Former employees of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation Kirill Cherkalin, Andrei Vasiliev and Dmitriy Frolov began to get acquainted with the case materials. His term of custody was extended until January 24. Cherkalin himself and Andrei Vasiliev testified against Frolov. Frolov himself denies guilt. According to him, he left the special service "with a sense of resentment" and since then has not kept in touch with his former colleagues. He stated that when he was arrested, he was required to sign "testimony against his general." We are talking about the former head of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation Viktor Voronin. According to the investigation, Frolov, Cherkalin and Vasiliev, at the request of entrepreneurs Alexander Bondarenko and Vladimir Stolyarenko, put pressure on Sergei Glyadelkin, who, together with the customers, owned the Yurpromconsulting organization. The FSB officers persuaded him to give up his share in the company and threatened him with prosecution in the case of extorting a bribe from a senior official of the Moscow government.

Сергей Гляделкин

The story of Glyadelkin's acquaintance with the FSB officers is also interesting. At one time he was close to the vice-mayor of Moscow, Alexander Ryabinin. He constantly asked the merchant for money and real estate. Payment for the loyalty of the city authorities. In the end, Glyadelkin got tired of this and he found a more powerful cover in the person of the FSB officers Frolov, Cherkalin and Vasilyev. During the operational experiment, Ryabinin was detained and ended up behind bars. However, the new "roof" is greedier than the previous one. FSB officers were no longer content with one-time gifts, but wanted a share in the business, or even the entire company. As a result, Glyadelkin got tired of this "roof", he got an even more powerful one. And already Frolov, Cherkalin and Vasiliev went to jail. With whom did Glyadelkin become close? According to sources of, the following chain can be built. Glyadelkin became friends with the deputy head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the city of Moscow - the head of the contract service Igor Tkach. Igor Tkach is the brother of Oleg Polikarpovich Tkach, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Kaliningrad region. The daughter of Oleg Tkach worked for many years as an assistant to Mikhail Mishustin in the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, and then moved on to the government for him. Also, Igor Tkach, according to the source, is a close friend of Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov and a friend of Ivan Tkachev, head of the Directorate for the FSB of the Russian Federation. has at its disposal an act of an operational experiment with the participation of Glyadelkin, during which Ryabinin was detained. From the sides of the FSB on the act, you can see the signatures of the current accused Andrei Vasiliev.

Андрей Васильев

    “I, the senior operative of the 1st direction of the 2nd department of the Department“ K ”of the SEB of the FSB of Russia, Captain Vasiliev A.V. in accordance with Art. 6-8 and 15 of the Federal Law "On Operational-Investigative Activities" and on the basis of the decree on conducting an operational experiment 8 / k / 2-2612 of July 30, 2009 on the fact of extorting a bribe from a citizen Glyadelkin S.AND. in order to identify and suppress an especially grave crime, in the period from July 30, 2009 to March 9, 2010 with the participation of citizen S.I. Glyadelkin. conducted an operational experiment. Before the start of this operational-search measure, S.I. Glyadelkin. clarified the legal essence, purpose of this event, tasks and procedure for its actions. In addition, S.I. Glyadelkin clarified the inadmissibility of provoking a Bribe. (Glyadelkin S.I.) When carrying out an operational experiment in order to identify and document a particularly grave crime under Part 4 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, citizen Glyadelkin S.I. a line of conduct was developed to fulfill the requirements of the ransomware Glyadelkin S.I. with ransomware were carried out under audio-video control using special technical means.

In the period from July 30, 2009 to March 9, 2010, as part of an operational experiment, a number of meetings were held with the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government on control over investment contracts - Chairman of Moskontrol Ryabinin Alexander Vladimirovich, his first deputy Kupriyanov Andrey Viktorovich, deputy - Dryze Evgeny Borisovich and Ryabinin A.V.'s confidant in Moskontrol - Kozlov Vadim Valerievich.

 In the course of these meetings Ryabinin A.V., Kupriyanov A.V., Dridze E.B. and Kozlov V.V. assured S.I. Glyadelkin that for a bribe in the amount of 1,970,000 US dollars and registration of non-residential commercial premises at the address: st. Bakhrushin, house 13 to the daughter of A.V. Ryabinin They will agree and endorse to Ryabinina Yana Aleksandrovna the draft resolution of the Moscow Government “On the implementation of an investment project for the construction of residential buildings and detached garages within the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of five-storey residential buildings in microdistricts 1 and 2 of the Levoberezhny district”.

December 23, 2009 in the premises of the cafe "Freud" located at the address: Moscow, B. Kislovsky per. Glyadelkin S.I. and Kozlova A.The., during which Glyadelkin C.AND. taking into account requirements previously expressed by Ryabinin A.V. conveyed to A.V. Kozlov. certificate of state registration of rights (series 77AM Ne121078) of non-residential premises with an area of ​​202, square meters, located at the address: Moscow, Bakhrushina street, 13 (cadastral number 77-77-12 / 016 / 2008- 979), issued by the Federal service of state registration, cadastre and cartography in Moscow dated November 26, 2009 (series 77 AM No. 121078), for the approval and endorsement of the draft of the said resolution of the Moscow Government. After receiving and examining the said certificate Kozlov A.The. said that he would hand over the specified document to A.V. Ryabinin. Thus, the transfer of a bribe to a citizen Ryabinin A.The. took place, the provocation of a bribe was not allowed. In the course of this operational-search activity in the order of paragraph 6 h. 1 Art. 6 and part 3 of Art. 6 of the Federal Law “On Operational-Investigative Activities”, operational surveillance was applied using audio recording of SI Glyadelkin's conversations. with the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow for control over investment contracts - Chairman of Moskontrol Ryabinin Alexander Vladimirovich, his first deputy - Kupriyanov Andrey Viktorovich, Deputy Mayor Evgeny Borisovich and confidant in Ryabinin A.V in Moskontrle-Kozlov Vadim Valer'evich. The results of operational observation were recorded on CDs. The act of the operational experiment was read aloud. There were no comments on its content from the participants. Signatures of the parties involved Glyadelkin S.I. and Vasiliev A.The. The act was drawn up by AV Vasiliev. "



Denis Zhirnov

To be continued