Sports journalist Alexey Matveev continues to tell details of football behind the scenes especially for the Cheka-OGPU and


Today - the nuances of the ascent to “Olympus” of a native of Lugansk, a most curious type, with pronounced inclinations of a bandyukan. Outwardly presentable, a sort of sleek, respectable gentleman. He played football at the Lugansk Olympic Reserve School. Later he studied at the medical faculty of the medical institute. He specialized in non-traditional methods of health rehabilitation. This is about a certain Yuri Belous, a name very often mentioned at the Cheka-OGPU in connection with the tragic events. The murder of Yuri Tishkov, the organization of “fixed” matches in the Russian championship, etc. So, touches to the portrait.

Well, such a “talented” person could not stay for long on the peripheral outskirts of Lugansk, and, of course, he went to the “white stone” one. He organized a center for unconventional methods of treatment in the Kurskaya area, on Kazakova Street, building 8. In the semi-basement of the Institute of Physical Education, with the money of the educational institution, Belous spent two or three years there.

The author of these lines went to the “medicinal tavern” with his journalist friends. Belous dreamed of publishing his own magazine. So we discussed options. It was striking that during “intimate” conversations with Yuri Viktorovich, muscular “jocks” scurried back and forth; this “unconventional genius” deliberately surrounded himself with such “real guys.” With far-reaching goals and consequences, more on that later.

“Then these “jocks” came to my house and almost threatened me with violence because of some little thing,” said a colleague with whom we worked together on the future magazine. – I took an old, heavy reel-to-reel tape recorder for home. Listen to work recordings - that's all. From the doorstep they said, we will gouge out your eyes for analysis if you don’t return the equipment right away. Well, I gave it away, I had no intention of leaving it...

The administration of the Institute of Physical Education soon ran out of money for the experiments of the newly-minted medical “luminary” from Lugansk, and the “non-traditional” center was covered with a copper basin. Just like Whitebeard’s project with the coveted magazine.

But Yura did not lose heart. He also maintained relations with the “jocks” (he would pay them a fee for fulfilling certain, foul-smelling orders). He also developed contacts with journalists from various publications, and he developed especially warm relations with the guys from Komsomolskaya Pravda. They even gave their friend a personal room in the editorial building. Friendship, as they say, “doesn’t spill like water”!

The hero’s second profession is football; if you remember, he graduated from the Lugansk children’s and youth sports school. And Yuri Viktorovich, headlong, rushed into the popular game. I must admit, at first it was not without success. He penetrated into very high management offices and secured the support of sponsors.

He began to hold tournaments among teams of journalists and politicians. 40-50 teams from the CIS countries, mayors of Russian cities, and regional administrations annually gathered in Sochi and lived in the most elite hotel of the Dagomys complex. Service at the highest level! On “a short leg and a light hand” with Mayor Luzhkov, the manager of the President of the Russian Federation (still under Yeltsin) Borodin.

This is the same eccentric who joked to the whole world that he had the great Pele with his thousand goals scored?! He, Pal Palych, scored more than two thousand! Where where? In the courtyards, of course, at tournaments in Dagomys, in drunken companies. Simply the “greatest” player, Pal Palych. It’s a pity, I didn’t keep personal statistics; I could probably compete with a famous official.

And I want to believe that even the Brooklyn bunks did not quench the thirst for a goal when Borodin was arrested in New York in January 2001. According to American justice, on suspicion of laundering “dirty” money. For more than three months, the elite goalscorer of the “backyards and gateways” languished in overseas dungeons. Until he agreed to extradition to Switzerland in April. There, the court found the worthy Pal Palych guilty, sentenced him to a fine of 300 thousand Swiss francs, and... released him to his homeland.

These are the unusually colorful friends of Yuri Belous. Will they hand over their friend to Russian justice and not stand up for his interests? The question is almost rhetorical.


Well, it was time for Belous to turn around “all Ivanovskaya” and not just lick politicians’ crotches. He started a business project in the well-known company Infobank Sportmarketing. At that time, she became a partner of the Russian Football Union (RFU), which was ruled by the “unsinkable” Slava Koloskov, who was also a rogue.

I noticed that people of similar “orientation” are irresistibly drawn to each other. Belous worked at Infobank to sell coveted tickets to fans for the upcoming football Euro in 1996. Of course, the package of services also included tickets to matches with the participation of the Russian national team. As we managed to find out, the cunning employees of the mentioned company sold them (tickets) to fans at several times higher than their face value.

Which is categorically prohibited by the FIFA and UEFA statutes. Up to the disqualification of the national team and clubs from all prestigious international tournaments. But this did not bother the speculators at all; they sold expensive tickets to people without a twinge of conscience. At one's own risk.

I informed the readers of Trud about this, in the editorial office of which I worked at that time. The newspaper's circulation is decent (about 3 million copies). Yura Belous rushed to defend the interests of the RFU and the Infobank company. We planned to miss the publication of the next issue of the newspaper; there was almost no one in the editorial office. But Belous got to the leadership. True, he jumped out of the boss’s office as if scalded by boiling water. He was made to understand that “Matveev is our leading reporter, and if he said this, then it’s necessary.”

I collided with Yura almost head-on on the landing, at the exit from the floor. “Lyosha, they didn’t cut you enough, or something. Look…". I had to “send” the freak who threatened me. Obscene. That's where we parted...

Alexey Matveev

To be continued