Under the personal control of the head of the Russian investigative committee, Alexander Bastrykin, a high-profile case of “black realtors” is successfully falling apart in Krasnodar, who during the pandemic managed to fraudulently transfer more than two dozen apartments of lonely old people to themselves. In this high-profile case, immediately after the start of the investigation, the names of representatives of the family of the former chief judge of the region Alexander Chernov, the judicial and notarial family of the Lameikins, flashed by. And now, not without their active "attention", the criminal case against this organized criminal community ends with powerful ... nothing. And it seemed, at first, that after the completion of the investigation to the employees of the Kuban Investigative Committee, the authorities could throw additional stars on shoulder straps with a shovel. It would seem that such a unique opportunity for the employees of the Investigative Committee is to flare up brightly in the dim Kuban law enforcement firmament .. But ... Details - at

The Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar put an amusing final end to the first part of the iconic law enforcement-Marlezon show, which has been under the vigilant personal control of the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin, for two years now. Two years ago, a number of central and regional media described the first details of apartment scams committed by an organized criminal community of black realtors. During the pandemic, scammers transferred a considerable number of apartments and houses of single residents of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea to themselves and their accomplices. From the very first days of the investigation, this, as it now turns out, very strange work, was taken over by the regional investigatory committee.

And already at the start, the first question arose: why, in a separate proceeding, was the criminal case of the acting notary Chernova G.T.? After all, Chernov's assistant, Tamara Tsikunib, was perhaps the most important criminal link in the implementation of all these murky schemes. It was she who issued all the powers of attorney to the mountain, where, as if on behalf of the old people, the right to dispose of their real estate and savings was received by crooks. And it was on the basis of this “leftist” that the houses and apartments of grandfathers corresponded with scammers. But for some reason, the investigation, having opened a case under Part 4 on the other members of the organized criminal group. Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - "Fraud", according to Tsikunib led the investigation to article 202 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. And this is just something "Abuse of authority by private notaries and auditors." What served as the basis for such a wise division remained a mystery. Which just now turned out to be easily solvable. One of the victims handed over to us the "Resolution of the Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar dated January 25, 2023." And reading this voluminous text, the answer to this question immediately becomes obvious.

   Grandmother said that she managed to get this highly secret document far from immediately. But, since the right to know what the court decided there was guaranteed to her by law, she nevertheless turned out to have the document.

Immediately about the summarizing part of the "verdict". Court sentenced:

“Stop the criminal case against Tsikunib Tamara Mussovna ... in connection with the expiration of the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution. The preventive measure chosen in relation to Tsikunib T.M. – a written undertaking not to leave and proper behavior – to be left unchanged until the entry into force of the decision, and then canceled”…

After reading the 25-page resolution itself, I wanted to look at its first page again. Judging by the content, it should also have read “Bazhov… Afanasiev… Andersen… The Brothers Grimm… Charles Perrault”… or who else is there among the famous storytellers? What relation these 25 pages of the court document have to the truth is impossible to understand in principle.

Of course, the young judge Syatkin N.N., who literally just tried on a judicial robe and was urgently and unconsciously appointed to the trial at the very last moment (instead of Judge E.A. Lameykin, who had previously held two dozen stably postponed meetings) could only focus on materials cases prepared by the investigator of the Investigative Committee S. Kobzev. But the young judge, for some reason, did not have any obvious questions. Although they are already even on the first page of the case.

“Tsikunib T.M. committed seven episodes of deliberate crimes against the interests of service in other organizations, namely, abuse of power by private notaries”…

Why seven? Two years ago, both the media and a number of Internet resources published a complete list of victims. There are twenty one! Once again, - in letters: "d-in-a-d-c-a-t-o-d-i-n" !!! Where did the other 14 episodes go? Due to what insurmountable circumstances did they find themselves outside the field of view of the IC? The case file mentions injured pensioners A.M. Sundukov, D.A. Veprikov, V.G. Mozalevsky, Yu.V. Zakharov. Zenkova E.T., Bondarenko A.A., Kovalev I.V. Q: What about the rest of the episodes? What about the episodes on the real estate of pensioners Fomina, Kiseleva, Nadyarnaya, Sergina, Breus, and other victims? Yes, today many the issues that caused the panic of the elderly seem to have been settled. Housing owned by grandfathers. Although not all. The apartments of those victims who have passed away during this time have also been robbed. But nevertheless, what about these 14 episodes that have fallen out of the investigation's field of vision? Have they launched another investigation? Indeed, according to Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”, no pre-trial decision is provided for by mutual agreement of the parties. And, therefore, the investigation should have considered them. Moreover, the same grandmother Fomina, who was the first to turn to law enforcement officers, seeing an unfamiliar surname in her payment for housing and communal services, the new “owner” of her apartment, even wrote a personal appeal to the “personally supervising” this case, the main Russian investigative officer A. Bastrykin. This means that even those who received their housing back did not stop demanding just retribution for the criminals. The struggle for justice cost them a loss of time and health ... But they did not bother to give an answer either to her appeal, or to the appeal of Zenkova Alexander Ivanovich, or other employees of the RF Investigative Committee. Not in the prescribed month, not at all.


Reading the fantasies mentioned in the court ruling as irrefutable facts, the first question that arises is: why did the phrase “abuse of authority” suddenly appear in the materials of the investigation submitted to the court, when right there, in the materials, it says “deliberate crimes”?

However, it may be a matter of legal subtleties that are misunderstood by ordinary people without special legal education.

But even from the further reasoning of the investigators of the Investigative Committee, reflected in the case, the same question is rather intensified. Because the given references to laws and norms also inspire great doubts that we are talking only about “abuses”. It strongly looks like the fact that many in the case are far-fetched. And, for the ears of an elephant.

First, a little legal educational program:

In accordance with Articles 42, 43, 44 of the Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Notaries

“When performing notarial acts, the notary establishes the identity of the citizen who applied for the notarial act, his representative ... Identification should be carried out on the basis of a passport or other documents that exclude any doubts about the identity of the citizen ... When certifying transactions, the legal capacity of citizens is checked ...

According to Art. 48 Fundamentals, the notary refuses to perform notarial acts if the performance of such an action is contrary to the law. documents submitted for the performance of a notarial act are not confirmed are not confirmed in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation "...

To finish with this, meaning nothing for our investigation, legislative lyrics, one more quote. From the "Professional Code of Notaries of the Russian Federation".

Clause 2.2. “Perform a notarial act, if you are sure that you are acting within the law, resolve doubts before making a deal, refrain from acting even with the slightest doubt about its legality and correctness” ... How beautiful it is! Although the Krasnodar Territory, as it turns out, this is in no way applicable.

Based on all these legislative scarecrows, how to explain, for example, the ease of consequences for Tsikunib of the very first crime that came to the attention of the investigation?

“Realizing his CRIMINAL intent, on September 13, 2019 ... acting notary Chernova G.T. Tsikuniya T.M., .. in order to derive benefits and advantages for himself and Zhestovskaya G., as a person acquiring the right to dispose of other people's property, REALIZING the social danger of their actions , FOREIGHTING the inevitability of the onset of socially dangerous consequences and WANTING their onset, realizing and assuming that ... the victim (No. 1) ... is not aware of the legal consequences, and that as a result of the unfair performance of her duties, significant harm may be caused to the legitimate interests of citizens ..., did not check the legal capacity of a citizen (No. 1), in the presence of obvious signs of a mental illness, which he has been suffering from since May 2001, is registered with a psychiatrist with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, continuous type of treatment, stably expressed emotional-volitional effect, hallucinatory - paranoid syndrome ... and in the absence of grounds, notarized his will at the disposal of Zhestovskaya G.I. with all property and money (No. 1), with the right of substitution, by printing out a power of attorney on the form 23 AA 9498674, according to which, (No. 1) authorized Zhestovskaya G.I. dispose of all his property, in particular an apartment at the address: Sochi, st. Apricot…. By making an entry in the register for registration of notarial acts under No. 23/241-n/23-2019-4-290 of 09/13/2019.

Let's leave aside the strangeness associated with the delivery of the old man from Sochi to Krasnodar (are there not notaries in Sochi?).

But when even the investigator writes down in his observations that (No. 1) has clear signs of mental illness, what was a secret for Tsikunib? Just look at (No. 1), and the child will understand that the old man, unfortunately, has huge mental health problems. And any notarial actions with such a category of citizens are prohibited by law (see above the articles of those same “Fundamentals”). Doesn't even this case show that there simply can't be any "excesses of authority", but a conscious intent is absolutely clearly seen ... But the investigator of the regional Investigative Committee S. Kobzev draws completely different conclusions.

“07/11/2020 by the Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in the Krasnodar Territory, on the basis of a certified acting notary Chernova G.T. – Tsikunib T.M. notarized power of attorney ... state registration of ownership of the STOPPED was made (it means that we are still talking about an organized, well-thought-out and planned abduction, and not about some kind of abuse of power?), at (No. 1) residential premises at the address ..., in the name of Salnikova O .G., registration record 23:49:0205014:1162-23/050/2020-5.”

An interesting detail: when the Pervomaisky Court needed ... the absence of (No. 1) or his legal representatives at court hearings on the case, the assistants of Judge Lameikin contacted the representatives of (No. 1) and persuaded them to write that, they say, there were no objections to the court deciding everything without them.

That is, the judge immediately discovered the representatives of the old man with schizophrenia, but did Tsikunib, who even according to the deepest conviction of the investigator Koboev, saw that her grandfather was clearly not in her right mind, had no doubts?

  As found out, now the criminal case of the head of the OPS, Galina Zhestovskaya, is also not shaky, with numerous postponements of meetings, the Leninsky District Court of Krasnodar is considering. We will return to this most interesting criminal frame later. The gypsy realtor, the owner of a private almshouse, through which many old people “persuaded to good care” passed, now, thanks to such “care”, is the owner of over fifty real estate objects. She started back in her time by selling orphans to the USA and Europe. Although, all this was officially called “adoption of orphans abroad”. But it soon became clear that pushing orphans to rich Americans and the Bundes was still troublesome. In addition, they, their fate in the county at that time, were tracked by Russian social services. And soon the shop was completely covered up - it was forbidden to adopt abroad ... It turned out to be much easier with the old people. Moreover, no one was interested in their fate when they got into the old house ... As soon as the lonely got into her almshouse, the regional social services removed them from their register. And who would then begin to bother with dozens of strange transfers of the property of Zhestovskaya's "wards" into her hands. With the subsequent rapid disappearance of grandfathers from life.

According to the real estate agent Zhestovskaya, the consideration of the case in the Leninsky District Court of Krasnodar continues. Well, it goes on... Endlessly enduring... And, it seems that all this is happening because Zhestovskaya or her "unidentified accomplices" are now conducting "separate negotiations" with those high-ranking officials who are up to their necks in all these scams. Zhestovskaya has something to present to her "roof" and sympathizers to alleviate her plight. So, it is not at all excluded that everything will end for her with some kind of ridiculous sentence. With the release of the swindler right in the courtroom on parole. But information on her "high-ranking" associates will not be announced.

Although according to the sane Zhestovskaya 159th Art. Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the statute of limitations is not two years, but ten years. So there is hope that the verdict, albeit in softness comparable to cotton candy, will eventually come.

It only seems strange at first glance that, for example, the one to whom the apartment of a patient with schizophrenia (No. 1) was immediately recorded at a commercial price far over 10 million turned out to be outside the field of investigation - Salnikova O.G. If only the eskashniks had interrogated the lucky woman, even if only for the sake of appearances. But to do this, if we proceed from the interests of the crooks themselves, was in no way possible. After all, it is clear that the "first buyers" are either the members of the OPS themselves, or the figures "needed" by the gang, who were thus attracted as a "contributing roof". And, having interviewed all the "first buyers" who got the property for a penny, you never know what high-ranking Kuban hornet's nest could be stirred up.

By the way, in the case file on these seven episodes out of two dozen that came to court, they speak of serious psychiatric illnesses, with clearly expressed signs of several more victims (in 4 out of 7). But, according to the investigator of the Investigative Committee and the Pervomaisky District Court, the fact that it was to Chernova’s office that such disabled old grandfathers were taken from distances of tens and hundreds of kilometers, so that they would give their only housing to crooks, according to powers of attorney bungled by Tsikunib, this just something "abuse of authority"?

Okay, even we can admit, with a very big stretch, that Tsikunib, at the time of the execution of these powers of attorney, found some eclipse. And twenty times she did not understand the situation to the end. And so spitting on the law.

But we are looking at the continuation of the myth-making tale, which, following the results of his free investigative work, was filled up by the investigator of the Kuban Investigative Committee.

We quote the decision of the Pervomaisky Court, created on the basis of the materials of the investigation.

“10/29/2019 Zhestovskaya G.I., acting in accordance with the criminal role assigned to her, jointly and in concert as part of an organized group with Rozhikhin G.G., Nikolaeva T.A., Miroshnichenko G.M., Zaichenko T.I. the absence of Zenkova E.T., arrived with an official document received by them for temporary use by deception from the latter, misled by them about their intentions for her lifelong maintenance - a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation to the notary's office of a notary of the Krasnodar notary district Chernova G.T. Address: Krasnodar, st. Levanevsky, 174, in which the duties of a notary were temporarily performed by Tsikunib T.M., to certify a notarized power of attorney to dispose of ... all the property and funds of Zenkova E.T, with the right of substitution, for the purpose of illegally acquiring the right to property ...

Realizing the social danger of her actions, foreseeing the inevitability of the onset of socially dangerous consequences and wishing their onset, realizing and admitting that Zenkova E.T. using its powers, contrary to the tasks of the notary, in the absence of Zenkova E.T., did not check her state of health, did not explain to her the meaning and significance of the provided draft transaction, did not check whether its content corresponded to the actual intentions of Zenkova E.T. did not leave for her place of residence, did not make sure that she owns another habitable dwelling, did not verify the truth of her intentions, did not receive from her the appropriate expression of will and in the absence of grounds, notarized her will to dispose of all the property and funds of Zenkova E.T., with the right of disposal through the appellant Nikolaeva T.A. by printing a power of attorney on the form 23 AA 9498970 ... "

On January 16, 2020, on the basis of this power of attorney, state registration of a mortgage was carried out in Rosreestr by virtue of an agreement on property stolen from Zenkova in the name of Barabash S.S.

  Some time later, Zenkova's house turned out to be registered with Rozhikhin G.G.

Rozhikhin is now on more than a strange run. He, like that elusive Joe from the joke, looks like no one from the investigation needs it. Through our channels, we found out that Rozhikhin first hung out in the Kuban village of Poltava, then in the village of Kuzhorskaya in Adygea. They passed this information through the regional colleagues... If only they knew to what extent this turned out to be of no interest to the investigation. Now Rozhikhin has completely disappeared somewhere in the steppe southern expanses.

But here, at the same time, I would like to know: where, in principle, could this fairy tale come from with the participation of Zenkova E.T.? In all this nonsense, which for some reason is called "the result of the work of the investigation," is there even a word of truth?

There is not the slightest doubt about how Ekaterina Tikhonovna herself described this criminal offense that had fallen on her. In detail, she told how things were in reality (and not in the myth composed by the investigator Kobzev, convenient for the Pervomaisky court).

Владимир Аносов/РГ

Zenkova's private house is an extremely attractive place. On Red Partisan Street in Krasnodar. Directly opposite the Second Regional Hospital, Eye Microsurgery. Her neighbor, who built a building on her plot, which is now rented by Pyaterochka, repeatedly asked Zenkova to sell her her house with a plot - commerce required expansion. To which she received a resounding refusal. Ekaterina Tikhonovna, a man of strong Soviet hardening, with excellent health for her age, was not going to hand over the house that her father had built back in the 50s to anyone.

The fact that her house is no longer hers, Ekaterina Tikhonovna learned from a neighbor. She came with a question: “Bab Katya, why did you sell the house to another, did I ask you to give it to me?” Together with her other neighbor, Olga Maslova, who helps Baba Katya with the housework, in the midst of a pandemic, when you could only walk on the streets with your dog, and the old people were generally ordered to sit in their huts and not show their nose into the street, Ekaterina Tikhonovna still managed to get her hands on strange documents regarding the “new owners” of the house.

The part of the materials of the investigation and the decision of the Pervomaisky Court, where it is said that the members of the criminal group (named and, we hope, for some disinterested reason, unidentified by the investigation) showed up at Chernova’s office with ... the passport of Zenkova E.T. It's just a lie. No passport to anyone Ekaterina Tikhonovna did not give to the family. He is always with her.

But the fact of the matter is that if there is a record in the materials of the criminal case that the swindlers appeared in order for their accomplice-notary to draw up all this “leftist” without a passport at all, and the power of attorney was issued, you won’t understand by what data, here even a law enforcement officer could not change Article 159, a fraudulent article, into light Article 202 on abuse of authority. In addition, the question, which is generally unnecessary for the Kuban social elites, who maintains a database of all regional pensioners, would come up: where did the crooks get the data on single grandfathers? Where did the passport data come from, if the grandmothers never gave their passports to anyone? If the investigation were really interested in these issues, then the dock would have to be expanded to the scale of a stadium tribune. And even very iconic personalities of the Southern Federal District would sit on it.

What kind of “excess of notarial powers” is this if the owner of the property does not come to the notary’s office, if the crooks do not have his passport in their hands, but only passport data leaked by Kuban social officials? The situation for any, even a completely illiterate notary, would more than transparently say that we are talking about a fraudulent kidnapping of a house. But if the investigation had come to such a suggestive conclusion, Tsikunib T.M., acting notary, would have gone. on fraud and would threaten her, according to the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, up to "tens". But with such a threat, God knows what “details” Tsikunib could already begin to share with the investigation.

The investigation, for some "mysterious", although, by and large, more than obvious reasons, needed to fit the Tsikunib case under the light article 202 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. And already after the first sessions of the Pervomaisky court, there was no doubt: the case was set in such a way that everything would end precisely with the “expiration of the statute of limitations”. And more than 20 reschedulings of the court session, they say, this is not just a guess. Although, everything, of course, was done in accordance with the law. Either the plaintiffs, due to decrepitude, did not appear at the hearings, then the lawyers were ill, then the defendant, for some very good reasons, could not drive into the courtroom from house arrest.

As you know, the devil is in the details. And in order to understand why, this threatened to become the most grandiose, most successful case of the entire Russian investigatory committee in terms of exposing the domestic black real estate business, ended in complete trash, let's just talk about the details. Those that the attention of the investigation, in the current situation of the Kuban "elite", could never attract.

In the scams of the real estate OPS, a significant, if not the main, role was played by the acting notary Chernova Tsikunib T.M. Without it, the implementation of the plans of scammers would be impossible in principle. And probably at the very beginning, when information about the actions of fraudsters only began to seep into the then “just something” in independent regional media, one could still assume that perhaps Galina Timofeevna Chernova herself, the wife of the former chief judge of the region, who, in addition to that the current notary herself, also the President of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory, is not aware of the affairs of her acting. So, then, one could expect a thorough analysis of the criminal actions of a subordinate, Tsikunib's summons to the ethics commission (or whatever the notaries have for suppressing illegal actions and deciding the future fate of unscrupulous bodies). But instead of this, the media, which, according to the lady who was accustomed to commanding, “become pissed off”, almost received a “response” in the form of Chernova’s statement ... to the police ... To the daring journalists. That is, instead of analyzing the scams of a subordinate, it was supposed to execute those who encroached. And such a choice of a line of conduct indicated that Chernova herself was well aware of the criminal results of the work of her office. However, we cannot say with certainty. It is possible that something from Galina Timofeevna's old days leapt up, When her husband, Alexander Dmitrievich, was the all-powerful chief judge of the regional court, and no one dared even look askance at the Chernivtsi clan.

To confirm her insult, Chernova also organized an information attack on journalists who dared to say something there.

In one of those media that we jokingly consider independent, such a denunciation appeared.

“On February 10, 2021, the editors of the Krasnodar Territory online publication committed an intentional crime against the President of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory and her assistant. They posted a publication on the network resource, taking as its basis the events of a real resonant crime revealed in the Kuban, about the theft of real estate by drawing up sales contracts drawn up in a simple written form, where no one's presence is required, especially a notary, "- informs the lawyer of the Chamber of Advocates of the Krasnodar Territory Angelina Konstantinova.

Levanevsky Street, 174 is the address of the MFC building. Both ordinary people and realtors come here for documents. They bring already signed contracts for registration. It is impossible to understand that this is a "lime on paper" .

“There is no information that these transactions went through a notary's office. These transactions took place in a simple written form. This became possible only because the law does not oblige to conduct real estate transactions in a notarial order. These transactions were carried out at the MFC without the participation of a notary, so it is impossible to say that there was some kind of notarization here. The activity of a notary is insured. It bears both criminal and civil liability. By law, he is obliged to compensate for the damage caused by his actions, within the amount specified in the contract of sale. As you can see, the notary is responsible for everything, and he is responsible with his personal freedom and property, ”says Elena Lagodina, notary, chairman of the commission for advanced training of notaries in the Krasnodar Territory.

If you take the fact that the decoration took place in the same building and add tragedy to it, then the result is fake news. Thus, the neighborhood for rent is not a crime, but the placement of slander is quite.

What is the difference between custom notes and objective notes is not worth telling anyone. Objective - this is when both sides are heard. Custom - this is when one is rushing with a drill. And there is a zakuzukha in cases where either one of the “almighty” asked, or paid a lot, or the task of covering a “hot topic” was entrusted to an enthusiastic stupid young lady, convinced that she was a genius of journalism, based on the fact that at school, according to the essays she always had a "five".

There is only one truth in this “refutation” - Chernova’s notary office is really in the same knowledge with the MFC, in the Galaktika shopping center, on the street. Levanevsky in Krasnodar. And what? What did the MFC have to do with all those two dozen left-wing notarized powers of attorney, under which Chernova's seal stood?

But the fact that journalists have already been called slanderers, criminals, and authors of fakes, said that “the situation for the Chernivtsi clan clearly ceased to be languid.

Attacks on those who dared to talk about these notarial scams subsided after the leadership of the Kuban notary realized that to get away, as it had always been until recently (for example, on the facts of bribes during competitions for filling vacant positions, - we will also talk about this a little later - there is a rich texture here), it will not work. Although Chernova defended Tsikunib to the last. But, feeling that it would still not be possible to defend “her own”, and besides, such a struggle could cast suspicion on the defender herself, Chernova initiated a strange order, as if claiming the triumph of justice.

“The powers of the assistant notary Tsikunib T.M. to replace a temporarily absent notary engaged in private practice in the Krasnodar notary district Chernova G.T. terminated from 05/12/2021 (order of the head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory No. 106 dated 05/12/2021).

From this very strict order, however, it is still not clear, Tsikunib just cannot temporarily perform the duties of a notary Chernova? What about other notaries? In case of transfer from one office to another? What about her notary license? Are they deprived of it? Or not, which means that over time, when the scandal subsides, it will pop up somewhere else with its services? And what did she do in Chernova's office at her workplace, after signing all this order of the regional representative office of the Ministry of Justice? In general, they extinguished the fire with an enema ...

Chernova herself, in order to completely protect herself, provided the investigation with simply unique orders.

It turned out that in accordance with the orders to replace the temporarily absent notary No. 1 dated December 29, 2017, No. 1 dated December 28, 2018 and No. 1 dated December 30, 2019, notary Chernova delegated the authority to carry out notarial activities to the assistant notary Tsikunib T.M. . “In connection with the absence for a good reason - the performance of the duties of the president of the notary chamber of the Krasnodar Territory, namely ... (here it is very touching ...)“ from 09 h. 00 min. 01/09/2018 at 18:00 00 min. 31 12.2018… from 09:00 min. 01/09/2019, at 18:00 00 min. 12/21/2019… from 09:00 00 min. 01/09/2020 at 18:00 00 min. 12/31/2020”…

  Apparently, this order-making was being prepared the other day in such a hurry that there was even no time to look at the old calendars. In 2018, the New Year's holidays were postponed to December 30 and 31 - these are Sunday and Monday. The country did not work - it cut salads. Only Tsikunib sweated in the field, according to this ordered "leftist". But the point is not even in such small “inconsistencies”, indicating that orders No. 1 were signed strongly retroactively, but in the periods indicated in the orders, when the powers of a notary Chernova were performed by Tsikunib. Does that mean exactly three years? Well, do not consider the New Year holidays that fell out of these orders as “work”. Then, excuse me, why did Chernova receive a salary as a notary all these three years of a stable absence from the workplace? Well, yes, it turns out that she was not in charge of everything in the office. The message is clear: like, I was not at work, and I could not be aware of what my acting was doing. But after all, the same notarial Russian norms clearly prescribe the responsibility of the notary, for the consequences of the work of all employees of the office. At least sometimes it was necessary to look at what subordinates had accumulated there - this is the sacred duty of the owner of the office. And why was it completely ignored by Chernova? Which is also the President of the Notary Chamber of the Territory, which, it seems, should not only monitor the work of its office and show an exceptional example of service, but also stop any possible shortcoming in the Kuban notarial economy entrusted to it. According to some, sitting on the street. Yankovsky, 41 (the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory is located in this building, which is headed by Chernova, and which is also “a good reason for her three-year absence from work as a notary), Chernova appeared here, far from every day. That is, and in general it turns out, not particularly bothered. Not as a notary (according to orders issued by her), nor as president of the chamber.


After the investigation reduced the number of criminal episodes to seven (we can only express our version of why this happened - it would be even more difficult to drag the rest for Tsikunib by the ears to the 202nd article of the Criminal Code than the episode with Zenkova transformed into a myth), incomprehensible events continued in the form of the appointment of a judge for the trial ... The hearings began to be held by the judge of the Pervomaisky Court, Eduard Lameikin. The brother of the State Duma deputy from ER, Dmitry Lameykin, the husband of the notary Ekaterina Vitalievna Lameikina and the father of her daughter, Anna Eduardovna Lameikina, who, just in the midst of the scandal, received a notary license without any problems ... Namely, on October 19, 2021. A good, kind, invaluable service from Chernova, who cares about young notarial talents.

We, like all citizens of the country, believe in the infallibility of the courts and the absolute impartiality of judges. And in order to preserve this faith, any doubts should, in theory (and according to the law, in the first place) be immediately excluded. Right there, there were doubts. Lameikin's assistants immediately began to attack the old men with demands to write “petitions” to the judge saying that the trial could take place without them, and that they fully trust the decision that would be made in their absence.

The prosecutor's office, which usually reacts instantly to such "conflicts of interest", then froze in its blindness. And it took "acceleration" in the form of an appeal by the deputy of the State Duma V.P. Isakov, in which the same arguments were repeated that had been well known to both the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor's office for almost two years. At least from the media.

Regional prosecutor Tabelsky, who repeatedly thanked journalists, including for their help in investigating this case (which in itself sounded monstrous, because journalists are not obliged to investigate the case themselves, or to help the investigation - their lot is to colorfully describe the victories achieved by law enforcement officers) suddenly woke up from hibernation, like the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajoyudl and gave a very lyrical answer: to the State Duma deputy.

  Well, at least with the recognition of the obvious red tape, the prosecutor seemed to agree. But that's why, quite an obvious conflict of interest remained out of the prosecutor's attention for almost two years? There is a great mystery in that.

  The result of justice in the concept of the Kuban system was that Judge Lameikin was nevertheless replaced (but if for two years they did not see a reason to change a judge, why was it necessary to change at the last moment? So, did they see the prosecutor’s reason in the form of a wife, daughter - notaries? How once before the last meeting ... Having entrusted this high-profile case to, sorry, the young judge of the Pervomaisky Court.

Which, as best he could, figured out the fairy tale that was slipped to him from the investigatory committee.

Moreover, in fact, he also acted with the prosecutor's blessing. Although even here the regional prosecutor Tabelsky issued something absurd to the mountain:

So, that is, according to the conviction of the regional prosecutor, Tsikunib is outside the criminal group. So she's not a scammer?

That is, Chernova all this time was in the stage of “ignorance” regarding “the deeds of Tsikunib. And what the hell was she supposed to be aware of, if Tsikunib didn’t do anything, according to the assurances of the same Tabelsky, nothing? Although in this case it is quite possible that the employees of the Investigative Committee, with their, let's say, not entirely correct investigation, misled the gullible regional prosecutor.

But what could such mysterious illogical messages signal to the young judge? Since Tabelsky himself orders the deputy to consider Tsikunib and Chernov “not involved” in his answer, then why should the young judge be clever.

Yes, regional Tabelsky, in his conclusions, he may have been guided by the data composed by the investigation.

But, that's why the investigator brought Tsikunib out of the criminal community? Yes, and in general the question is: why are these scams, tragic for grandfathers, only about the 202nd (for Tsikunib) and 159th (for other participants in the OPS) articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation? Because if the investigators managed to prove the obvious: what is on terri For years, a well-organized, carefully echeloned criminal community has been operating in the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, this would be a completely different article of the Criminal Code. Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. "Organization of a criminal community (criminal organization) or participation in it (her)". Here from 12 to 20 years in prison. And then no way, it would not be possible to smear Tsikunib. Because her participation is more than obvious.

But the main thing is this article, attracts the attention of high management. And, therefore, you never know what ... Suddenly, someone from the capital would be sent to "strengthen". Of those that are not familiar with our Kuban law enforcement and judicial specifics. And here such heads could roll in a row ... After all, they would begin to find out not only from these seven episodes that came to court. And then uncomfortable questions would have climbed ... Where did this OPS get data on lonely old people? Who leaked them from what databases? Where did the same Bandera Zhestovskaya, who is now being led along the very sparing 159th (and not the harsh 210th article of the Criminal Code) even before these two dozen pandemic episodes, had about fifty real estate objects? What are the first buyers who received bonuses in the form of criminal square meters from this OPS - a simple finding out who was among these first ones would give no small reason for surprise. But the investigation did not bother to clarify all these circumstances.

The swindler-notary, in the end, was not even convicted. The case was closed "after the statute of limitations". The main goal of this stage was achieved: no "unnecessary" information was leaked anywhere.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued