Source: continues to talk about the lawsuit of two American-Jewish businessmen Barry Friedman and Marvin Mermelstein to the entrepreneur and investor Moshe Hogeg, Kazakh billionaire Kenes Rakishev, partner of Hogeg in the venture Fund Singulariteam, and former financial Director of Mobli Yaron Shalem. Affected businessmen bought shares of Mobli, managed by the trio, for more than $ 1.5 million in 2013-2014. Led by Friedman and Mermelstein on Rakishev arranged advertising campaign Mobli (application for photo sharing). In particular, it was announced that Mobli has attracted investments of $4 million, including Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio). As follows from the lawsuit considered in tel Aviv, the PR-specialists of the Kazakh rich forgot to tell that DiCaprio's investments in this next miracle project of Rakishev amounted to ... less than $ 10.

The grounds listed in the claim by Friedman and Mermelstein read: "if the applicants had been aware of the state of the company and, in particular, if they had known that Carlos slim's investment was only $ 10 million on concessional terms, that the company did not raise $ 60 million during the financing period under review and that Leonardo DiCaprio invested less than $ 10 in the company, the applicants would not have bought the company's shares."

The statement of claim States: "the actions and omissions of the defendants amount to fraud and deception, and at least unjust enrichment and negligent misrepresentation, aimed at forcing investors, especially the plaintiffs, to invest huge sums in the company for the personal benefit of the defendants."

The lawsuit filed by Friedman and Mermelstein States that Hogeg has been the CEO of Mobli since its founding in 2010, and Rakishev was the Chairman of the company. The main activity of the company was in Israel. Hogeg has portrayed himself for years as a financial wizard, but his lawlessness has been revealed in this case as in others. He was exposed as a hardened criminal and unsuccessful entrepreneur who caused many hundreds of millions of shekels of serious damage to plaintiffs and other investors."

According to the statement of claim, " the defendants made false and misleading representations about the true number of users of the Mobli app and about Mobli in General. They announced with great fanfare that the company will be registered in the near future on the exclusive private market platform Nasdaq. The claimants stated:" had it not been for the false statements and misrepresentations of the responses, including misleading presentations and reports on slim's huge investment, DiCaprio's major deal with the company and the company's forthcoming exit to the Nasdaq, which would have provided liquidity and other sale options, the claimants would not have acquired the company's shares and would not have suffered significant losses amounting to millions of shekels."

Rakishev, as has repeatedly noted, often "loses memory", as in the case of "investment" DiCaprio.

In the business community there is an opinion that the Kazakh entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev is not an independent person. No, of course, he knows a lot about certain areas of business (not for nothing studied in Europe), but in fact this is such a "screen" behind which the true owners of assets hide - the political "top" of Kazakhstan. Who are these people on trial in the court of the United States ( features a certified transcript of the testimony) said Rakishev. He was under oath, and if he'd been caught lying, he'd have gone straight to jail. As a result, Kenes was forced to "reluctantly" talk about his relationship with the head of the KNB Karim Masimov, the son-in-law of the head of Kazakhstan Timur Kulibayev and about his meetings with Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Exhaling after such uncomfortable questions, Rakishev, according to he fell into oblivion. During further questioning, he was unable to recall even the exact size of the shares of BTA and Kazkommertsbank, which he owned. Or is it not important when you only pretend to own? But the real owners by other people.

At one time, a lot of noise was made by correspondence published on the mysterious site Kazaword.  Its creators claimed that the letters were taken from the hacked mail Rakishev, and the dialogue is conducted by Kenes himself and "pimp №1" Peter Listerman. Latest offers Rakishev comfort of different models and simply beauties. Moreover, some girls have not yet reached the age of majority. Rakishev categorically denied that it was his correspondence and that he uses the services of girls from the escort. But during testimony in a us court, at the disposal, Rakishev extremely reluctant to acknowledged that hacking of his personal email, which he used from 2004 to 2014. Why would he be reluctant? In fact, thus Rakishev confirmed the authenticity of his correspondence with "pimp № 1" Peter Listerman, which had previously leaked to the network. On it Kenes "orders" girls, including minors.

To be continued

Timothy Zabiyakin