On Wednesday, dozens of cars got stuck on the road from the popular tourist village of Teriberka in the Murmansk region due to bad weather. Rescuers are sent to help people. Local authorities immediately began to “dump” information in the media, saying that illegal guides and people who decided to visit Teriberka were guilty. Like, they drove onto the road, which was supposed to block the regional Ministry of Transport, due to the deterioration of weather conditions and the impending snow storm, which was not done.

However, a source said that the main thing in this story is the maintenance and snow removal of the road to Teriberka by Sever Stroy LLC, which has no experience in this direction, which led to snow captivity in which people fell. According to reports tonight from a source in Teriberka, one child was delivered with frostbitten limbs, all other people stuck in snow captivity are in a state of shock and talk about stalled cars and motionless silhouettes of people inside.

A few months ago, due to poor cleaning of the road to Teriberka, a bus with workers overturned, one of whom died on the spot, four were seriously injured, in this situation it is striking that the workers were transported by a company previously convicted of trying to bribe judge Mesrop Shankoyan, and the maintenance of the road is his

So, in order. GOKU Murmanskavtodor signed a state contract providing for 90% advance payment with Sever Stroy LLC, owned by Hovhannes Shankoyan, who had no experience in maintaining and maintaining public roads. At the time of the conclusion of the state contract, the Sever Stroy LLC company did not have specialized equipment for maintaining and cleaning roads and experienced specialists, and all work was done by giving the roads separately for subcontracting to third-party companies, which was identified and suppressed by the prosecutor's office of the Murmansk region with the termination of the state contract as once on one of the sections of the road at the entrance to Teriberka. They tried to educate the Shankoyans with a stick and a carrot, but they did not succumb to training, did not perceive signals from law enforcement agencies and the media indicating an impending collapse, as they were confident in their exclusivity and protection, which they were promised by the governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis and the leader, who was mired in debt representative office in Moscow, Ashot Bablumyan, who vouched for his fellow countrymen.

According to the source of, as of the evening, Andrey Chibis made a statement and tried to shift the responsibility to ordinary people who were captured by snow, and the contractor, Sever Stroy LLC, decided to shield in every possible way, since there is a personal selfish interest. The snow captivity of people puts an end to safe tourism in the Arctic, we are talking about undermining the authority of the entire tourism industry of the Murmansk region, the failure of regional authorities and organizers of the tourist destination, to build efficient and safe work on tourist routes.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued