The first of March 2020 will be a quarter century since the assassination of the journalist and favorite of the whole country, Vladislav Listyev. This crime has long been uncovered. In Russia, all its results were archived for political reasons. will soon publish various materials about the massacre of Listyev. Earlier, we cited excerpts from the Interpol report, where senator Sergey Lisovsky was designated as the customer. Today we bring our own investigation 2 years ago. Which has not ceased to be relevant. The investigation showed that absolutely all the "strings" of the investigation lead to Sergei Lisovsky.

         To begin with, based on the case file, we’ll tell you what the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation managed to establish (it was she who conducted the investigation). From the evidence of witnesses and operational materials such a picture of what happened was formed.

         By 1995, the "First Button" led a rather poor existence, despite the abundance of advertising. The thing is that advertising on the main channel of the country went through intermediary firms completely controlled by two businessmen - Sergey Lisovsky and Boris Zosimov. It was they who settled the lion's share of revenue. The first was also included in the Kremlin, in 1996 he became a member of the headquarters of the presidential election campaign of Boris Yeltsin and the organizer of the nationwide election campaign, “Vote or lose.”

Boris Berezovsky also put the “eye” on ORT. He was not going to "swap" for access only to advertising money. The oligarch wanted to get the whole TV channel and began to carry out his next tricky scheme. At first, Berezovsky convinced Yeltsin to corporate the main television channel. And then he made a non-standard move, proposed to appoint Vladislav Listyev as the head of ORT. Boris Abramovich was absolutely sure that with the controlled favorite of all of Russia, the channel would soon be in his pocket.

         According to, as usual in such "games", Berezovsky went into the shadows, playing the role of a puppeteer. He wanted the decisions that were extremely unpleasant for Lisovsky to come exclusively from Listyev. So that in case of what it would be possible to shrug: "Well, what can I do, it's all Vlad." After all, Berezovsky and Lisovsky were connected for many years of close communication and joint very spicy hobbies, which our publication talked about.

          As a result, Listy initiated the ORT's complete rejection of advertising. And after this pause, completely different players should come to the advertising money, and not Lisovsky and Zosimov. For the latter, this was tantamount to disaster. All their other business projects were honed with advertising money, they were budgeted. The collapse of their business empires would begin. The Prosecutor General’s Office found that Lisovsky and Zosimov met repeatedly with Listyev, urging him not to take rash steps. At the same time, Lisovsky was a dangerous man, his "enemies" more than once went to the other world. But Listyev was sure that no one would dare to touch him, the darling of the whole country.

         Listyev discussed his steps with his inner circle - Konstantin Ernst, Leonid Yakubovich, Alexander Lyubimov. According to sources of, the latter not only convinced Vladislav that he was great and "immortal." But they pushed the idea to “throw” Berezovsky. After a "pause" to take the entire advertising market for themselves, the more they had their own advertising agency "InterVID". And there you look and the whole channel will be able to “crush”.

         As a result, Listyev openly "sent" Lisovsky and Zosimov. And, most importantly, Berezovsky cooled him too, he realized that the puppet did not work out from Listev. But Berezovsky was actually a "guardian angel" Listyev. Bypassing Boris Abramovich, Lisovsky would not venture to do anything about the TV presenter.

         The situation was heating up every day. As a result, Lisovsky met with Listyev and they had an extremely unpleasant conversation, in fact, direct threats already sounded. This is recorded in the case. According to, Listev told a close friend about an unpleasant meeting with Lisovsky.

         Soon after this conversation, Lisovsky went to Berezovsky (and this is recorded in the case). Berezovsky refused to testify about the essence of this conversation. According to operational data, Lisovsky explained his position in the conflict with Listyev and that he puts him in a hopeless situation. And Boris Abramovich, as they say, “washed his hands”. He told Lisovsky: "Do as you know." But Lisovsky Berezovsky guessed what he would do. But in his new plan, changing the ORT CEO was only good. And the plan worked. Berezovsky eventually managed to capture the channel.

Here, finally, Vladislav Listyev had his sight. He began to realize that in addition to “popular love” he no longer had any significant cover and his life was in danger. February 28, 1995 he met with Berezovsky. (At first, the oligarch during interrogations denied the fact of this meeting, then, under the yoke of evidence, he admitted, but refused to tell her essence). According to operational data, Listyev expressed his concerns to Berezovsky because of the conflict with Lisovsky. The oligarch, apparently, already knew that he was seeing Vlad for the last time. On March 1, early in the morning, Berezovsky flew on a charter plane to London. On the same day, Listyev was shot dead at the entrance of his own house on Novokuznetskaya Street. Vladislav was "led" from the place of work, when he entered the porch, two guys came down to meet him. They took out a pistol and a submachine gun. The first bullet hit Listyev in the shoulder. he rushed up the stairs. But he was immediately caught up. The second bullet was in the head, it turned out to be fatal.

         During the investigation, quite quickly it was possible to establish the perpetrators of the crime. According to, they were brothers Alexander and Andrey Ageykiny. And from them loomed such a "chain." The brothers were part of the brigade (Solntsevo group), which was led by gangsters Mikhail Kudin (Kvakin) and Andrey Skrylev (Hide). Both obeyed the "authority" of the Solntsevo group Igor Dashdamirov (Dushman). And Dashdamirov, as was recorded in the case, is a longtime and good friend of Sergei Lisovsky. Bingo. It would seem that the case was solved. It remains only to detain the suspects and secure the evidence. What the investigators and employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office did.

         Immediately after the murder of Listyev, absolutely all the defendants in the case left Russia. In particular, the Ageikins flew to Israel. An operation was being prepared to detain them, but a leak occurred at the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. As a result, the weaker and more talkative Alexander Ageykin was found dead in Tel Aviv. Allegedly, he died from an overdose of drugs. Andrey Ageykin from Israel hid. The fate of Alexander befell and concealed. He was found dead in Europe, allegedly also died of an overdose.

          But in the summer of 1996, Georgia managed to detain Igor Dashdamirov. He was officially put on the wanted list for rape, but after his extradition to Moscow, they began to interrogate about the circumstances of Listyev’s murder. At the same time there were interrogations of Lisovsky. Both denied acquaintance with each other. Then they pressed against evidence. During a search at Lisovsky, they found a notebook in which Dashdamirov’s phone was. Witnesses were found who confirmed the meeting between Lisovsky and Dashdamirov on the eve of the murder of Listyev. According to, many more evidence was collected showing that the Prosecutor General’s Office managed to identify all the participants in the crime - from performers to the customer. The question arose about the arrest of Lisovsky and the indictment of him.

         And then the following happened. Remember, mentioned that Lisovsky was part of Yeltsin’s campaign headquarters? So, the president’s daughter Tatyana Dyachenko (Yumasheva) considered that the planned arrest of Lisovsky was a “digging” under her father. After all, Lisovsky was in the ballot and financed the Yeltsin’s election campaign. That is how she “put” everything into Yeltsin’s ears. And he imposed a categorical ban on the arrest of Lisovsky and further investigation against him. As a result, a paradoxical situation has developed: there is a completely open case about the most high-profile murder of the 90s, but there are no accused in it.

         As for Boris Berezovsky, his role was also defined in the case. He knew that Listyev was going to be killed, but did nothing. However, he was not the customer or organizer of the crime. The same role in the matter was assigned to Boris Zosimov. However, there is a certain understatement with him. Probably, nevertheless, he not only knew about the impending reprisal, since it was also about his money.

         The version of the Prosecutor General’s Office was fully confirmed in the report of Interpol, which conducted an investigation into the Solntsevo group.

         As for Sergei Lisovsky, he did not go to prison. He even became a senator. However, according to, an indelible "mark" fell on this person. From which he has been trying to get rid of for almost a quarter century.

         At first, at the request of Lisovsky, they tried to launch the investigation on a false track, reducing the murder to a household version. Listyev had an affair with a girl who at the same time met with a very vicious "authority", on whose account there are many human lives. Like, "authority" and gave his fighters a command to eliminate Vladislav.

Then, employees of the 10th department of the RUBOP of Moscow and SOBR during a special operation detained a group of professional killers in Central Asia led by Andrei Chelyshev. They carried out many resonant crimes, including the liquidation of the vice-mayor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Manevich. talked about this in detail. For their transportation to Moscow, a specially leased plane was used. And here during interrogations Andrei Chelyshev unexpectedly confessed to eliminating Listyev and gave detailed testimonies. The Prosecutor General’s Office began to check them, it took a decent amount of time. Then it became clear that Chelyshev was lying and leading the investigation on a false trail. But why did he do this? It soon became clear. It turned out that the head of the 10th department of the RUBOP, Vitaly Serdyukov, studied with Sergei Lisovsky and she is longtime friends. It was Lisovsky who paid for the plane to transport the Chelyshev group. And at the same time, the latter was persuaded to “take” and Listyev, and thereby lead the Prosecutor General’s office away from the real perpetrators of the murder and “customers”.

Ivan Kupinov

To be continued