstan on a far-fetched basis and the victim is not able to take part in the process and provide any explanations, since the whole process is carried out in absentia. Further, a guilty verdict is issued and a civil claim of the alleged victim is satisfied in order to subsequently obtain a writ of execution and implement a simplified procedure for recognizing a criminal verdict on the territory of the Russian Federation in terms of a satisfied civil claim.


According to the above "scheme" in 2014 in Kyrgyzstan on the basis of fabricated documents against Tsoi German Alekseevich, a criminal case was illegally initiated in connection with the alleged facts of taking possession of someone else's property in 1992-1994, which belonged to a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kim Alexander Vladimirovich , To he supplied goods and equipment from Kyrgyzstan to a Moscow company, where Tsoi was one of the founders, while Kim A.V. calls himself Tsoi's cousin, which is not true.

Despite the complete absurdity of the accusation, the expiration of the statute of limitations and the absence of any objective evidence, Kyrgyzstan held a verdict of the Pervomaisky District Court of Bishkek (presiding A. Esenbayev) dated June 03, 2020 (hereinafter - the Verdict), according to which Tsoi German Alekseevich is a citizen Of the Russian Federation, was found guilty of a crime under part 3 of Article 204 of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic (fraud) as amended on February 02, 2017 and he was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 5 (five) years, with a penalty in favor of Kim Alexander Vladimirovich the amount of material damage caused as a result of the crime in the amount of 15 billion 703 million 574 thousand 420 som 80 tyin (more than 220 million dollars in equivalent).

By the appeal judgment of AB-04-394 / 20-UD of the Judicial Collegium for Criminal Cases and Cases of Misdemeanors of the Bishkek City Court dated August 03, 2020, the judgment of the Pervomaisky District Court of Bishkek City dated June 03, 2020 was upheld.

By the Resolution of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 4-0895 / 19 UD dated November 4, 2020, despite significant violations of the law, the Sentence was upheld.

Thus, taking into account the received petition Kim A.The. to the Moscow City Court, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, through the use of the court decision they received on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, on fictitious circumstances and forged documents, are currently carrying out actual actions to attempt to collect money from a citizen of the Russian Federation.


Tsoi German Alekseevich, has never been a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, is, according to the FMS, a citizen of the Russian Federation since July 26, 1994, permanently registered in Moscow since January 12, 1994.


From the verdict it is clear that the victim A.V. Kim, being the general director of the SCASP "RISA" (Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyz Republic) and acting on behalf of the specified legal entity, carried out in 1992-1994, deliveries of deep water pumps of the Osh pumping plant to the address of the companies LLP "Molchanov and Tsoi" (Moscow) and AOZT "Gidromashservice" (Moscow) in the city of Moscow (Russian Federation). In the case file there are railway invoices confirming the fact of sending the goods to the city of Moscow.

Meanwhile, on April 8, 1994, according to the Kyrgyz investigation, G.A. Tsoi in order to pay off the debt on the above supplies, in Moscow, he made a certain agreement with Kim A. on cooperation, according to which he allegedly took money in an unspecified amount (since this amount was not spelled out in any way in this document) on credit at 160% per annum , with the payment of a monthly amount of interest in cash in rubles or in dollars at the exchange rate on the day of payment, and in case of non-timely payment of money, pays a fine of 0.5% per day, until full settlement.

Thus, based on the available materials of the case, as well as according to the verdict, it was from April 8, 1994 that Tsoi G.A. through the conclusion of an agreement in Moscow, has already personally owed Kim A. a certain amount of money, moreover, any acts of reconciliation and mutual settlements between LLP Molchanov and Tsoi, AOZT Hydromashservice and SCASP RISA in the materials there are no cases and no one refers to them.

In April 2014, Tsoi G.A., allegedly in order to avoid fulfilling his obligations to Kim A., told Kim A. that he did not owe him anything and would not pay him. According to the testimony of A. Kim, as well as the testimony of the witness Yu.I. (wife of Kim A.), Tsoi G.A. informed them that there was no debt to Kim A. in Moscow at the Bely Aist restaurant, after which Kim A. immediately went to write a statement to the law enforcement agencies in Kyrgyzstan and a criminal case was opened there ...

In the operative part of the Sentence, which is at the disposal of, it is indicated that it is necessary to recover Tsoi G. the amount of damage in favor of Kim A., while determining the amount of material damage, the court proceeds only from the oral testimony of Kim himself, as well as the conclusion of a certain forensic expert LLC "Center for Independent Expertise" TAK "K. Dzhanseitova dated 23.08.2017, according to which the total amount of debt in dollars is 228 315 999.14 US dollars, the principal amount outstanding is 287 374.97 US dollars, interest is 10 437 630, USD 72, fine USD 217,590,993. They have been calculating since April 1994, that is, since the signing of the contract dated 04/08/1994, where it was stated that G. Tsoi takes at 160% per annum with cash payments in rubles or dollars at the exchange rate on the day of payment. In case of late payment, a penalty of 0.5% per day is paid until full settlement and until 2017.


At present, this agreement is being contested by G. Tsoi in the Butyrskiy District Court of Moscow, since he and has all the signs of invalidity and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Russian judicial system (Case No. 02-0636 / 2021 (02-5796 / 2020) ∼ M-6036/2020). The Kyrgyz are trying in every possible way to drag out the consideration process, have filed a motion to transfer the case for consideration to the Kurgyz court and have now been appealing against the refusal for six months.


Only one question arises - "Why, it was possible ???"

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin